St Peter’s Church is the oldest church in Munich. The church which is known as a Peterskirche is a Roman Catholic establishment built in the 12th century in the Bavarian Romanesque style. The interior of the church features the magnificent Mariahilf-Altar, Gothic paintings, sculptures, and a ceiling fresco. Nowadays the oldest church of Munich is a favorite place for lots of tourists who come from different parts of the world to admire its wonderful works of art, unique architecture and a perfect view, which is shown from the top of the church. By visiting the church inside the ornate interior, you may find lots of interesting exhibits from different times and styles. Among them are beautiful pictures, sculptures from 15th centuries from the famous artist of that time Erasmus Grasser and Johann Baptist Zimmerman. Visiting the second chapel on the left, you can find another interesting thing to see the skeleton of St Mundita. Lots of tourists visit the church to see the gold -covered skeleton which was surrounded by lots of precious stones and jewelry. If you are a great lover of extreme, you can climb to the top of the church which will open for you one of the most beautiful scenes of the city.

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  • Sherry Zhang

    - 28 August 2018 -

    You can get a nice view of Munich's old town from the church tower. Definitely a great photo spot on sunny days. Note that for climbing the tower there's no elevator available and the stairs can be difficult for children.

  • Khalid El-Gazzar

    - 08 August 2018 -

    Fantastic place. One of the main tourist attractions in Munich. A very nice feature is that they are placing flowers on the facade of the church which gives a magnificent view. There is a large plaza in fort of the church where tourists can take pictures. There are lots of cafés and even free chairs to rest.

  • Nicole Cullen

    - 03 August 2018 -

    A lot of steps but the view you get of Munich is worth it. Also the cost to go up is very reasonable €3 Adults €2 students and €1 till age 18. The entrance to the tower is outside but make sure to check out the church also. It was under construction when I went but still many beautiful things to see in the church.

  • BradJill Travels

    - 08 July 2018 -

    St. Peter's (Peterskirche) history dates back nearly a millennium, making it one of the oldest buildings in the city. This is a landmark conveniently located just off of Marienplatz, making it convenient to include in your sightseeing itinerary. The church features a 91-metre tower making it visible from many locations around the Old Town. You can climb the tower for views of the city if interested. We very much enjoyed the interior with its impressive Baroque and Rococo style design, including delightful stucco work by German artist Johann Baptist Zimmerman. There is a beautiful high altar statue of St. Peter by Erasmus Grasser (1492) and apse fresco just overhead. The nave is lined with columns, decorated with gilded sculptures, historic paintings. The pulpit and side chapels in the aisles are worth a look-see as well. Interestingly, as you enter the church, there is a wall display with the history of the church buildings that have existed, been expanded and rebuilt over the centuries. This was nice to read and helped provide context around the various architecture forms that you can find as you walk around the inside and outside of St. Peter's Church in Munich. In the end, we liked our visit to St. Peter's Church. There are a handful of very good churches to visit around the Old Town. This is one one we would make sure to include for anyone who enjoys seeing old churches during their travels.

  • Shannon Donohue

    - 03 June 2018 -

    Beautiful church with interested jeweled skeleton. However, I give it 3 stars due to the hospitality. We arrived 10 minutes before mass and saw a sign to respect silence. No problem. An angry little man came yelling at us to leave while we were looking at the skeleton. He was honestly 10x louder than our whisper and was practically shouting, disturbing the silence before mass. Interesting place but the people working there are a bit ridiculous.

  • sandesh pawar

    - 25 April 2018 -

    Nice and old church. It is interesting to visit but main attraction Here is not the church but the tower. Church has a old tower on one side. You have to climb stairs to reach the top. Entry fee is 3€ for adult. But view is spectacular from tower. I would not advice this for children and elderly as there is no lift to climb it.

  • Arjang EntessariTatafi

    - 14 April 2018 -

    It is an amazing Catholic church with a real spiritual atmosphere inside. It is also really beautiful church, particularly inside with fantastic large stained glass windows! Alter would ornamented very fine and artistic. If you would have time, don't miss the tower of the church that it gives you opportunity to have a bird view of Munich old town! Everybody should visit this site in Marienplatz in Munich.

  • Varsha Kulkarni-Gawai

    - 09 April 2018 -

    Worth going up This church is located right in the centre of Munich in Marienplatz. I did not go inside of the church but instead took stairs and went up to the observation gallery/desk. View from here is amazing. One can walk along the outer side of the tower to make complete circle. That means one gets 360 degree view. In clear weather, one can even see alps in long distance.

  • Kristy Minsein

    - 29 January 2018 -

    Nice little hidden church. Amazing architecture. The stairs to the top are outside and it wasn't too bad of a climb. Would recommend to get a great view of the market and the cathedral across.

  • Kenneth Goh

    - 06 January 2018 -

    We didn't do the climb like many others here but we're lucky that we walk in on a choir rehearsal. With the incense and sunlight peaking through the lovely windows and the beautiful choral singing literally coming from above , it was a simple and surreal feeling.

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