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Top Things to Do in London

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Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a large, gothic abbey church in the City of Westminster. It is one of the world's great historic churches, and is an essential part of London. The Abbey is a 700-year-old building, which was constructed and built by William the Conqueror. All the royal weddings are held in this church.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden is associated with the former fruit-and-vegetable market in the central square, now a popular shopping and tourist sit. It is an anseperatable part of the British history. The area was briefly settled in the 7th century, when it became the heart of the Anglo-Saxon trading town.

Churchill War Rooms

The Churchill War Rooms is a museum group, one of the five branches of the Imperial War Museums. The museum has 3 parts: the Cabinet War Rooms, a historic underground complex that housed a British government throughout the Second World War, and the Churchill Museum, exploring the life of Winston Churchill.

Hyde Park
Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a major park in Central London. It is the largest of four Royal Parks. It is home to a number of famous landmarks including the Speakers' Corner. The park also offers various activities like open water swimming, boating, cycling, tennis and horse riding.

St. James's Park

St James's Park is a 23-hectare park in the central London, at the same time is the heart of ceremonial London. It is the oldest royal park, rich in nature, bridges and animals of different species. The park also has a lake, St James's Park Lake, with two islands, West Island, and Duck Island.


Harrods is a large department store, which welcomes its customer with a first-class service and quality products. It's a gathering of 330 departments, including food shops, clothes, electronics, jewellery, sporting gear, designer shops, homewares, accessories, children shop and gift shops.

The View from The Shard

The view from the Shard offers the visitors to experience London's highest viewing platform. The attraction on the top of the skyscraper, with two viewing platforms inside the building. the first is a triple level indoor gallery on Level 69, and the second is a partially outdoor gallery on Level 72.

Houses of Parliament

The House of Parliament is the meeting point of the House of Commons and the House of Lords of the United Kingdom. It's a magnificent palace, the most famous part of which is the Big Ben. The palace was built in 1016 and till now it is used for important dinners, receptions and ceremonies of the Royal Family.

St. Paul's Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral where the Bishop of London seats. The church was founded in AD 604, but the present cathedral, designed in the English Baroque style dates from the late 17th century. The cathedral is one of the most famous and most recognisable sights of London.

The Shard
The Shard

The Shard is a 95-storey skyscraper in Southwark, London, that forms part of the London Bridge Quarter development. Standing 309.7 metres high, the Shard is the tallest building in the United Kingdom. The Shard also has a gallery and started from February 2013, the building offeres the best view of the city from its top.

Borough Market

Borough Market is one of the best-known and the oldest food and drink markets in Britain, which offers British and International produce. It is located next to London Bridge, in Southwark, and was defined by the bridge. Historically the area was called a Market Town, now the Market is also a wholesale area.

Sky Garden

20 Fenchurch Street is a commercial skyscraper in London that takes its name from its address on Fenchurch Street, in the historic City of London financial district. It has been nicknamed 'The Walkie-Talkie' because of its distinctive shape. Construction was completed in spring 2014, and the...

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