Museo Taurino

Calle Alcala de Guadaira 28028, 237, Madrid, Espanha


The Bullfighting Museum of Madrid is located in the Patio de Caballos in an emblematic section of Las Ventas Bullring and its art collection offers a clear and harmonious vision of the history of bullfighting in Spain. Among its works are engravings of the bullfighting of Goya, dressed as bullfighters of the twentieth century, a section dedicated exclusively to Manolete and a huge sample of the testimonies of Las Ventas.

An audioguide available in 8 languages will allow you to take  the best tour of Las Ventas bullring & its bullfighting museum. You will enjoy the history, the details, the anecdotes, and the most special moments in a unique visit to one of the most influential places in Madrid.

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  • Lucas Fraccaro

    - 26 June 2018 -

    Very interesting and an awesome place to visit. The audioguide, however, is too long. My patience ran out quite early on.

  • Karen Clinch

    - 19 June 2018 -

    Disgraceful and discusting Running and teasing an aminal and then being to coward to stay out from behind barriers to fight until you have Speared the aminal till its blood drips visibly onto the ground and animal becomes weakened to the point of collaspe (dont forget u Speared it a few more times) Then claim victory and kill the poor weak animal who can no longer fight due to blood loss is NOT a victory Its a compromised animal and its pathetic that people even think this is a sport The seats are concrete and its all just horrible Go have more tapas and wine and enjoy a nice night out We left within minutes of realising the cruelty and cowardness of teh fighters The costumes were the only thing if interest Big DON'T Go from us

  • Chris Sirinopwongsagon

    - 28 May 2018 -

    No cameras inside the museum. They have a locker for you to put your stuff in.

  • Noé Melo Filho

    - 16 May 2018 -

    Nothing special and no photos allowed... I was expecting to see more bulls but it's all about the bullfighter

  • Alberto Cano Marañón

    - 05 November 2017 -


  • rajavel j

    - 01 August 2017 -

    Its gives lot of information bull fighting and traditional information regarding it.

  • Ted Haeg

    - 20 June 2017 -

    Cool free experience on the literal art of bull fighting. Their is a room that shows Bull Fighting on a TV that goes on repeat which is interesting.

  • Victoria Procter

    - 09 March 2017 -

    This is a really interesting museum and with the audio guides it teaches you a lot about bullfighting and the tradition surrounding it. We were however disappointed by the extortionate price of the photos they tried to sell us, note already printed and in a nice card. We really loved the photos but were not prepared to pay so much...then to realise they'd be thrown away anyway seemed ridiculous and a waste. If they were sold for cheaper, more people would buy them.

  • Timotej Rotovnik

    - 17 June 2016 -

    Cruel historic place. But a fascinating arhitecture. Beautiful building!

  • Ethan carriere

    - 17 April 2014 -

    One day I will come to watch bull fighting. I did a project on Spain at school, what such culture they have. It sounds so fun. They also have some uuummmm looking foods. I would also want to run with the bulls, I will try my best to not get trampled. If you are planning a trip or looking if this is a good place just saying this is where I would go.. Only 15 can't wait till I'm 18 so I can go

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