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Top Things to Do in Macau

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Ruins of St. Paul's

Ruins of St. Paul's are the pieces of the 17 century church, that still stand in Macau, China. Once it was a Portuguese apostolic church and a college complex, also known as "Mater Dei". Today not a big part of the church is survived, but it is still a well-known landmark for tourists.

Casino at Venetian Macao

Casino at Venetian Macao is the biggest and the most popular casino complex in Venetian Macao, which is a is a luxury hotel and resort. This is the the seventh-largest building in the world by floor area and contains the most famous casino in the whole area of Macau.

Largo do Senado (Senado Square)

Senado Square (Largo do Senado) is the town square of Macau, and the site, that is included in UNESCO World heritage list. It has an area of 3,700 square meters and has a triangular shape. The buildings around the square are all built in European architectural style.

Historic Centre of Macau

Historic Centre of Macao is a group of more than 20 locations that proves the existence of Portuguese and Chinese cultures next to each other during a long period of time in Macau. It includes a mixture of the cultural and architectural heritages both with Chinese and Portuguese features.

Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre

Macau tower is an entertainment centre in Macau, China. The tower is at the height of 338 m. The giant centre includes an observation deck with panoramic views at the top, restaurants, theaters, shopping malls. But the most adventurous activity in Macau tower is the skyjump, which is at 233 metre.

A-Ma Temple (Ma Kok Miu)

The A-Ma Temple is a famous religious centre in Macau. The temple is originally called Ma Kok Miu and is dedicated to Mazu, Chinese goddess of the sea. The temple is considered to be the oldest building in Macau, that was built in 1488. A-Ma is in UNESCO world heritage list.

Grand Lisboa Casino

Grand Lisboa Casino is the most popular casino in Macau. Situated in Grand Lisboa hotel, it is a part of the most attractive points in the city. The Grand Lisboa is the tallest building in Macau and also the most well-known and beautiful skyscraper in Macau skyline. It is is a 47-floor building.

St. Dominic's Church

St. Dominic's Church is a historical church located in central Macau and built in 16th century. It’s built in Baroque style and has served to Roman Catholic religion. St. Dominic’s church is a part of the Historic Centre of Macau. It’s design is a mixture of European and local architecture.

Macao Museum

The Macau Museum is the biggest museum, dedicated to the history and culture of Macau. It is located in Mount Fortress and was built in the 17th century. The museum shows the way of life of the various communities that have inhabited the city for centuries.

Monte Forte (Fortaleza do Monte)

Monte Forte is a military fortress and historical military centre in Macau. It was built in 17 century and is situated on the 52 metres tall hill. The fortress was constructed to protect the area from pirates. The area is around 8,000 square metres.

Taipa Village Macau

Taipa village in Macau is a great alternative for those, who want to escape from the casinos in Macau. It’s a well protected and preserved ethnic region in Macau, that shows far more about the culture and routines. It is situated in the historic Taipa island, not so far from the center.

Guia Fortress

The Guia Fortress is a military fortress built in 17th century, which has also been used as a chapel complex.Guia is also a part of UNESCO heritage list. The architecture of the fortress is in western style. The Guia has also a stands at 91.4 metres tall lighthouse, standing on Guia hill.

Explore top things to do in Macau: and more. Visit museums and take a stroll in the city park. Enjoy your afternoon in the iconic landmarks of the city. Here are the top spots to choose from. Find opening hours, reviews, book entry ticket and tours to plan your perfect Macau trip itinerary.

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