Changdeokgung Palace is the second royal Palace built in Seoul after the Gyeongbukgung Palace in the year of 1405. It was the main place of residence for the highest powers of the country for centuries. Many kinds from the Joseon Dynasty lived and ruled here. Now there is the public palace area to visit and the royal residence area where the royal family stayed.

There are a number of sights to take a good shot of before you leave the palace. For instance, when you enter the garden you will see a huge 300 year old tree and cute little water pond bringing magic back to the place. The palace was sadly built down to the ground in 16th century and later restored losing its antic authenticity a little. Yet the view you get once you enter won’t leave you dissatisfied.

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  • Kaushambi Vats

    - 09 September 2018 -

    Beautiful and picturesque palace. I got high school students as tour guide for the palace which made it more memorable. Must visit but go on a pleasant day.

  • Grace Song

    - 03 September 2018 -

    I visited during the hottest time of year, but the tour guide told us to visit during the fall or winter. I recommend getting a guide because you get to learn a lot about the history and the reasons behind each buildings! Very educational and beautiful!


    - 03 September 2018 -

    If you're looking for something to do for a day the Chamgdeokgung Palace is a place to spend it. While you're there make sure you take the time to walk through the secret garden. You can spend a few hours walking through the dozens of buildings and see the throne room. Very colorful and quiet place.

  • Ayush Bhatia

    - 22 August 2018 -

    The best part is like these little kids volunteer as guides it's really amazing to see these kids do such hard work. If anyone goes there I am posing the picture of my guide so say hi to her.

  • Pavan Kumar

    - 07 August 2018 -

    One of the four palaces in Seoul which is open on Tuesdays with separate entry fee for Secret garden. Tour guide led English language tour is informative as long as the guide follow the script and got defensive when asked questions, it may be due to time constraint reason. The guided tour started at 10:15 am and is for 1 hour. No limit on how much time you spent in the palace. Palaces are not original but restored in recent time, therefore used latest material that looks ancient. Lot of area is closed for visitor traffic and can only viewed from the entrance.

  • Abbas Ali

    - 29 July 2018 -

    Great tourist attraction, to see the place where Kings and Queen walk the corridors, a small entrance fee is there at the time of review it was KRW 2000. There is souvenir shop and a canteen. Best time to visit is late afternoon and early evenings since there is little protection from sun in the summer. A must visit place for history lovers.

  • Kyle Packan

    - 12 July 2018 -

    Beautiful palaces and gorgeous park area. Had a great time wandering around. For a while you can forget you're in the heart of a major city with the quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

  • Sean Clair

    - 04 July 2018 -

    Beautiful palace and surrounding landscaping / nature. Reasonable price to get in as well ($3 USD). If you have seen and like the Forbidden City in Beijing, I'm sure you will love this place also. Similar feel.

  • Brian Ward

    - 30 June 2018 -

    When I witnessed my first air raid drill while walking home from work in Korea, I realized that teaching English in Korea was going to be a lot different than any other place where Americans go to work abroad. In my non-fiction book, "First Contact in Korea: A Native English Teacher's Journey into the Backwoods of South Korea," I will chronicle my struggles of learning how to pronounce my Korean students' names, the 15-minute golf lesson I got in Korean that increased my driving distance 20%, my interactions with my Korean co-worker "Kid" who confesses to me that he was accused by his ex-wife of burning down her house and the cheapest and best eye surgery I've gotten in any country, which is Enucleation eye surgery. It is priced at $2,500 in Korea vs. $22,000 in the United States. My article will awaken my readers to the transitional opportunities available in a place that shares few American customs but many of the comforts of home.

  • Felix Lim

    - 27 June 2018 -

    I had never visited here when I used to live in Seoul when I was a kid. Came here for my kid to take a look at the place so that he could see a bit of Korean history. I think I enjoyed more than my son did actually. It is very relaxing place. However, the thought of the ruling/royal family enjoyed this much of the space while the ordinary citizens struggled everyday gave me a sick stomach, though.

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