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Via Prenestina 45, Rome


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  • Kristof De Hulsters

    - 07 August 2018 -

    We had to take two busses to Tiburtina Station which should have taken 40 minutes in total. Instead it took over two hours. The first bus was 30 minutes later than what was on Google and there was no time schedule on the busstop. Busses are cramped and without air-conditioning. When we had to take our second bus, somebody waiting for the bus told us it didn't run that day. He helped us out by guiding us to a closer stop to Tiburtina, from there we had to walk 30 minutes with our luggage to make it barely in time for our connection with Flixbus. The bus service is a disgrace, avoid it at all costs.

  • Michael Vakoč

    - 03 July 2017 -

    Buses are never on time

  • Anik Sarkar

    - 19 September 2016 -

    Vast Parking Space

  • Asma Benoun

    - 08 September 2016 -

    0 star! The worst! Waiting times from 40 to 50' sometimes more! Then when the bus arrives! Its full you can't get in! If you are lucky to get in, be squeezed, not safe for children at all, could barely breath! Hot without AC, Worst public transportation I ever seen in ages! No schedule, no responsibility, no respect! doesn't worth even one star!

  • Thomas Martin

    - 03 August 2016 -

    The public transportation in Rome is probably one of the worst seen in my life, there are no schedules to look, the drivers speak NO English and they do not know anything when asked. Every bus which I have used so far (about 10) I have had to wait at least 15 minutes before they arrived which is very odd considering that the busses drive only in the metropolitan area and that they were all in the heart of the city.

  • Nicholas DeSalvo

    - 02 August 2016 -

    An absolute failure as far as transit is concerned. These people are worse than the Gestapo.

  • Falk Adrian Bürger

    - 23 September 2015 -

    Worst Service ever experienced at Ciampino Airport.

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