Place du Pantheon, Paris


If you are interested in ancient buildings and history, then visit The Pantheon which was dedicated to all the gods. It is built in neoclassicism architectural style in 1790 though the construction started in 1758. The Pantheon is located in the Latin Quarter. There is an inscription above the entrance of Pantheon that reads AUX GRANDS HOMMES LA PATRIE RECONNAISSANTE ("To great men, the grateful homeland"). Famous people like Victor Hugo, Marie Curie, Pierre Curie, Alexandre Dumas and others are buried here.

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  • A Google User

    - 07 August 2018 -

    There is so much history in this building. It is very cool to see the diversity of contributions to society that the French value. The architecture is beautiful. There are men and women entombed here from Voltaire to the present day. The atmosphere is somber and reflective, but it feels like a celebration of France instead of just a burial place.

  • Barry Pape

    - 31 July 2018 -

    Why have I never been here before. I've never heard it mentioned but we saw it from our hotel and went to find out what it was. What it is is an epic building; burial place of the great and good. And there is currently a linked graffiti art exhibition with portraits of some of the heroes on the walls around Paris. When I got home I had to order up a book by Aime Cesaire which I'm reading for the second time already. So thanks Pantheon for opening new windows.

  • A Google User

    - 22 July 2018 -

    One of my favorite attractions in Paris. The architecture is amazing and the paintings are beautiful. I found the crypt cool- many famous people are buried there. I would absolutely recommend adding the dome to your ticket. It's a bit of a climb with stairs but one of the best views of the city! 360 degrees with the Eiffel tower and signs helping you locate other monuments. Excellent visit.

  • A Google User

    - 21 July 2018 -

    The first floor is spectacular. Many paintings and statues worth photographing. However the lower floors where the tombs are housed are not very exciting to see. If anything, on a hot day they provided a cool place to hang out. I was lucky that it was free the day I went because it was 14 Juillet. There was even a love orchestra playing music for patrons. The Pantheon is located in one of the oldest parts of Paris. Nearby la Sorbonne, university campus.

  • Dániel Elszászer

    - 20 July 2018 -

    Beautiful memorial place for the great French people. It wasn't crowded when we visited (Tuesday noon). The audio guide is good and I suggest to take it because the written information is very limited.

  • A Google User

    - 16 July 2018 -

    This place was excellent. We got in right as it opened so there was no line but they were prepared for one so FYI. Get the 3 euro extra ticket and do the outside view tour, great views and not too expensive. We had lunch nearby as there are several great places. Also, catacombs benieth have some famous people which is pretty awesome.

  • A Google User

    - 07 July 2018 -

    Splendid monument in Latin Quarter, built as a place of warship. Pantheon in Greek means ‘temple of all Gods. Grandiose very impressive dome with skylight. Underneath are crypts of eminent people France enlisted as its best. Majestic artwork, scuputes reminders of remarkable French history and legacy. Voltaire, Emil Zola, Alexander Dumas, Victor Hugo, Rousseau, Marie Curie, 2 Italian Kings Emanuele ll and Umberto l are some of elite buried there. Grandiose landmark is timeless memorial to the best in French history.

  • Hélène LE GALL

    - 19 June 2018 -

    Beautiful site. It has lovely paintings from french history along with many statues and a giant pendulum. They are sticky about letting minors in without adult supervision. It actually opens at 2 PM.

  • Paul Taylor

    - 16 June 2018 -

    Another huge structure that you would have seen from other places you have been. Has a very big pendulum that was originally used to demonstrate that the world is revolving around itself. Lots of murals. Entrance is included with the museum pass.

  • Philip Carter

    - 12 June 2018 -

    Not having heard of the place before and knowing nothing of its history this impressed me in its conception and development all of which is easy to grasp visually. Firstly it was built as a religious monument to the patron saint of Paris, but built in a classical/Roman style so it looks like a Roman temple from the outside. What is equally apparent is the changes made afterwards following the French Revolution, with the religious imagery on the walls contrasting with the revolutionary statues beside them. Underneath is the crypt where assorted famous French people are buried - such as Voltaire, who was denied burial in church grounds when he died.

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