Granada Cathedral

Gran Via Colon 5, Granada


Granada Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church situated in the heart of the city. The construction of the Cathedral began during Muslim rulers in 1492.
The cathedral has a rectangular shape and is designed in Gothic style. In front of the Cathedral there are two huge towers. Gold and grey colours dominate in the design of the Granada Cathedral. The facade consists of a triumphal arch.
The most important part of the cathedral is The Royal Chapel, which is located next to the cathedral. Catholic Monarchs and their family members are buried there. It is also built in Gothic style. The graves of the royals are placed high in order to be closer to God and to mark priority.

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Open Hours:

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    16:00 - 18:45

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    10:45 - 18:45

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    10:45 - 18:45

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    10:45 - 18:45

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  • scott sworts

    - 30 July 2018 -

    This is a pretty spectacular building and worth the €5 admission. If you want to visit several of the religious buildings in Granada, they have a combination ticket available, but you must buy it from the gift shop across from the cathedral. The audio tour that you get with your ticket is OK, but not the best, so you might want to bring your own guide book. Also, this is a still a consecrated cathedral, so they request you visit in silence, therefore it might not be the best place to visit with small or rambunctious kids.

  • Raquel Lopes

    - 10 July 2018 -

    Really impressive structure. Several chapels that are all very different and just beautiful over all. You get a free audio guide which is nice, but the guide is a bit wordy and sometimes gives too much information

  • Direncan Uğurlu

    - 25 June 2018 -

    Charging this much for a religious building? This is HARAM. Neither the builders nor the essence of Christianity would approve this. Blue mosque in Istanbul? Completely free for everyone.. Hassan IV Mosque in Casablanca? Completely free. As if catholic church is bankrupting.. Ridiculous...

  • Timothy Yap

    - 20 June 2018 -

    The cathedral was well worth the €5 entry free considering they give a free audio guide. In fact it would be worth twice that price considering its grandeur. The cathedral is spacious and magnificent yet does not lack detail, it played a massive role in historical architecture as i think it was one of the first Churches to incorporate baroque and this style of renaissance architecture, and inspired many other Churches to follow its design and layout. This architectural style in my opinion is definitely my favourite and a relief from all the gloomy and eerie gothic cathedrals all over the Iberian peninsula. It truly makes you feel at ease and the environment is extremely serene, and the audio guide is very detailed. I easily spent two hours despite running on a tight schedule, would definitely want to visit again in the future if possibled

  • Tom Stockham

    - 20 June 2018 -

    This is 5€ very well spent. You will be handed an audio guide to take in with you. This will explore all that is before you in a very calm and relaxed way.

  • Radu Alexandru Naghiu

    - 19 June 2018 -

    Although the cathedral is surrounded by buildings and you can't really get a feel of how impressive it is from the outside, once you enter you will be amazed. I have visited many cathedrals throughout Europe and this one is right there in the top 5 with Notre Dame and St. Peter's Cathedral. I suggest buying a Granada Card since it will give you access to the Cathedral as well as to the Alhambra and other popular attractions. You can easily buy it online before your trip.

  • chris stevenson

    - 02 February 2018 -

    Stunning, avoid rubber soled shoes. I squeaked everywhere I went. Beautiful interior a shirt but informative audio guide is also available

  • Regina Fulop

    - 18 January 2018 -

    5€ to enter and you get an audioguide. I didn't listen to the audio all along for me it was too many details. The cathedral is beautiful i was especially amazed by the outside.

  • Paul Atkins

    - 10 January 2018 -

    Lovely history in the south of Spain. The audio tour is interesting, however I would have preferred it to be more about the history of the cathedral.

  • David Potten

    - 03 January 2018 -

    Incredible architecture throughout that installs a sense of quiet awe. The central alter is breathtaking. Takes around 40 minutes to see everything through the audio guide which is included in the 5 Euro entry fee (excellent price) Highly recommended

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