The Sistine Chapel (; Latin: Sacellum Sixtinum; Italian: Cappella Sistina [kapˈpɛlla siˈstiːna]) is a chapel in the Apostolic Palace, the official residence of the Pope, in Vatican City. Originally known as the Cappella Magna, the chapel takes its name from Pope Sixtus IV, who restored it between 1477 and 1480. Since that time, the chapel has served as a place of both religious and functionary papal activity. Today it is the site of the Papal conclave, the process by which a new pope is selected. The fame of the Sistine Chapel lies mainly in the frescos that decorate the interior, and most particularly the Sistine Chapel ceiling and The Last Judgment by Michelangelo. During the reign of Sixtus IV, a team of Renaissance painters that included Sandro Botticelli, Pietro Perugino, Pinturicchio, Domenico Ghirlandaio and Cosimo Rosselli, created a series of frescos depicting the Life of Moses and the Life of Christ, offset by papal portraits above and trompe l’oeil drapery below. These paintings were completed in 1482, and on 15 August 1483 Sixtus IV celebrated the first mass in the Sistine Chapel for the Feast of the Assumption, at which ceremony the chapel was consecrated and dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Between 1508 and 1512, under the patronage of Pope Julius II, Michelangelo painted the chapel's ceiling, a project which changed the course of Western art and is regarded as one of the major artistic accomplishments of human civilization. In a different climate after the Sack of Rome, he returned and between 1535 and 1541, painted The Last Judgment for Popes Clement VII and Paul III. The fame of Michelangelo's paintings has drawn multitudes of visitors to the chapel ever since they were revealed five hundred years ago.
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  • Suneeta Patra

    - 29 July 2018 -

    5 stars are not enough for this place... You have strong inclination towards art and architecture then you need half day to explore the entire Vatican City, although Sistine Chapel visit itself would be for few minutes if you get a place to sit and enjoy the beauty of the chapel.

  • Grace Phillips

    - 18 July 2018 -

    Absolutely amazing, we did a skip the queue tour with Maya Roma tours and it was great. We went straight in, had to go through security but then our tour began. The tour guide Alma was great and full of interesting facts. Its a wonderful and stunning place to see but it was very busy and hectic which made it difficult to really appreciate it. Still glad we went and got to see it. Remember you must cover your shoulders and knees to go into both the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica, dress appropriately or bring a scarf for your shoulders.

  • Tony Joy

    - 17 July 2018 -

    Beautiful..... smaller than I expected but absolutely stunning. No photography allowed which didn't stop other tourists. Highly recommended for art lovers, religious people and those who appreciate beauty.

  • Mark Warrington

    - 13 July 2018 -

    Nothing more to say as all the reviews cover the highlights. Quite simply amazing. Well managed crowds. I was completely blown away.

  • Devin Kanzler

    - 10 July 2018 -

    Pictures are not allowed directly in the Sistine chapel, but are allowed everywhere else in the museum. Please cover your shoulders and knees when visiting, as is the dress code. VERY large and spacious, yet is filled to the brim with tourists trying to see it too.

  • Alexandra Formel

    - 25 June 2018 -

    STUNNING. Use any of the "Skip the line" programs available; completely worth it, unless you fancy standing outside in a standstill of people for hours upon hours in the sweltering heat. The halls of museums on the way are incredible, but NOTHING holds a candle to being inside the Chapel. If you can, try to coordinate your visit inside around when a priest is there for a prayer; for a non-religious person brought up Roman Catholic, it was VERY special.

  • Cerrycat 23

    - 25 June 2018 -

    I am not religious but this place truly is Awesome! I had a guide who walked us through the Vatican Museum, you apparently can not just go straight to the Chappel you need to visit different areas 1st which was cool with the guide telling you a ton of facts about the place, you can rent light recorded information with headphones tap the numbers you see & it brings up the relevant information for you to listen don’t know how much they were to rent sorry, entire place was amazing with the chapel well up on my favourites list, no flash photography but I saw plenty of flashes going of, as I said earlier AWESOME! Treat your self to a slice of history that goes back to the days that Jesus walked the world. Enjoy!

  • Jen Wong

    - 20 June 2018 -

    Amazing building drenched with history. A must visit in Rome. Beautiful interior with exquisite artwork. The Vatican is huge. Must spend at least a few hours here to fully appreciate it all.

  • Mark Jessop

    - 13 June 2018 -

    An informative guided tour round the Vatican Museum culminated in a visit to Michelangelo's masterpiece. Although this is a sacred place, the crowds of tourists gawping at the wondrous ceiling and walls tends to negate any sense of spirituality. The "guards" on duty regularly called for silence and ordered people not to take photos but generally this was in vain.

  • Hannah

    - 30 May 2018 -

    Is worth seeing and is beautiful! However I found it hard to believe it was a church, so many tourists chatting and pointing... security herding people like cattle....only slight respectful thing was that you weren’t allowed to take photos... If going to marvel at the art you will enjoy.. if going to find a spiritual element, prepare to be disappointed.

  • Sandra

    - 11 May 2018 -

    Very impressive if you know about the hard work that Michelangelo put in, in this masterpiece of art.

  • Daniel Grayson

    - 10 May 2018 -

    Follow the tour groups through their exit to the right (at the end of the chapel) to jump the queue to St Peter’s Basilica. It’s like using the warp pipes in Super Mario Brothers.

  • Kawika Terry

    - 05 May 2018 -

    Keep your phones and cameras in your bags, unless you want them seized by the papal security.

  • Ivan Yanev

    - 18 April 2018 -

    Just astonishing...

  • Martin Asenov

    - 11 April 2018 -

    After visiting take the exit with the stairs to go straight to Saint Peter's basilica - you will skip a very long line

  • Jonathan Chen

    - 26 March 2018 -

    Don’t take pictures, they won’t allow it. Also 🤫🤫🤫

  • Jonathan Chen

    - 26 March 2018 -

    Guided tour was nice, a lot of history and art! Was very beautiful!

  • Daniel Roy

    - 13 March 2018 -

    Super-crowded. The guards try to usher you along towards the exit, but with a bit of luck and ruthlessness, you can grab a seat and take a moment to admire this masterpiece.

  • Miloš

    - 24 February 2018 -

    It's beautiful but crowded, cannot relax at all as the guards and speakers keep screaming NO PHOTOS. Go to the right door after to enter St. Peter's thus skipping the line from the square

  • Anton Dobrev

    - 01 December 2017 -

    It is nice place but my opinion Is that don't deserve to pay 16 euro :)

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