Old Town (Altstadt) Tbilisi

Dzveli Tbilisi, Tbilisi, Georgia


Tbilisi Old Town is the historic town of the capital of Georgia and probably the most beautiful and inspiring part of the city.

The old town settlement has developed around the Narikala fortress walls at the mount of Mtkvari River since 5th century. Old town area is also known as Kala.

Tbilisi's old town is famed for its uniquely preserved architecture, cobbled narrow streets crossing each other. The buildings feature a mix of architectures from local Georgian to Byzantine, Neo-classical, Russian, Art Nouveau and Middle Eastern styles.

Tbilisi Old Town is one of the unique places where you can see a mosque, a synagogue, Armenian, Orthodox and Catholic churches standing peacefully side by side. It is a perfect place for any tourist to stroll around. You'll come across marvelous buildings with distinct design at each corner of the old town. It is a standing proof of Georgia's history.

Also, don't miss here the fashionable Chardini Street with its many art galleries and Tbilisi's famed ancient sulphur baths.

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