Munich Residence

Residenzstr. 1, Munich


Munich Residence (Residenz Munchen) is the original royal palace of the Bavarian monarchs in the center of Munich. The Residence contains 10 courtyards and 130 displays including the Reiche Kapelle (Ornate Chapel), the Steinzimmer (Stone Rooms) and the Trierzimmer (Trier Rooms), the magnificent Rococo Rooms (Ancestral Gallery, etc. Today Munich Residence is one of the largest museum complexes in Bavaria. The Residence and Museum itself has annually 30,000 visitors per year. It is full of interests and valuable heritage: crowns, pieces of jewelry, beautifully designed statues and other decorations. By walking through the Halls of Residence, you will be really surprised with the great amount of gold. If you are a great lover of ancient collections, it will become one of your favorite places, as here you can find one of the largest coin collections. During the Napoleonic era, many monastic coin collections came into the care of the Bavarian state. Crown Prince Ludwig, later King Ludwig I, had many interests for Ancient Greek coins and spent a lot of time examining the collection. The Residence opens its doors every day from 9 am during April-15 October, and 10 am during April 16-March. There are some special days when the Residence is closed to the public so check the timeline before visiting the museum. The prices are €6-€13, depending on what parts you want to see.

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Open Hours:

  • Sun

    09:00 - 18:00, 19:00 - 21:00

  • Mon

    09:00 - 18:00, 19:00 - 21:00

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    09:00 - 18:00, 19:00 - 21:00

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  • Kim Goetsch

    - 02 August 2018 -

    Fantastic place to visit. Very informative with very detailed free audio guides. Allow 4+ hours if you want to listen to everything, but you can still have a very interesting visit if you only listen to some of the audio points

  • Boon Chuan

    - 16 July 2018 -

    Munich Residenz is the former royal palace of Bavarian monarchs and it is the largest city palace in Germany. It is one of the most important museums of interior design. This palace is very easy to go as it is within walking distance of Marienplatz. This palace contains furniture, paintings and sculptures, today the museum contains bronze work, clocks, tapestries, porcelain and several special collections such as masterpieces of bronze art.

  • Sauryadeep Pal

    - 21 June 2018 -

    Much like many of Munich's old buildings, the buildings in Munich Residenz has impressive architecture and a massive size to go along with it. There are two museums located inside the complex and the entry fee isn't even that high. Accessibility is also top notch, as it is within walking distance from the Marienplatz station and is nearby to many other attractions like St. Peter's Church. Tourists who are in the area should stop by this place, it's well worth it.

  • Mohamed Abdelbadie

    - 20 May 2018 -

    A must see while in Munich. An added bonus is that it's few min walk from main square I'm old town. You can easily spend from 2 to 6 hours there depending on how many sections you will visit. Don't miss the jewelry collections. Amazing is an understatement. IMHO beats those in the tower of London. The apartments are also as good as napoleon's at the louvre

  • Rita Hokayem

    - 14 May 2018 -

    Not crowded so you will enjoy every corner. Only that it'll be difficult to find the entrance. Skip Mondays to be able to see most of the rooms. The big hall of decorative art collection is very beautiful. I didn't add it to my list of sites as I was going to see many palaces and museums; I advice you to put it in mind because it's worth the visit and takes 2 hours max

  • Pavel Vasilev

    - 02 May 2018 -

    First problem was to find the entrance to the residence. But after that like in charming you will get into most beautiful (imo) and most richly decorated palace I've ever seen in central Europe. As a rule of thumb: every king of Bavaria was appending new wing to the building (not reusing old ones) and was decorating it to show richness and power of Bavarian kingdom. So be prepared to spend ~4 hours to see all the beauty of it.

  • Iñaki Bigatà Fages

    - 17 January 2018 -

    Beautiful residence of the Counts of Bavaria with all its Renaissance splendor! The tour inside the building has more than 70 rooms and the audioguide is very, very nice! It is a must if in Munich.

  • Rose Helmich

    - 04 January 2018 -

    What a beautiful and vast palace! The architecture and art inside are fantastic. I especially loves the displays of sleighs and carriages. Located downtown Munich, it is a great location for a day's visit.

  • Veronica Scoot

    - 06 December 2017 -

    Beautiful experience. Take your time to go through. The free audio is helpful and takes time if you want to listen to all of it. You need a minimum of half a day to see it properly.

  • Woojung Park

    - 30 November 2017 -

    Beautiful place but it will take a lot of time to go through the entire place. The free audio guide is helpful to understand better about the rooms and their history. Although some of the rooms were closed for restoration during my visit, I was thoroughly exhausted after the tour. My advise is to save up some energy for more interesting/significant rooms toward the end of the tour.

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