Notre Dame Cathedral

6 Parvis Notre-Dame, Paris


The Notre Dame Cathedral is among the top attractions of Paris. It has many exquisite works of art. As you approach the building, its immense proportions leave you breathless.

The Notre Dame Cathedral is among the world's most majestic religious structures. It is the centerpiece of the Ile (Island) de la Cite, where Paris was born. With its towers lacking spires, the edifice persists through the centuries as an unfinished structure.

The Notre Dame Cathedral features exquisite and numerous works of art. Outside, take a look at the sculptures of the Old Testament kings and grotesques adorning the facade. Inside, trace Biblical stories interpreted by rose windows and a series of carvings, which tell a tale of the life of Jesus Christ.

You can climb the cathedral's towers for a fee and enjoy outstanding panoramic views over the city center from there. Beautiful gardens and peaceful park flank the building. Thus, take an opportunity and relax in a pleasant edifice's environment.

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Open Hours:

The Cathedral is open every day of the year.

The reception desk the Cathedral (in front of you by entering) is open:

– Monday to Friday: from 9:30 to 18:00
– Saturday and Sunday: from 9:00 to 18:00.

No Luggage is allowed

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  • Chateau Versailles

    - 26 May 2018 -

    Gorgeous Cathedral located in Paris definitely worth the visit. Not only on the inside but on the outside as well. The details of the architecture is breathtaking. *One night while going for a walk, we revisited the Cathedral to see its nighttime beauty and sat down on one of the benches. It's quite calm at that time and there's seldom people, which is nice. If you're familiar with the Cathedral and it's surroundings you know that there's a few large squares of plants &flowers where people can sit around on. That being said, at night, what we observed to our great astonishment, is that coming out of those squares were many...many rats ! You read correctly. I wrote RATS ! If people/tourists only knew that while they were sitting/lying there and eating/drinking and taking selfies, there are rats about 5 inches from them. They hide in the plants and come out to feed at night and even rummage through the gridded garbage cans. Matter of fact, they run all over the place. It was hilarious to see. I counted about 12 of them while I stood on the bench while clenching my purse.* Back to the Cathedral, rats or no rats, it's definitely an important & interesting part of France's history.

  • Joe Kaufman

    - 23 May 2018 -

    Free to get in. Need a ticket to do some of the other things. Security just had to look in bags which isn't complicated at all. Inside was really cool as expected. Tons of people made it very crowded inside. Floor is uneven so be careful if you have a hard time walking. The cathedral had some of the largest stained glass I had ever seen. If you are not of the Catholic faith, you can easily find the architect something to marvel at.

  • Mark Doctoroff

    - 18 May 2018 -

    This Medieval Cathedral, one of France's largest is the very best example of French Gothic design!! The Natural sculptures and the splendid stained glass windows differentiate it from the earlier Roman inspired designs. Construction of the Cathedral started about 855 years ago.. BUT, it took almost 200 years to complete the edifice. Contained within are some of Christianity's most Treasured "relics". Several renovations have taken place over the years- with the most recent starting in 1991.As recent as 1323 it was praised as one of Paris most notable buildings. The first organ was built in 1403- and there are 10 bells, with the largest weighing over 13 tons! A visit will be most memorable! I hope that this brief Review is helpful.

  • Brian Joseph

    - 11 May 2018 -

    Must must see in Paris. If you are going to mass there is a separate queue to get in so don't get in the long visitors queue or you could miss mass. The international Sunday mass have about two sentences in English. You are best going to the mass that suits your time the most as there is limited difference in the international Vs the others. Place is stunning. If you want to go up the tower it's booked in time slots. Definitely book online the day before.

  • E. T. O.

    - 18 April 2018 -

    I was able to check this off my bucket list on Nov-17. It was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. The details that make this place the wonder it is are many and very intricate. The building is amazing in itself, and then you look at the doors, and they have their own details of beauty. It's sad that buildings like these are few and far in between. You're transported from the moment you walk in to a time of beauty, piety, and respect/honor for things of the past. You feel a reverence and peace walking in. I caught myself praising the Lord for the ability to see this place, and for the blessing of having an architect with such vision of beauty.

