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Top Fun & Games in Rome

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Stadio Olimpico

The Stadio Olimpico is the main and largest sports facility of Rome, Italy. It is located within the Foro Italico sports complex, north of the city. The structure is an asset of the Italian National Olympic Committee and it is intended primarily for football. The Stadio Olimpico is the home stadium of...

Italian Fitness Park Kolbe

Sport center with indoor and outdoor pools, fitness center, spa, pizzeria bar, playground, conference room, parking.

Bingo e Non Solo

  Bingo and not only his job to offer the best entertainment with a bingo hall - Hall Slot - Catering Inner. We wait.                                       

Explore best Fun & Games in Rome: Stadio Olimpico, The Club - Piscina delle Rose, Italian Fitness Park Kolbe and more. Find opening hours, reviews, book entry tickets and passes, and include in your trip itinerary.

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