Catherine Palace and Park

Sadovaya St., 7, St. Petersburg

The Catherine Palace (Russian: Екатерининский дворец, Yekaterininskiy dvorets) is a Rococo palace located in the town of Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin), 30 km south of St. Petersburg, Russia. It was the summer residence of the Russian tsars.
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  • Victoria N.

    - 26 August 2018 -

    Very beautiful palace. Excursion is included in the price of tix. Lines are very long in the afternoon but there’s no people at all after five pm. So you can get in freely. We got in line at 2pm at around 4 we were inside. Definitely worth visiting. Amber room is being exposed now. Nice and beautiful room but didn’t impress us much.

  • JP Aus

    - 21 August 2018 -

    A great place to visit. I was with a tour group and we went right in, the line for people with out a group was very long. The history and art we're superb and we'll maintained. This a place worth the time to visit.

  • Ly Mc

    - 18 August 2018 -

    Had lots of fun here. The "tricky" fountains were really fun to watch. Rich with the history of Peter the Great and his family. Lots of beautiful paintings. Of course, there is no air conditioning so it can get hot inside! But the palace grounds are exquisite.

  • El Chancho

    - 09 August 2018 -

    Don't wait for it! The rooms are quite interesting, but even the reconstruction of the amber room is not worth waiting 3-4 hours to pay additional 1200 ₽. The rooms in the Hermitage are way more impressive. In addition there are even more queues inside the palace, as you can't simply walk through but will have to wait for the corridors to be opened. If you have Russians in your group, let them buy the cheaper tickets. There is no passport control.

  • Isla Waterson

    - 03 August 2018 -

    I queued for 3+ hours to buy a student ticket (350 rather than 1000) which you can't get online. Yes the queues are long and if you're not with a tour there are rooms you can't see which is annoying but what you do see is stunning and the audioguide is very good! If you love beautiful buildings or history then you have to come here

  • Gregory Zhdanovich

    - 02 August 2018 -

    What a beautiful palace, filled to the brim with gold, fine china, masterful paintings and architecture. Sadly, this is ruined by the fact that the people who organized this are a bunch of monkeys who scratch their heads at the idea of organizing a neighbourhood potluck. Don’t even get me started on the queues. Truly reflective of waiting for snow to fall in the Sahara desert. It drags on and on as you bake in the scorching heat. For 4 hours we waited and waited for what felt like longer the existence of the palace (300 years). Once we finally got inside we were confronted with more queues that thank god only lasted 30 minutes. After all this waiting, we were the lucky recipients of a 20 minute tour packed with pushy tourists. The tour guide sounded like her doctor unprescribed her anti-depressants earlier that week. So sad that this beautiful palace, which can make for a stunning experience, is locked away behind never ending lines and worsened by a mediocre tour. If you really really really want to see the beauty for yourself, I recommend looking at pictures online (not really) or going at time with few people (weekdays, not during summer, closer to closing, etc.)

  • Meli Scott

    - 26 July 2018 -

    Very cool architecture and restoration efforts. You pay to enter the park and then you pay again to get into the castle. The park was well maintained but didn't have many places to sit or covered sitting areas. There is a pond to walk around with other historical and restored buildings, you have to pay to enter each building. Getting into the catherine's palace, there is a security checkpoint and then you buy your tickets inside the palace and then you walk through more security and then you go upstairs and walk through a few rooms that have been restored. It's a lot of repetitive gold painted elaborate decorations and mirrors. Painted sceans on the ceiling and restored furniture etc. As you exit there is a more contemporary gallery that explains the history of the palace and it's long restoration process. It's cool to see especially if you're into history and arts. It's not a cheap thing to do considering there is 2 tickets you need to buy and considering it's about an hour from the city center.

  • Britt McCary

    - 20 July 2018 -

    Just a “must see”. Absolutely amazing as you walk around don’t miss looking down on the floors and up on the ceilings. The amber room and it’s story - amazing! Just be aware no photography in there. Mine is a photo of the Danish queen visiting

  • Alex Kartishev

    - 18 July 2018 -

    Too overpriced... To go to the palace you first have to pay to enter the park. Then to stay ~2h in the queue (under the heat in summer). then to pay again 1000rub (~14eur) or 1200rub after 18:00 to enter the palace. And then you will see about 7 or 8 rooms, as all others are closed. Rooms are very beautiful, but if you have been in Russian museum or Hermitage, you won't see something new. Also note, that it is not allowed to photo Amber room (even without flash). So, comparing to Hermitage or Russian museum, it is very overpriced for its value.

  • Vinyas Vashisht

    - 24 June 2018 -

    It's one of the most beautiful palaces in Russia. A very nice place to spend some quality time. To put a cherry on top it has a lake also by the banks of which you feel total peace. We loved the place

  • Polina Romanova

    - 14 May 2018 -

    Огромная очередь только с утра в 12, как только вся толпа с утра зайдёт, никого не останется) приезжайте к часу)

  • Настюша Сайк

    - 25 April 2018 -

    Невероятная красота, отличное место для семейной прогулки

  • Мария Мохова

    - 22 April 2018 -

    Первый раз здесь! Очень понравилось! Много золота😃

  • Михаил Бабаев

    - 13 January 2018 -

    Остался только 1 экскурсионный маршрут стоимость 700 рублей, занимает примерно час. Рекомендую

  • Vadim

    - 12 November 2017 -

    Все здорово, красиво! Но экскурсия просто ужасная, как с точки зрения преподношения, так и с точки зрения исторических фактов🙀

  • Danya May

    - 05 November 2017 -

    Стоимость билета 700 рублей и входит небольшая экскурсия. Потом можно гулять самостоятельно))) очереди на улице, конечно)

  • Вадим Гаврилов

    - 24 October 2017 -

    Красиво место

  • Evgeniia Teplova

    - 10 October 2017 -

    Помпезно и дорого

  • Mohammad Nazemi

    - 05 September 2017 -

    So beautiful!

  • Mihail Mahanyok

    - 14 August 2017 -

    Очередь 4 часа... неужели нельзя сделать как в Эрмитаже электронную продажу билетов, а не вид электронной продажи, которая не работает. Безхозяйственность. Прошу задать вопросы руководству.

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