Circuito Magico del Agua

Park of the Reserve

Petit Thouars Avenue Corner of Jiron Madre de Dios, Lima


Parque de la Reserva or Park of the Reserve or in English is a public park located in central Lima. The park stands between Lima's two main streets, Paseo de la Republica and Arequipa avenues.
Tha park has an irregular shape and a neo-classical style. The designer of Reserve Park is French architect Claude Sahut. It houses many statues and monuments by Peruvian sculptors.

The park is almost 100 years old as it dates back to 1929. Peru's president Augusto Leguia himself ordered the construction of Parque de la Reserva. It was called so in honor of last soldiers who fought in the Battle of San Juan and Miraflores.

The highlight of the park is Magic Water Tour. Magic Water Tour as of today is the largest fountain complex all over the world 13 interactive fountains. All of them have colorful light effects. In 2007 it became a modern addition to the historically significant park.

The fountain complex requires entrance fee, which costs 4 Peruvian Sol or 1.25 USD for people aged 5 and more.

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Open Hours:

  • Tue

    15:00 - 22:30

  • Wed

    15:00 - 22:30

  • Thu

    15:00 - 22:30

  • Fri

    15:00 - 22:30

  • Sat

    15:00 - 22:30

  • Sun

    15:00 - 22:30

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  • Chris Yu

    - 26 August 2018 -

    I thought this place was popular for their fountains but I wasn't that impressed. Sure there's a big variety of fountains but nothing that amazing. The fountain at Bellagio still is my top one to watch. The one here is mediocre and the music they play is eh and the speakers they have aren't great either. The laser show they have isn't anything magnificent, I actually left after 5 minutes.

  • Dana T

    - 14 August 2018 -

    This is an amazing park, for only a loonie entrance. We had so much fun. There is street food and the show is very good. Some of the water fountains you can walk in, its like a labyrinth where kids can play in. The most amazing part of the park we found the arch that was made out of water jets, and people walking under. I've never seen that before. The main park where the show is have quite high water fountains. All colours... I never thought a show of lights and music and water can be soooo relaxing. If you visit Lima do make sure you visit the park.

  • Jennifer Chen

    - 11 August 2018 -

    Saw so many dance water fountains but this offers different shows with laser projecting movies on the moving water fountains. Our whole family enjoy the 20mins show. 4 solas to get in. But make sure to get there a bit early to get a good spot. It’s also next to the soccer stadium, hard to get taxi at the game night

  • Amanda Bohigas Heath

    - 20 July 2018 -

    Worth the 4 soles it takes to get in, but definitely more fun if you're not alone. There's a show at the largest fountain at 7:15 pm with lasers and projectors. Looks like a good place for a picnic too, wish I could've done that.

  • Ronak Shah

    - 27 June 2018 -

    Must visit if you are visiting Lima,Peru. This is a huge park with 10+ amazing fountains! The light and musical fountains shows at night are incredible. You can easily Spears 2-3 hrs here watching the spectacular fountains!

  • Dinesh Kumar

    - 20 June 2018 -

    If you think it is a fountain, think again. The park is spread over a very large area and has over 12 fountains, each better than the others. You will be taken off guard on seeing the Louvre - made by fountains! A water tunnel is a crowd puller and people walk under it as if in an excited trance. The main fountain, 80 metres tall, changes shapes and sizes and the grand plaza is host to a number of photo sessions. One can spend hours and hours here. Take a change of clothes if you want to walk among some of the fountains. Many people do so. One is also amazed at the upkeep of the park and the fountains. All of them are working properly. You can take some lovely pictures here, there are so many picture corners of small and big fountains all over the place. A wonderful experience, beyond imagination.

  • Ian Holland

    - 27 May 2018 -

    Fantastic park, especially at night time. Definitely a must see for any visitor to Lima. Cheap entrance fee of 4 soles. There is a night time show so you should definitely see it if visiting at night time. A typical visit would last 1.30 - 2hrs

  • Drew Mohoric

    - 13 May 2018 -

    This was one of the highlights of my time in Lima. They have ~6 different impressive water fountain displays, great flowers and tons of park benches. You can easily spend an hour or two relaxing here. Day and night are both cool, but I recommend after sunset so you can see the water lightshow. It lasts 10min and occurs roughly every hour, starting at 7.

  • vale pineda

    - 02 February 2018 -

    He ido 4 veces en los últimos 3 años y en todas las veces me divertí, vale la pena ir hasta allá. Pero lleva tu gel desinfectante y toallitas porque los baños son un asco!!! Y si quieres mojarte lleva una muda de ropa, te vas a divertir mucho jugando en las piletas!

  • Igor Pejovic

    - 25 January 2018 -

    Great place and location but missing more facility for eat and drink outside, little depressive to seat inside and have great nature and beautiful weather and not being able to enjoy it with coffee

  • David Laiza

    - 22 April 2018 -

    En el día por la tranquilidad para hacer ejercicios.

  • Renzo Zambroni

    - 16 April 2018 -

    un imperdible de lima, no dejen de visitarlo, ideal para pasar la tarde.

  • Julio Zavala Vega

    - 27 February 2018 -

    Las fuentes

  • Carlos Level

    - 19 November 2017 -

    Muy Lindo el Lugar

  • Lucía Isabel Raya

    - 12 November 2017 -

    Estupendo lugar, maravilloso espectaculo de luces con agua y lugar ideal para ir con amigos y familia 👏👏👏

  • Carl Tanzler

    - 25 October 2017 -

    Precio accesible y el espectaculo de luces reflejadas en el agua es bueno. Tambien el tunerl fuente y esa donde te mojan gratis.

  • Enrique Hudson

    - 28 September 2017 -

    Simplemente increible, si se quedan un día en Lima tienen que ver el espectaculo de musica y luces, el costo de entrada es muy accesible

  • Daniel Fernandez

    - 07 August 2017 -

    A not so touristy great family atmosphere that lets you experience the essence of Lima and its residents. Well designed entertaining space. Highly recommend the nightly show

  • Murilo Cazotto

    - 20 July 2017 -

    Lugar muito bonito Pra tirar fotos é curtir o fin da tarde. Tem que ir na fonte interactiva.

  • Laly Chau

    - 11 July 2017 -

    Excelente lugar para pasear de noche.

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