Outdoor Activities in Munich

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Top Outdoor Activities in Munich

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Olympiapark is a large park situated in Munich, Bavaria. Park was built in 1972 for the Summer Olympics. Park serves as a venue for cultural, social, and religious events. Olympiapark has included beautifully shaped landscapes, an artificial hill with the panoramic view and a lake.

Tierpark Hellabrunn

Hellabrun is one of the most famous zoos in the Europe and the first Geo-zoo worldwide, which was found in 1911. The zoo is situated on the right bank of the river Isar, in the southern part of Munich near the quarter of Thalkirchen. It is landscape, where the animals live in their habitual atmospheres.

Explore best Outdoor Activities in Munich: Olympiapark, Tierpark Hellabrunn, Prinzregentenstadion and more. Find opening hours, reviews, book entry tickets and passes, and include in your trip itinerary.

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