Coca-Cola London Eye

The Queen's Walk, London


The London Eye is a giant wheel, which was built in 1998. The giant observation wheel quickly became one of London's most iconic attractions. It is situated on the bank of the River Thames. It is Europe's tallest Ferris wheel, which offers the highest public viewing point in London. People can see up to 40 kilometres in all directions. Annually it welcomes 3.5 million people. A ride on the London Eye takes 30 minutes, and it travels at a speed of about 0.6 miles per hour. The 32 capsules on the London Eye are representative of the 32 parts of London. Though there are 32 capsules, for superstitious reasons the capsules are numbered 1 to 33: for good luck, there is no capsule numbered 13, so the the cars skip from 12 to 14. The London Eye can carry 800 people each rotation, and even in this case there's always a big line in front of the biggest eye in the world, which can see and show everything in different perspectives.
It’s one of the most popular places for romantic couples and proposals. 1000s of people every year get engaged inside the capsules of the London eye. There is a possibility to arrange a romantic dinner, or surprises for your beloved , and the employees will help you in this.

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    - 17 October 2017 -

    Definitely worth to visit!

  • Fletcher Ross

    - 24 May 2018 -

    Make sure you go here on a good clear day or night. You can download the London Explorers Pass application to purchase tickets for this and other London attractions for a discounted rate which was very helpful. The London Eye has big lines but move very quickly so do not be put off by the crowds of people around the entrance; most are tourist standing there taking photos and avoiding pigeons.

  • Diana Carberry

    - 17 May 2018 -

    I've now been on this 3 times and seen the views in 3 different settings, daytime, sunset and night time. Best time for me is sunset and night time. Although it moves very slowly the queue to get on goes down very quickly. I don't believe it's worth buying fast track tickets unless you are in a real big hurry. The pods are still in very good condition. Be warned there's no toilets on the pods as far as I know and you enter the pod with others and no guide, unless you're in a massive group. It's best to move around the pod so you can get views from all angles, plus it gives others a chance to see and take photos of what you've just seen. All in all from waiting to getting and and going round its about an hour or just which I didn't think was too bad.

  • Imran Saeed

    - 04 May 2018 -

    You just have to do it at least once. Do it on a clear day. When it opened decades ago the skyline was somewhat different. It's a 45 Mon round trip and the views are the best vantage point for historic London. I got to see lot of construction buildings and nearside view is pretty averaged due to industrial look of some buildings nearby. I enjoyed it but wouldn't want to do it again as the queues and prices only justify it for once

  • Craig Williams

    - 24 April 2018 -

    One of the best ways to see the city. Buy the fast pass before you go and you’ll fly through the ticket line and the 4D experience and the line for the eye itself. Amazing views and great staff with tons of info. The gift shop has some super unique and fun items as well. Close to the aquarium which is discounted if you buy tickets at the eye for it. Ride takes about 30 minutes to go all the way around once. Go on a slightly overcast day for amazing pictures and also cooler temps.

  • Hong Nguyen-Sears

    - 23 April 2018 -

    I went after 6:30 on Sunday and there was no line. There wind up being only four people in my pod. It was a lovely ride with amazing views! The staff are also really sweet and energetic. It’s very expensive, but I think I would recommend it just for the impressive experience. Make sure you look at the other pods for a moment as you are reaching the top—it’s surreal! My only real complete is that it was a really quick ride. I was told it would be 20 minutes to a half hour but it was just over 15, perhaps because there was no line to delay things? I’m unsure. I’ll add that I was terrified of this ride. Ferris wheels have been a difficult thing in the past. I want to encourage anyone else with a fear to give it a try. The pods barely move and once you’re up top it’s easy to forget that you’re on a Ferris wheel at all.

  • Cathal Berney

    - 03 April 2018 -

    Visit date: 27 March 2018. Having booked online, which was relatively easy, we arrived in plenty of time for our allotted time slot. We were told that as queues were not particularly big, we were free to join the queue at any time. The queue moved quickly and smoothly and we got through security checks with friendly staff, with no issues. The ride itself was enjoyable. There is plenty of room in each pod to move around with a number of interactive screens to explain what everything was that you can see on your trip. Views were really good and I suspect would be even better on a sunny day. The ride was enjoyed by adults and kids alike in our group. We used a voucher from cereal boxes to get a free adult ride with a child ticket so 3 of us rode the eye for under £50.

  • AJ Creations

    - 31 January 2018 -

    What a wonderful place in the earth... This was my first visit where I went to London.. And my dream... When I was in school I could build the model of London Bridge, from that day I want to visit this place... This was very awesome place... Once should go In life time. . Places sounding it is well maintained and clean... U never feel that u are on the streets... It's so clean... The bridge is well maintained... It helpful.. Timing is 9 to 6 in the evening.... Do visit and have fun.. Happy London..... Happy London Eye...

  • Rajiv M

    - 30 January 2018 -

    One of the best Tourist attractions of London The aerial view of the city you get from the London Eye is just amazing. If you are planning to visit, check out for any 2 for 1 vouchers. Evenings, just before the Sunset is the best time to go so you get to see an aerial view of London in daylight while on your way up and the beautiful lights on your way down as it starts to get dark. Overall, it's a must visit place!

  • Javeed Islam

    - 30 January 2018 -

    A must visit attraction in London. The view is simply amazing. This place is normally crowded. It is advisable to go for express line if you are traveling with young kids and seniors or get tickets online is recommended because there is approx waiting time is 1 hour. Good safety measures. The best part is although it's a crowded place but very limited people go inside capsule. You have ample of space and time to enjoy the view. Keep it up.

  • Colin McFly

    - 13 January 2018 -

    You have to do this if you're touring London or even live there. You get a beautiful view of the city even better at sun set as you can see the buildings and all the pretty lights in the distance as well. Not too much of a fan of it being branded "coca cola" eye though. Too much corporation branding in your face. But otherwise 5 star experience. Go go go. Book online to save £$€

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