Mosteiro De Sao Bento

Sao Bento Monastery

Largo De Sao Bento, Sao Paulo


Sao Bento Monastery, or Mosteiro de Sao Bento in Portuguese, is a church in Sao Paulo dating back to 1598. The church building we see today is of 1910 - 1914 construction.

It is one of the main monuments and tourist attractions in Sao Paulo. The architecture of the Monastery is typical of the 17th century. It was inspired by the Germanic eclectic tradition, designed by the architect Richard Bernd. Frescoes, murals and other decorations by the Dutch Benedictine monk D. Adelbert Gresnicht cover the interiors.

A clock decorating the exterior of monastery is a mechanical pearl of German manufacture. It was installed in 1921 and is considered the most accurate in Sao Paulo.

The Monastery also suggests education with the college, that is active for more than 100 years, and the Faculty of Sao Bento, which suggests first Latin American higher education course in philosophy.

Plan your visit on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 6am until the end of the Mass at 6pm. Saturdays and Sundays the monastery is open from 6am to 12 pm and from 4 pm to 6pm. Thursday the church closes at 8am and reopens at 11.30 am. You might come across a religious mass.

The monastery is in downtown Sao Paulo. You can reach there via metro at the Sao Bento station.

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Open Hours:

  • Thu

    00:00 - 00:00

  • Fri

    00:00 - 00:00

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  • anna rigo

    - 09 August 2018 -

    What a stunning magnificent church: a lively surprise

  • A. Fábio

    - 21 July 2018 -

    Beautiful holy place to go pray and meditate!!!!

  • Giuliano Orlando

    - 18 June 2018 -

    please make sure you visit the chapel of the monastery. You'll be shocked!

  • Miller Victor

    - 19 May 2018 -

    Historical place in downtown Sao Paulo

  • Américo dos Santos

    - 11 May 2018 -

    Sure worth a visit! It's good to remember it's not allowed to take photos inside it.

  • Hung Le

    - 19 February 2018 -

    Nice church but we are not allowed to take photos inside

  • nem Vem

    - 28 January 2018 -

    Hey thats pretty good

  • Amanda D'Attilio

    - 05 August 2017 -

    One of the most beautiful places in Sao Paulo.

  • Anite Nemo

    - 18 June 2017 -

    Nice for catholics. Expected more musically. Gregorian singing and organ could be more present. Worth a visit if you are planning to know SP downtown area

  • Uthpala Jayaweera

    - 21 February 2017 -

    Magnificent building with colonial style architecture located in easily accessible area through metro line. Good surrounding to have a hang out.

  • Thais Mendes do Nascimento

    - 29 January 2018 -

    Missa linda de canto gregoriano aos domingos

  • Steinway Moraes

    - 15 January 2018 -

    Linda decoração interna e pinturas nas paredes.

  • Kleber Bertucca

    - 25 October 2017 -

    Muita paz e serenidade. Seguranças não tem bom senso ao abordar os turistas.

  • Welika Avf

    - 20 July 2017 -

    Ótimo lugar para visitar e observar sua arquitetura

  • Marcello Portela

    - 15 July 2017 -

    Bonita a missa de domingo, logo após, vale a pena dar olhada na lojinha deles e levar um pão.

  • Thiago Santana

    - 12 July 2017 -

    Visitei apenas o lado externo!

  • Pedro Pereira

    - 20 June 2017 -

    Não parece por fora tão bonita quanto é quando entra, belíssima. Não possui taxa pra visitá-la.

  • Dayanne Valadares

    - 12 June 2017 -

    Linda igreja, linda missa com canto gregoriano 🙌🏻

  • Daniela Barcelos

    - 29 May 2017 -

    Incrível. Aos domingos tem uma missa com cantos gregorianos, vale muito a pena conhecer!

  • Karina Andrade

    - 13 May 2017 -

    Fico encantada com a arquitetura.

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