Water & Amusement Parks in Rome

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Top Water & Amusement Parks in Rome

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Cinecitta World

Cinecittà World is an amusement park located in Rome. It currently consists of 2 roller coasters and is expected to attract tourism to the area. The Park is dedicated to Cinema and TV. Cinecitta world is a truly unique theme park with 20 attractions, ranging from those suitable for the whole family.


Situato alle porte di Roma, Hydromania è facile da raggiungere sia con mezzi pubblici che privati e viene visitato in media ogni stagione da circa 220.000 persone. Con i suoi 90.000 metri quadrati immersi nel verde, Hydromania è il luogo ideale per vivere giornate indimenticabili all’insegna del...

Castrum Legionis

Feel the emotion of being"Legionaries for one day",be ready to wear your tunic!Follow your instructor.Living over again the experiences of the roman legionaries, you'll become skilled explorers and bowmen,quick with gladius and shield.The playful educational route is suitable both for adults and...

Explore best Water & Amusement Parks in Rome: Cinecitta World, Hydromania, Luneur Park and more. Find opening hours, reviews, book entry tickets and passes, and include in your trip itinerary.

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