The Old Tow Bucharest is a dynamic mix of various sites to see in the beautiful capital city of Romania. The historical sights, the cute small shops and fancy restaurants are among the range of attractions you could see in Old Town. No matter how much time you have to spend in the city this is that one location you shouldn’t miss.

You can begin strolling around the old streets packed with bars, cafes and shops. On these narrow streets will you find the high end goods and marks you are searching. Besides there are the splendid houses with eye catching architecture. The old banks will be among those as well. The National Bank of Romania is situated here.

The Court House, the hotels and the historic churches are all among the wonders of the Old Town. Visiting Bucharest and not coming here is the mistake you don’t want to make.

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  • Anton Antonov

    - 30 July 2016 -

    Great for sightseeing. Lots of great places to visit

  • Aydın Öztürk

    - 28 February 2016 -

    Cok canli ve publar cok

  • Bilgehan Tekin

    - 26 March 2015 -

    This place is the historic place of Bucharest where has various restourants, cafes, pubs, night clubs etc. You should see this place and come.

  • Kriss

    - 20 December 2012 -

    Loc perfect pt karoke night !

  • Roxana Călinescu ☕

    - 02 January 2011 -

    Muzică bună, servire bună, personal primitor. Recomand!

  • Аlex B

    - 26 December 2010 -

    servire buna si personal primitor

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