St Peter’s Church is the oldest church in Munich. The church which is known as a Peterskirche is a Roman Catholic establishment built in the 12th century in the Bavarian Romanesque style. The interior of the church features the magnificent Mariahilf-Altar, Gothic paintings, sculptures, and a ceiling fresco. Nowadays the oldest church of Munich is a favorite place for lots of tourists who come from different parts of the world to admire its wonderful works of art, unique architecture and a perfect view, which is shown from the top of the church. By visiting the church inside the ornate interior, you may find lots of interesting exhibits from different times and styles. Among them are beautiful pictures, sculptures from 15th centuries from the famous artist of that time Erasmus Grasser and Johann Baptist Zimmerman. Visiting the second chapel on the left, you can find another interesting thing to see the skeleton of St Mundita. Lots of tourists visit the church to see the gold -covered skeleton which was surrounded by lots of precious stones and jewelry. If you are a great lover of extreme, you can climb to the top of the church which will open for you one of the most beautiful scenes of the city.

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  • Kristy Minsein

    - 29 January 2018 -

    Nice little hidden church. Amazing architecture. The stairs to the top are outside and it wasn't too bad of a climb. Would recommend to get a great view of the market and the cathedral across.

  • Kenneth Goh

    - 06 January 2018 -

    We didn't do the climb like many others here but we're lucky that we walk in on a choir rehearsal. With the incense and sunlight peaking through the lovely windows and the beautiful choral singing literally coming from above , it was a simple and surreal feeling.

  • Ignacio del Barrio

    - 29 December 2017 -

    The view from the church tower is really nice. It's also pretty cheap, 3€ for adults or 2€ if you are a student. The only problem is that it takes 30 minutes to climb the stairs, and they are pretty narrow so it's kind of difficult when there is many people going up and down.

  • LJ Khoo

    - 26 December 2017 -

    a peaceful & quiet place. climbed up the stairs and enjoy the view. few things to consider if you are to go up: 1) it's about 7 to 8 storeys high, take your time going up & down the stairs; 2) walking space is narrow,watch your steps; 3) depends on season, i got strong wind while i was up there in December

  • 46n2

    - 19 November 2017 -

    Beautiful place to visit. I actually enjoyed climbing to the top, all that old stuff, you can even see the bells. And view from the top was amazing. München has great things to offer and this is one of them.

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