Things to Do in London

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Top Things to Do in London

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Andrew Mummery Gallery

A commercial gallery specializing in contemporary works by young and emerging artists.

Maureen Paley

Maureen Paley (born 1953) is the American owner of a contemporary art gallery in Bethnal Green, London, where she lives. It was founded in 1984, called Interim Art during the 1990s, and renamed Maureen Paley in 2004. She exhibited Young British Artists at an early stage. Artists represented include...

Tryon & Swan Gallery

Pick up a painting or sculpture depicting your favorite sport at this popular gallery.

Pearson Gallery

One of three galleries inside the British Library, which mounts special exhibitions periodically.

Peter Scott Visitors' Center

Learn about the ducks, geese and swans that inhabit England's wetlands by visiting this learning center, which features films, literature, maps and guides of England's protected swamps and marshes.

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