The London Eye is a giant wheel, which was built in 1998. The giant observation wheel quickly became one of London's most iconic attractions. It is situated on the bank of the River Thames. It is Europe's tallest Ferris wheel, which offers the highest public viewing point in London. People can see up to 40 kilometres in all directions. Annually it welcomes 3.5 million people. A ride on the London Eye takes 30 minutes, and it travels at a speed of about 0.6 miles per hour. The 32 capsules on the London Eye are representative of the 32 parts of London. Though there are 32 capsules, for superstitious reasons the capsules are numbered 1 to 33: for good luck, there is no capsule numbered 13, so the the cars skip from 12 to 14. The London Eye can carry 800 people each rotation, and even in this case there's always a big line in front of the biggest eye in the world, which can see and show everything in different perspectives.
It’s one of the most popular places for romantic couples and proposals. 1000s of people every year get engaged inside the capsules of the London eye. There is a possibility to arrange a romantic dinner, or surprises for your beloved , and the employees will help you in this.

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    - 17 October 2017 -

    Definitely worth to visit!

  • Joanna Stewart

    - 30 August 2018 -

    Fantastic trip and well worth doing. Time slots are lenient which avoids rushing. I was on crutches and had a leg cast, so was worried about getting through London in time to arrive for our 12:45 slot, but time slots are more of a provision to manage flow and capacity, not about strict time slots. The staff were very cheerful, smiley, and wished us a nice day. They stopped the pod for me to get on and off, so there was no rush. The staff end each pod with a quick walk through with a mirror on a stick to ensure nothing dangerous has been planted, which was reassuring to see. Great vision of locations, despite the weather. I booked via O2 priority, so each ticket was about £14/15, which makes it affordable for lots of people, and for lots of people to return.

  • Kelly Gracia

    - 29 August 2018 -

    Great views. Swift and efficient process to get on ride. Ride lasts about 30 min. I waited in line about 20 - 30 min, on a Tuesday at 2pm. but a bit pricey. I'd say it's only worth it if you really want the photos of the views. It's just like the coca cola eye in Orlando, FL -- just different scenery. Buy tickets online.

  • Phil Brittain

    - 24 August 2018 -

    I'm a born and bred Londoner, but this was the first time I'd been to the tourist mecca of the London Eye. We did the 2-for-1 train deal which kept the cost down to a more reasonable level and at that price, it was well worth the money. The 'flight' is very smooth and takes 30 minutes. The views are fabulous. There's plenty of opportunity to move round the pod and I was happy to find out there was no ongoing running commentary. The only gripe was the standard exit through the gift shop and the rip off price of £20 for a photo (not taken up) but otherwise, very good for the (discounted) money.

  • Giorgos P17

    - 16 August 2018 -

    The Coca-Cola London Eye is centrally located in the heart of the capital, gracefully rotating over the River Thames opposite the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. At 135 metres, the Coca-Cola London Eye is the world's tallest cantilevered observation wheel; a feat of design and engineering, it has become the modern symbol representing the capital and a global icon. The experience showcases breathtaking 360-degree views of the capital and its famous landmarks and has been the number one visitor experience in the city for the past decade. The gradual rotation in one of the 32 high-tech glass capsules takes approximately 30 minutes and gives you an ever-changing perspective of London. Within each capsule, interactive guides allow you to explore the capital's iconic landmarks in several languages. An experience on the Coca-Cola London Eye will lift you high enough to see up to 40 kilometres on a clear day and keep you close enough to see the spectacular details of the city unfolding beneath you. Make the most of your time with us by visiting our London Eye 4D Experience, free with every ticket. See London come to life through unique perspectives and multi-sensory special effects, including wind, bubbles and scent. The four-minute show is perfect to watch at the start of your visit.

  • Jim Darrell

    - 13 August 2018 -

    Bought our tickets online so we saved a little money there. We were able to add the boat cruise tickets for £5 each. We enjoyed the river cruise more than the eye, probably because of the tour guide. This is definitely a tourist trap and after taking the kids I have no interest in ever going again. This was my second time in the eye. Fortunately, the queue moved quickly and wasn't as long when we went up around 17:30. If it's your first time in London, it's a great way to gain perspective of this magnificent city. Just be careful as there are some websites that offer discount tickets that are too good to be true. We bought our tickets from the official London Eye website. There's also a great playground right near the base of the eye and plenty of restaurants if you walk east along the river bank towards the Royal Concert Hall.

  • Vivien Asbahr

    - 27 July 2018 -

    The queue was very long but it was just an illusion, you really are fast at the entrance. Before going on the London Eye you could buy food and ice at the machine, which wasn't that expensive at all. Besides you didn't had to take pictures because they took a picture of you in front of a green screen and added a magnificent background, and also a picture when u are in the wheel, these u can buy for £20 at the end of your ride, it comes with a cute book. The ride was awesome you could see a lot of famous sights. You had much space in it wasn't crowded at all and u didn't have to fear that you can't take your own pictures because the ride is so long everybody gets there perfect shoot.

  • Kelly Ihme

    - 24 July 2018 -

    We went to this because our kids were part of our holiday planning and they wanted to do it and they did enjoy it. If it was just myself and my partner, we would not have wasted time and money. The pods are dirty on the outside so pictures had a filmy look to them. The queue was incredibly long even though we got tickets in advance. Overall the entire area on this side of the Thames is worth avoiding all together.

  • DJ Gordon West

    - 13 July 2018 -

    The eye is pretty expensive around £27 for 30 minutes and you will share with lots of other people in your pod. However if you look on line.. Google London Eye there are usually half price or less offers on.. nice place to walk though especially in the evenings when it gets a bit quieter... There are plenty of places to eat here from pubs at great pub prices and very nice food too along with more expensive restaurants for those who want to show off to someone lol .. but forget the showing off. .just enjoy your time. Life is too short.

  • Suresh K Kalagara

    - 10 July 2018 -

    London Eye is worth visiting once. The capsule is big enough for all to move around freely to enjoy the views while taking some nice photos. It moves very slowly so you would not feel anything exciting except that you keep going high as your capsule rises above and comes down. If you are taking pictures all the time you might miss enjoying the ride.

  • Pauline Wong

    - 27 June 2018 -

    A nice and relaxing attraction that offers a breathtaking panoramic view of London. We took our two young children and they both enjoyed the 30-minute ride and view. I do, however, find the attraction a bit expensive considering the lack of "activity" (other than sightseeing). Also, having to share the capsule with 20+ other people makes for a very warm enclosed space. We went on a hot day and found the capsule really warm - we could barely feel the air conditioning.

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