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Top Outdoor Activities in London

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ZSL London Zoo

London Zoo is the world's oldest scientific zoo, opened in 1828 originally used for scientific study. It has different areas for children and adults, like Land of Lions, Gorilla Kingdom, Bird Safari, Aquarium etc. A part of the famous movie "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" was filmed there.

Battersea Park Children's Zoo

There's a world of enjoyment at Battersea Park Children's Zoo. From feeding the farm animals, spying on the meerkats in the secret lookout, children will have hours of fun. With monkeys, snakes, pigs, donkeys, ring tailed lemurs, parrots, rabbits, emu, chipmunks, coati, wallabies and chickens, plus a...

Sydenham Hill Wood and Cox's Walk

Sydenham Hill Wood is a ten-hectare wood on the northern slopes of the Norwood Ridge in the London Borough of Southwark. It is designated as a Local Nature Reserve and Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation. With the adjacent Dulwich Wood, Sydenham Hill Wood is the largest extant...

The London Ale Trail

The London Ale Trail is the best way to experience London's vibrant pub scene. Our trained guides will walk you to a number of the best pubs in central London. They'll take you through the UK's best ales and beers, and you'll visit unforgettable pubs.The London Ale Trail currently only serves private...

Explore best Outdoor Activities in London: ZSL London Zoo, Battersea Park Children's Zoo, Chiswick House and Gardens and more. Find opening hours, reviews, book entry tickets and passes, and include in your trip itinerary.

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