Piazza del Colosseo, Rome


The Colosseum is an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, just east of the Roman Forum. The huge construction was built only of concrete and sand, and it is the largest amphitheatre ever built in the world. The construction began under the emperor Vespasian in AD 72, and was completed in AD 80. The Colosseum could hold, between 50,000 and 80,000 spectators, having an average audience of some 65,000. The Colosseum was used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles such as mock sea battles, animal hunts, executions, re-enactments of famous battles, and dramas based on Classical mythology. The building ceased to be used for entertainment in the early medieval era. It was later reused for such purposes as housing, workshops, quarters for a religious order, a fortress, a quarry, and a Christian shrine. Although partially ruined because of damage caused by earthquakes and stone-robbers, the Colosseum is still an iconic symbol of Imperial Rome. It is one of Rome's most popular tourist attractions and also has links to the Roman Catholic Church, as each Good Friday the Pope leads a torchlit "Way of the Cross" procession that starts in the area around the Colosseum. The Colosseum is also depicted on the Italian version of the five-cent euro coin.

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  • Rick Copley

    - 09 September 2018 -

    Incredible history at this venue. The site is amazing. We took a guided tour, which I highly recommend as you get a much better understanding of the details and facts of the building and all the historical events. It can be quite hot depending on the time of year and of the day so be prepared and bring water with you !

  • Ralf Schaub

    - 03 September 2018 -

    Do not trust the 'skip the line' guys. There is a second register outside where you can easily buy tickets with credit card. You get the ticket there at standard rate and just walk in to the security check. I wished they would do something about this scams. Other than that the sight it's amazing and very impressive. Shoes how great the old Roman society was.


    - 01 September 2018 -

    The place closest to ancient reality, stunning to see the place, and experience the events that were then, place. Entry to the place is almost impossible privately !! It is better to take a guide and shorten the endless lines, you can bargain for the price. Getting to the place is very convenient with the subway, and there is a large institute of restaurants and souvenir shops. It is advisable to watch out for street thieves. The place is crowded and it's very easy to lose a wallet or a bag at one moment. All in all, the place is very spectacular, exciting, and a place you can not give up.

  • Matthew Webb

    - 27 August 2018 -

    I've always wanted to see this place and whilst it is amazing I was some what left wanting more Just imagine walking into the Colosseum restored, I know historians wants it to be left alone, but what about generations to come? The Romans were incredibly skilled people and this should be restored to remember forever If you haven't been you should go and take it in, it is amazing but I can't help but imagine what it could be! Loved my time in Rome and I can now tick this place off

  • Andrew Watson

    - 18 August 2018 -

    A must when visiting Rome. Very busy place. It is surprisingly well maintained. You experience a real feeling of what life was like. Queues are long so expect a long waiting time in the heat. The ticket is combined with the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill and is valid for 2 days. Kids under 18 go free. Tip. Buy your ticket online and jump the queues or go just before closing time and buy the ticket. You can use it the next day. Even better buy the ticket at the Forum entrance where there are less people. Best way to experience the 3 sites is to start at Palatine Hill, walk down to the Forum and then end at the Colosseum.

  • Sadegh Sehat

    - 02 August 2018 -

    I can not talk about Colosseum except beauty, majesty, power! Just look at this magnificent building to make it enchanting, I am sure that you are astonished at the Colosseum, a building built in the year 69 and initially used as an amphitheater, which later became a modification. It became a place for the kings to bleed and enjoy. In any case, before you see this collection, you will have to complete your information so that you can enjoy more and feel more when you see this Roman monument. Just add yourself at that time and imagine what happened here ... I would suggest you go to the first Sunday of every month you can go there for free. Be sure to visit the forums near the Colosseum. Don’t Forget l the first Saturday of every month to touch closely the magnificence and authority of Rome.

  • Graeme Eadie

    - 28 July 2018 -

    Immense. Loved every second I was there. It is well worth a visit. A wee tip for all who are going, don't stand in the queue for a ticket here as you will have wait up to 2 hours to buy a ticket then have another queue to wait in for entry.Instead go to the roman forum where can get a ticket to enter both the forum and the Colosseum and it only costs 12 euros. It is a 5 minute walk away, you will have to wait about 20 minutes to get in to the Roman forum but it is epic and beautiful. When you return to the Colosseum you will only have a queue for entry and you won't have to worry about all the great ticket deals the agents outside are trying to sell you.

  • Gerald Holt

    - 20 July 2018 -

    Pay to join an organized tour. You will skip the long line to enter and learn about what you will see hopefully from a good quality guide. Most guide services with supply a radio to hear your guide with a set of disposable earphones so you have a more hygienic tour. You will go through a metal detector so plan for it. The tour should include the Colosseum and Palatine Hill which is a 5 minute walk from the Colosseum exit. These ruins are amazing to see making for a fantastic several hours.

  • Kathy Sirl

    - 18 July 2018 -

    Very busy and very hot. Be aware of the very steep steps and the very strict rules as to who they will let use the lifts. We'd recommend getting 'skip the line ' tickets to make the most of your day. The Roman Forum and hill are also worth seeing but we're sure they would be better appreciated when it's not 38 degrees! On the whole we had a great day out. One not to miss when in Rome...

  • Ali Alkhubuoli

    - 12 July 2018 -

    Colosseum, Piazza del Colosseum is place where you can travel 2000 years, I absolutely loved it. It's amazing walking around a building built almost 2000 years ago, imagining what it must have been like then. The crowd, the wild animals, the gladiators fighting one another. Brilliant. The queue was fairly substantial even at 5.25pm, so I would highly recommend getting your tickets at the other ticket offices. The ticket office for the Palatine on San Gregorio had a much shorter queue. The ticket allows you entrance to both the Palatine and the Colosseum, so you can just turn around and walk over to the Colosseum with your ticket, skipping most of the queue. Again buy your ticket before you come here please. Enjoy your time.

  • Weronika Hollevik

    - 14 June 2018 -

    Everytime Im in Rome I have to go to the colosseum. It's big and beautiful and lot of history. After you have been here you should go over to the forum and get the full roman experience. Book tickets.

  • Emircan Eryılmaz

    - 03 June 2018 -

    Colosseum is the largest amphitheatre ever built.

  • Jermaine Jefferson

    - 31 May 2018 -

    I suggest early morning tours before 10am and bring your selfie stick because your going to take allot of pictures. I used the city tour which bypassed the long lines well worth it.

  • Soumyanjalee Mahapatra

    - 27 May 2018 -

    Was one of my dreams to be here.. book tickets in advance and get a guide! Underground tour is worth taking

  • Milena Nick

    - 26 May 2018 -

    Totally worthy and a must to see when in Rome. So much history and beauty in one place.

  • aghigh boluri

    - 15 May 2018 -

    You think that you are in those years

  • Meltem Kt Oz

    - 14 May 2018 -

    Photos show how beautiful it is but seeing it with your own eyes is another story! We entered via Imperial Forum and were the only ones, no waiting, no excessive security queue, excellent! :)

  • Sandra

    - 14 May 2018 -

    Impressive building with lot of historical background

  • Daniel Grayson

    - 10 May 2018 -

    Have you heard of this place before? It, apparently, used to be a venue of some kind. Seems to be in disrepair now, but it’s still popular.

  • Kawika Terry

    - 07 May 2018 -

    Get an audio guide, or read up on your Roman history. You could easily spend hours here. DO NOT fall for the sales pitches of “volunteers” outside. Get your ticket online and come back if you need to.

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