Deutsches Museum

Museumsinsel 1, Munich


Deutsches Museum is one the inseparable parts of Munich and one of the largest museums of science and technology. The museum is located on the island in the Isar River. It was founded in 1903. Museum hosts approximately 1.5 million visitors per year. The exhibits and the topics are of a great variety: about 280, 000 exhibits and 50 fields (aerospace, astronomy, agriculture, computers, chemistry, electricity, music, railways, and telecommunication). Visiting the museum is a way to see and gain useful and interesting information. It’s a place which interests different aged people. Deutsches Museum is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm. Sometimes the museum closes its doors for a day or two, but the free days don’t have any exact schedule: that’s why it is extremely necessary to check the museum timeline before visiting it. The Deutsches Museum suggests not only German but also English speaking guides available to answer all the questions of the visitors. But not all the parts of the museum have both English and German speaking guides. Different parts suggest different services: Besides visiting the museum and strolling through the large territory of the museum visitors also have an opportunity to become a part of the interesting events and lectures organized for visitors of different age. If you want to open the deep and magical world of science, don’t miss the chance to visit it.

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    09:00 - 17:00

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    09:00 - 17:00

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  • Kanjiu Akuma

    - 30 January 2018 -

    Great museum and archive. The contents range is super wide containing physics, astronomy, informatics, electronics but also things like geology and astronomy. Sadly the atom physics and electron magnetic radiation are undergoing some changes and are therefore closed until 2020. The museum's restaurant offers good but expensive food. Sort of highlight were the message chairs and foot plates offering some place to recover your feet and body from walking around all day. Also there are free tours one should really consider talking part in as they will guide you through an entire area with system and a lot of information. Same goes for the shows like the one I watched about super fluid helium and high voltage.

  • Jonas G

    - 26 December 2017 -

    This is the greatest museum I know. It has a wide range of technical and scientific exhibitions. The highlights are the detailed mining exhibition with authentic replications of historic mines and the modern airplanes with helicopters and jets. Unfortunately the airplane exhibition is under renovation until 2020. It featured marvels like the Me 262, the first jet airplane. Besides that there are great exhibitions of ships, historic airplanes, steam machines, electricity and much more. In addition there are also temporary exhibitions.

  • Nadav Lasser

    - 26 December 2017 -

    Great museum, with beautiful presentations. The technology sections, such as mobility (aircraft, planes, etc.) is especially beautiful with many live-scale models of vessels, planes, and so on. The physics 'hands on' section is also one of the best I've visited, and includes several live demonstration by the museum staff. The only drawback is that most explanation panels are in German only. Even so, the museum is very enjoyable. As a side note, when we ordered soy-based hot chocolate for our daughter, who's allergic to milk, the attendant was so careful she even checked the cocoa-powder (which did include some dairy). It's just one of those small things that make you appreciate the place and visit even more.

  • Rainer Bögle

    - 23 November 2017 -

    The museum is very interesting but some of the exhibits have gotten old and need renovation. The scale and depth of the exhibition is amazing. Especially the mining exhibition and the electricity show alone are worth coming here. We also liked the cave paintings and generally the historical depth. However, most of the museum would need more guidance and explanation about the significance of the exhibits and the world view they transported during their time period. All that being said this is definitely a place worth visiting.

  • Kyle Friesen

    - 21 November 2017 -

    This is a massive museum, and several exhibits are quite interactive. One day is not enough to see it all! The aerospace/naval rooms had life-size replicas of many historical vehicles, and I think it had an authentic WWII German u-boat with the wall removed so you could see inside. The alternative energy exhibit was very interesting, and the kids loved cycling on a stationary bike - as you pedal faster, you can energize more powerful devices. We also visited a huge replica mine - the air was a bit stuffy but there were countless displays about mining history and methods. We ate at the cafeteria, which was a bit pricey but the food was good. The salad bar was probably the most cost effective. Not all exhibits had English translation, unfortunately, and several of the interactive displays had broken buttons so you couldn't work them all, but I'd still highly recommend this when visiting Munich.

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