Green Vault

Taschenberg 2, Dresden


Green Vault is historic museum in Dresden, which houses the largest collection of treasures in Europe. The museum is home to a great diversity of exhibits from the Baroque to Classicism. It was founded in 1723, by one of the most powerful kings Augustus the Strong. Green Vault is older than British museum or the Vatican Museum, and is considered to be one of the most influential institutions in the world.
Today the museum has 2 main exhibitions; The Historic Green Vault, which presents the the ancient treasures of historic importance, and New Green Vault, focused on modern items.
The Grünes Gewölbe is situated on the 1st and 2nd floors of Dresdner Residenzschloss.

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    10:00 - 18:00

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  • Marc Albert

    - 11 August 2018 -

    An absolutely overwhelming collection stemming primarily from August the Strong. The Old Green Vault is a series of rooms with different themes. There's an ivory collection, a bronze collection, gemstones, golden objects and so much more. The New Green Vault is more of the same and has the famous green diamond. This is a remarkable collection and is a must see. Don't forget about the combination tickets, which will save you a lot of money if you plan to see several museums. No photos were permitted.

  • BradJill Travels

    - 02 August 2018 -

    If there is a must-see attraction in Dresden, it would have to be the Green Vault located at the Royal Palace in the city centre. Opening hours 8am to 6pm daily (9-6pm on Saturdays). Entry price is €12 per person and includes an audioguide. Note: Tickets are separate and different for entry into the rest of the Royal Palace. Further, they are for specific entry times only. No cameras, bags or coats are allowed inside the viewing rooms. There are coin deposit lockers that can be used to store these items. The Green Vault is cited as being the largest collection of treasures in Europe, It is an exquisite collection by King Augustus II from the first half of the 18th century. Much of which is on display in the handful of rooms. The audioguide is very helpful, detailing highlight treasures as well as describing facets of each room's colour, decorative scheme and historical purpose. Visits take around 30-45 minutes to explore the rooms and to fully listen to the audio guide. No photography is allowed so the crowds seem to move around at a fair and predictable pace. There is also a controlled entry, allowing in only a certain number of visitors at a time. As such, the rooms avoid becoming overly crowded and visitors are given fair opportunity to see whichever pieces they like up close. In the end, I felt that the Green Vault was managed well, providing a memorable opportunity to view Augustus The Strong's rich collection of treasures. It was disappointing to not be able to take pictures but completely understandable given the delicate nature of the possessions on display and the need to crowd control. This is a place that I would gladly return to during future visits to Dresden.

  • Arne Hutflesz

    - 26 July 2018 -

    A vast amount of treasury and some interesting stories along. Amazing workmanship and details for every piece. Worth well a visit. Remember to book your visit beforehand....

  • Kerry Moore

    - 24 July 2018 -

    Mind-boggling exhibit of exquisite artwork crafted over the years by numerous artisans. Much of this museum in the castle was spared the destruction encountered in Dresden during the war. There are several rooms containing artwork of a specific kind, situated on walls and stands. Each room is totally different than the room before and after it. There is so much art that it becomes difficult to take it all in and really appreciate the artistry. Don't try to touch the art exhibits or lean over the railings - there are extremely sensitive sensors that will trip alarms! There are also sentinels posted throughout each room to monitor guests actions. It is a wonderful museum that will keep one occupied for a couple hours or more. Don't miss it!

  • Chris Lockey

    - 07 June 2018 -

    There is so much to see here it is fabulous. Too much for me to cope with in an afternoon, but great as I will be going back a number of times

  • Victor Luncasu

    - 07 June 2018 -

    Precious pieces of treasures. I found the audio guide very good. It's such a treat for your eyes. Take note that you can't take pictures there.

  • K sribhoomi Yesaswini

    - 06 May 2018 -

    Adding to my friends, you get an audio guide which takes you through the exhibits without a guide. If you don't have time to see everything then make sure you make a choice and visit at least one vault. The photos are from part one gallery!! A jewel collection.

  • Pavel Rybakov

    - 01 May 2018 -

    Amazing place. You can spend full day here. 12€ entrance fee (cards are accepted). Don't forget coin to use the luggage storage (no entrance with bags) - 1 or 2€ (see no sense in that - you'll receive your coin back after you take your belongings). Tons of masterpieces, gorgeous view from the tower! A place that must be visited!

  • Elliot Lewis

    - 14 January 2018 -

    Astonishing! More incredible than you can imagine.

  • Ma ria

    - 04 January 2018 -

    It is a very interesting display. Worth spending 2-3 hours here.

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