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Top Sights & Landmarks in Paris

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The Trocadero is a beautiful garden with walking paths, works of art and beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower, spread around a rectangular pool with fountains. In its vicinity, you can find a few interesting museums and the Aquarium of Paris.

Gare du Nord

Gare du Nord is the busiest railway station in Europe built between 1861-1864 which connects several urban transport lines in Paris. The station was then rebuilt in 1889 and expanded during 1930s-1960s. It is seen in movies and mentioned in novels.

Place de la Madeleine

If you want to eat in historical restaurants and go to shopping in stylish shops in just one place then visit to Place de la Madeleine. There are shops owned by specialized food brands such as Fauchon and Hédiard.

Grand Palais

Grand Palais is unique both for its Beaux-Arts architectural style and as a historic site, museum and exhibition hall. It resebles the innovative decoration of 1900s including glass vault and light steel framing, use of iron and reinforced concrete.

La Defense

The largest business district in Europe is located in the west part of Paris. There are 19 skyscrapers made of glass and steel of which the tallest is Tour First 231m (758 ft) in height and other 53 tall buildings. Moreover, 13 new buildings are now being built. The district also houses an open-air museum.


The Bastille was a castle in Paris built in 1370–1380s during the Hundred Years' War to defend the eastern part of Paris from the English threat. It was medieval fortress, armory and political prison symbolizing the abuse by the monarchy during the French Revolution, demolished in 1789. Now the remains are left.

Place Pigalle

Pigalle (French pronunciation: ​[pi.ɡal]) is an area in Paris around the Place Pigalle, on the border between the 9th and the 18th arrondissements. It is named after the sculptor Jean-Baptiste Pigalle (1714–1785). Pigalle is famous for being a tourist district, with many sex shops, theatres...

Stade Roland Garros

Stade Roland Garros ("Roland Garros Stadium", French pronunciation: ​[stad ʁɔlɑ̃ ɡaʁos]) is a tennis venue located in Paris, France, that hosts the French Open—also known as Roland Garros, particularly within Europe—a Grand Slam championship tournament played annually around the end of...

Rue Cler
Rue Cler

This lively cobblestone street effectively preserves the ambience of Paris of old and is home to countless small shops.

Parc des Princes

The Parc des Princes (French pronunciation: ​[paʁk de pʁɛ̃s], literally "Princes’ Park" in English) is an all-seater football stadium in Paris, France. The venue is located in the south-west of the French capital, inside the 16th arrondissement of Paris, in the immediate vicinity of the Stade...

Les Halles

This fun and funky Parisian neighborhood is home to France's youngest and hippest designers, shops and cafes.

Statue of Liberty

Hundreds of replicas of the Statue of Liberty (Liberty Enlightening the World) have been created worldwide.

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