Wallace Collection

Hertford House Manchester Square, London


The Wallace Collection is an art collection in London open to the public, housed at Hertford House in Manchester Square, in the City of Westminster. It comprises world-famous range of fine and decorative arts from the 15th to the 19th centuries with large holdings of French 18th-century paintings, furniture, arms & armour, porcelain and Old Master paintings arranged into 25 galleries. It was established in 1897 from the private collection mainly created by Richard Seymour-Conway, Marquess of Hertford. The Collection numbers nearly 5,500 objects and is best known for its quality and breadth of eighteenth-century French paintings, Sèvres porcelain and French furniture. The Wallace Collection also displays many other treasures, such as two paintings by Titian, Rembrandts, Rubenses and other art works. The Collection also includes a fine collection of arms and armour, featuring both European and Oriental objects, as well as displays of gold boxes, miniatures, sculpture and medieval and Renaissance works of art such as maiolica, glass, bronzes and Limoges enamels. Admission is free.

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  • Siddra S

    - 30 August 2018 -

    This is a cool and interesting place which should be visited when in central. They have different free exhibitions and interesting subjects relating to science. Workers are nice, with clean bathrooms and a canteen, gift shop inside. Gift shop has many different books and accessories, I liked the cards the most. If you are into the human mind and body then you should definitely visit this place.

  • GM Jones

    - 22 August 2018 -

    Unmissable art gallery. Free admission, don't forget to donate though. It's small for a gallery but has paintings, sculptures etc covering a mass of surfaces. It's so concentrated that I suggest factoring in a meal break during the visit. The paintings include Rembrandt, Reynolds, Canaletto, Gainsborough and the celebrated Laughing Cavalier by Hals. Good facilities including a slightly formal restaurant, café and shop. Recommended.

  • Ali Y

    - 17 August 2018 -

    Attended this venue for an afternoon tea. The whole place is absolutely gorgeous, but the canteen area where we had the tea, although also beautiful, was really hot as it was glass roofed courtyard. This caused a greenhouse effect. No fans or air conditioning - you can imagine in the summer this was really uncomfortable! The rest of the venue is cool and very well presented.

  • BM BC

    - 09 July 2018 -

    The knights and armour are a great sight to see when you are visiting London! The giftshop looks nice, the items look like they are worth their price! The Restaurant: Food: Good! When I went to the restaurant, many things were sold out, which is disappointing, but I found something to eat ( The chocolate Cake, I had no other choice.) Service: Great! They are very helpful! Atmosphere: It is under a huge Dome in the middle of the old Mansion The comfort: Great as well! The art and sculptures were very interesting! The Restaurant is 5 Stars spot on! Not too crowded either! Please like this review, it will really help! This guy Richard Wallace was a huge collector...

  • Julia Shepherd

    - 25 June 2018 -

    This fabulous gallery is a must. Although predominantly french there are items of interest from around Europe and beyond. It is well worth booking into a guided tour and getting an in depth look at a few items. On my last visit I particularly enjoyed lifting the protective leather covers on a collection of wax miniatures.

  • Jean Morton

    - 05 June 2018 -

    Fantastic experience at this lesser known art gallery. Less crowded than National Gallery. Homely atmosphere. Great variety of exhibits: paintings, miniatures, furniture, armour, ceramics. All just amazing. Totally loved our visit. Superb restaurant on site as well as coffee area. We enjoyed both. Disappointed to hear that there will soon be an entry fee. Currently there's a voluntary contributions box at the door.

  • Chris Evans

    - 31 May 2018 -

    A classic "collection". Quite incredible collection of extraordinarily fine art mixed with much that is less in favour now, or frankly just not as good. It can make the best even more rewarding as they catch your eye and you wander over and go "Ah yes, he really was outstanding. Sometimes the peers were too, just not freaks of nature, of genius; sometimes... well, they really haven't weathered changing tastes well at all. Brilliant. I must go back. Facilities good. Food in lovely covered atrium not cheap, and clientele neither, but little we had, and the coffee, were good.

  • M M

    - 30 May 2018 -

    I was so happy to have found this amazing place! It is so much better than going to V&A or British museum which often are just far too crowded. This is an amazing museum with a huge collection of paintings, armouries, furnitures, chinaware, and ornaments. They are just so delicate and beautiful, many are very Louis XIV collections. You need at least 3 hours here to have a good look around. There is a lovely tea house with natural sun light, reasonable price. They also do free tours, which really are worth booking as the guides are so knowledgeable. I highly recommend this place.

  • T Indrayani

    - 26 May 2018 -

    Probably my favourite museum in London. It’s not too big but filled with interesting collection. I highly recommended the free tours as well, I’ve been through it twice and both guides have different interesting bits to explain. Other than that, absolutely have to visit the lovely restaurant in their courtyard too. It’s bright, beautiful, and I had lovely experience having lunch there.

  • Daniel Bateman

    - 02 May 2018 -

    An absolutely stunning collection of various antique items, in excellent condition and much of it displayed in 19th century style. The Armoury collections are particularly amazing with their variety of arms and armour on display. Being only a short walk from Bond Street and Marble Arch stations it's easy to get to, and as it runs on only donations, there's no excuse not to visit. The staff are very friendly too, I simply cannot fault this site in any way.

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