BMW Welt

Am Olympiapark 1, Munich


BMW Welt is a unique multi-functional exhibition center located in district Am Riesenfeld near the Olympiapark. It was established in 1973 after the Summer Olympics opened. The museum is one of the largest and most visited museums in Germany. Wonderful glassed-walled halls where a large number of cars from the small simple and large luxurious ones are shown to the public. With the help of these exhibits amazing history and future of the company with all details are introduced to its visitors. The museum also contains different cafes, shopping centers and restaurants suggesting both tasty food, drinks and lots of beautiful goods. It is also organized various events and theme exhibitions for making visitors time more and more attractive. As the museum entrance is free, people have a great opportunity to spend a pleasant time without spending money. BMW Welt’s opening hours are different. That’s why necessary to check the timeline before your visit.

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Open Hours:

  • Sun

    09:00 - 00:00

  • Mon

    07:30 - 00:00

  • Tue

    07:30 - 00:00

  • Wed

    07:30 - 00:00

  • Thu

    07:30 - 00:00

  • Fri

    07:30 - 00:00

  • Sat

    07:30 - 00:00

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  • Lauren Newell

    - 21 August 2018 -

    Stunning building with beautiful architecture. Definitely a must see while visiting Munich. During my short visit I went to a coffee shop that had really great espresso and strolled through the car displays.

  • Baby Milestones

    - 21 August 2018 -

    Really nice. You can get inside the numerous displays of cars. The place is huge. On weekends it would be packed with locals and tourists so if you want to explore the place more peacefully, better visit it during weekdays.

  • Roger Arets

    - 31 July 2018 -

    This very nice museum and tour covers a LOT of BMW's history and vision and is a recommended visit for every BMW car lover. The architecture of the building itself is unique and the inside is impressive. You can book guided tours, enjoy a nice meal here a try a driving exprience. Nice!

  • David Montanya

    - 26 July 2018 -

    If you like cars, go! If you like BMW, you just have to pay a visit! It feels like a proper car exhibition/show, it's a big showroom which also includes BMW owned brand such as Rolls Royce.

  • Tomáš Hergeth

    - 15 July 2018 -

    Amazing experience from start to finish! BMW Welt itself is more like a huge car showroom, but the architecture is just striking. The Museum is perfectly made, it's entertaining and well thought through. This is a must visit of every car lover.

  • Ekta Nori

    - 13 July 2018 -

    Well organised and good displays! They could have had more interactive displays with the internal engines. The gaming/ racing consoles should also me monitored as some kids were seated and did not want to get up. I was traveling with my 2 kids who had to wait (sometimes) up to 20min for one of them to become free. Overall a good experience

  • Sherif Labib

    - 14 June 2018 -

    Participated in the European delivery program for US customers and it was definitely worth every moment. The premium lounge for delivery customers is very nice and offers lights snacks and drinks. I recommend the factory tour which is about 2 hours and also the BMW museum which is just across the street from the Welt. They also have a parking garage under the Welt which they'll give you a ticket if you are picking up your new BMW.

  • Heiko Gehrig

    - 12 June 2018 -

    Fantastic modern building housing equally impressive cars. Houses displays of current BMW cars and motorcycles, many of which you can sit in or on, as the case may be. Also includes displays of current Rolls Royce and Mini Cooper vehicles. For older vehicles, visitors must go to the BMW museum. In summary, this building houses select (but a fair range) of only new cars, and is free to enter. The BMW museum (accessed via a walkway), is just that - displaying older vehicles and engines for various modes of transport, also outlining BMW’s history and future. This is also the same building BMW customers can pick up, or inspect before shipping - the new car(s) they have purchased. Also includes a gift shop with various BMW items. Paid parking available on site. Lockers and cost storage is available, in addition to washrooms being large, modern and clean.


    - 31 January 2018 -

    The awesome exhibition centre and new car take-up area of BMW. Right in front of the BMW museum and headquarters in Munich. BMW Welt is a huge building with modern architecture. It is full of the latest cars from BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce and motorbikes from BMW. The entry is free. There is a small restaurant inside for coffee and snacks. There is a convention centre, business conference rooms and a big souvenir shop inside which is pretty expensive. Photography is allowed inside and the place is decently full of people taking pictures of the latest shiny BMWs!

  • Soetpotatis

    - 31 January 2018 -

    Located right across the BMW headquarters is the BMW Welt, an enormous complex where they showcase their newest models of cars, bikes and accessories. It is set up like a museum, showcasing some of the technology used in the vehicles or accessories (HUD by BMW installed in a helmet). Since BMW owns John Cooper works you have Mini's shown too, but let's be honest, if you came here, you didn't come to see a Mini. Absolutely fantastic place in a modern look plus you are allowed to enter and sit in the exhibition cars. With every car there is either a tablet stating the info you are looking for that particular model as well as the pricing, both in English and German.

  • Wittyboi

    - 19 March 2018 -

    For all the car lovers out there.... if you ever in Munich, make sure you visit #BMWWorld

  • Martin Assmann

    - 13 January 2018 -

    Park directly in front of the building when you are using DriveNow.

  • ...go with the flow... ...

    - 27 December 2017 -

    Great site!!!

  • Thomas Thommy

    - 15 October 2017 -

    Always stunning especially for foreigners ;-)

  • Ginkipedia

    - 21 September 2017 -

    Are you a bmw fan? Don’t miss that!! Amazing place!!

  • Seyda Caskurlu

    - 13 August 2017 -

    Be ready to spend min 4-5 can also experience many BMW models very closely...

  • Magkas Yo

    - 24 June 2017 -

    10/10 Well this is technology of the future somehow... This museum is a must visit!


    - 05 May 2017 -

    Wifi is free, cafe inside,you get inside cars, on bikes....


    - 05 May 2017 -

    Its awesomeee.....

  • Nes

    - 07 February 2017 -

    Don't miss it!

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