Boyana Church

1-3 Boyansko Ezero St., Sofia


The Boyana Church is a medieval Bulgarian Orthodox Church that stands in the Boyana quarter of Sofia since early 10th century.

Boyana Church consists of three buildings. The initial church building dates back to 10th century. In 13th century a second two floor building enlarged the church. The final third building emerged in 19th century.

Boyana church appears to be one of the most preserved Bulgarian heritages. It is an amazing and rare example of eastern European medieval art. The church features 90 amazing frescos that are among the very finest examples of Bulgarian medieval art in the world.

The church is the UNESCO’s World Heritage list and under protection. The air temperature in the church is constantly kept between 17-18 degrees Celsius, as a protection measure. For preservation purposes visitors can stay inside max 15 minutes.

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    - 06 September 2018 -

    My visit to the Boyana church was incredible. First, the trip there from Sofia is lovely traveling out of the city to a wealthy area of homes on the outskirts of the city. The grounds are beautiful with vegetation , Redwood trees from California which were donated and a relaxing , Zen environment which is a welcome relief from the city. The church is exquisite , done in 3 seperate buildings at different times which makes the architecture very interesting. The interior is full of 12th- 14 th century frescoes which have been maintained controlling the air conditioning & lighting. They’re breathtaking!! The church is small, no pictures inside but well worth the trip as it is a Unesco heritage historic part of Sofia. Please, don’t forget to visit this treasure!!!

  • Steve Chappell

    - 05 September 2018 -

    We did this as part of a guided tour too Rila monastery. The church is only a short ride from Sofia, costs 10 lev to enter, and is very small, so only 8 people at a time for a maximum 10 minutes. However, for such a small place, it is packed with history and is well worth the short journey and possible long wait.

  • Dj Freshkit

    - 04 September 2018 -

    Looking for a thrill , come here on every 26th summer solstice at noon. Stand next to the south-west wall and shout VISELEUS OVRILOPIDOS SANTE DOMINOS LUMINUS PERFECTIS

  • mirela belova

    - 18 August 2018 -

    Definitely not worth it. Extremely rude and unprofessional staff. No one speaks English.

  • Михаел Димитров

    - 18 August 2018 -

    Awful place and terrible staff! The people working there were very rude to everyone and the whole thing wasn’t maintained well. The church is very old but nothing too special. Definitely not worth the trip

  • Expat Pete

    - 11 August 2018 -

    A bit underwhelming if I can speak my opinion and not have it seem blasphemous. All the guide books and reviews really hype this place up I think, and yes, the interior is remarkable for how old it is, but I guess I just didn't get that "awe" feeling.

  • Zornitsa Yahiya

    - 15 July 2018 -

    Great stop on the way to Boyana waterfall. There are cute restaurants with a nice view nearby.

  • Adam Larsson

    - 13 July 2018 -

    On the heritage list so a pretty cool visit in itself. They only take cash payment and you get 10 min inside with a guide and you can’t take pictures inside.

  • Miles Macdonald

    - 06 June 2018 -

    Very small church but with beautiful frescos dating back to 10th and 12th centuries. You do need to book if you want to go inside the church as many groups visit. Best if you go with an experienced guide who can explain the frescos to you otherwise can seem a little meaningless and they have a strict time limit of 10 minutes inside. The grounds of the church a peaceful and relaxing. Best to combine the visit here with Rila monastery; and this is the popular combination with tour companies.

  • Wesley Lambrechts

    - 13 April 2018 -

    Boyana Church is quite small and out of the way, but is a nice place to visit if you are interested in medieval art and want to get out of the city. It is also a good starting point for hikes. Is Boyana church worth the 10 leva? I'd say no; but it is for free on Mondays after 15:00.

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