  • CEEDEE Pops

    - 31 March 2018 -

    "This review should be 5 but instead only gets 4" is the title. Unfortunately at the time of visit (March 2018l there was a lot of renovations, police presence and areas cordoned off so we didn't get the full experience. The building itself is incredible, a true marvel and something you'll not see anywhere else. If you are into just that, then perfect but trying to get inside has some busy busy queues. Bare in mind, we visited at Easter weekend (Christian holiday) so it understandably was going to be a bit busier than usual but with the current renovations, you don't feel like you are seeing some truly marvellous. It feels "too protected" (I used this loosely given recent circumstances) but nevertheless what you see is something quite extraordinary. You get a proper feel of the history of Paris just from the outside.

  • Praveen Kumar

    - 22 February 2018 -

    Beautiful cathedral with gothic style. It's situated near river bank and it's a treat to watch this ancient building. You will see real good decent not never if crowd. I liked the pigeon and the way they come and sit on your shoulder is awesome. It's care taker comes and shakes hands then pigeons will start sitting on your head and shoulders. The building is really very ancient the structures roads around this place is really good on stroll around.

  • Zlatko

    - 21 February 2018 -

    With its ~900 years of history this cathedral is one of the must-see landmarks in Paris. The entrance to the ground level is free and does not require reservation. To visit the towers you should reserve an available time slot from a machine near the tower entrance. This approach saves a lot of time in waiting that can be spend in sightseeing the surrounding area. PS FOR EU CITIZENS UNDER 26: You go on the tower tour for free! The free ticket is also available in most of the famous landmarks in Paris if you meet that criteria!

  • Wayne Ng

    - 15 February 2018 -

    Beautiful, towering gothic cathedral situated on a small island in the middle of the Seine. You can visit around 6pm so that you can attend evening mass as well. There are numerous chapels to find your denomination for private prayer as well. The design of the cathedral is outstanding. The early designs and its evolution to the finished cathedral are shown in small scale models that are really interesting and informative. The stained glass, statues, etc are all magnificent. You can get here using the metro with the nearest station only a short walk away.

  • Leggo Tung Lei

    - 05 February 2018 -

    Although I unfortunately did not get the chance to go on a tour with Paris Trip, I would highly recommend this agency purely based on interaction. We came in with an enquiry that they were unable to help us with directly, and even after it transpired that they didn't sell what we were looking for they still went out of their way to assist us and helped us to solve our problem. The staff were so helpful and accommodating without any agenda and it was really appreciated. Based on the amazing service... This was a small-group tour from downtown Paris to Versailles, including lunch at one of the Versailles restaurants. A small-group tour like this is really important, because the lines for regular admission are quite long. Versailles is a spectacular palace on a huge estate with extensive gardens and fountains. This is the palace that other places in Europe are always comparing themselves to, but nothing is quite like the original.

  • Zeynep Ozturk Ozyer

    - 27 May 2018 -

    Take your time to have a tour! It’s amazing.

  • Scott Thorn

    - 27 May 2018 -

    A must visit to complete your trip.

  • Kawika Terry

    - 16 May 2018 -

    Download the Jefile app to reserve your place in line, then come back when your time window is open.

  • harley stax

    - 27 April 2018 -

    Beautiful cathedral

  • Eman Rashwan

    - 05 April 2018 -

    Take photos in the garden behind it

  • hande aydemir

    - 13 March 2018 -

    Interesting place!

  • Kostas Staveris

    - 06 March 2018 -

    Breathtaking enterior..

  • Alya Danilova

    - 19 February 2018 -

    Beautiful by day & night time,but closer to cene river many many rats 😨

  • Karen

    - 04 February 2018 -

    Definitely take the tour to go from one tower to the next! It's not always available, so try to go on a day when it's open.

  • Francis

    - 29 January 2018 -

    Classic site

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