ABBA The Museum

68 Djurgaardsvaegen, Stockholm


ABBA The Museum is the memorial and the museum of the legendary pop band ABBA. It is not a kind of traditional museum. The museum has an interactive type. It opened in 2013.
The exhibitions in the museum include Benny Andersson’s self-playing piano. It is linked to the personal piano of the ABBA member and plays when the musician plays his piano at home. There’s a hall called The Folkpark, where the creators made the same site as ABBA members first met each other. The museum houses also the Ring Ring, the phone, which number know only ABBA members. The admission fee is $30.

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Open Hours:

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    10:00 - 18:00

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    10:00 - 18:00

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  • Fynn Kodoku

    - 24 August 2018 -

    I went there in the middle of summer, so it was quite full but not as much that you wouldn't be able to move or anything. The staff was super nice and the interactive games were so much fun too! When your English is good, you also don't need an audio guide, since there is enough information to read.

  • Nathan Pallas

    - 23 August 2018 -

    A must for ABBA fans, and also for those who are fans of Gibson and Fender guitars as there's a section at the start of the museum dedicated to them. Everything is covered here from humble beginnings to the current and beyond. Interactive in parts, it is fun for kids but most definitely aimed mostly at adults. Be warned there will be a wait if you haven't pre booked tickets and it's very crowded! There is also the Pop House hotel and restaurant in this building.

  • guy domett

    - 21 August 2018 -

    Worth going to if you enjoyed ABBA in the past. Very well done. We caught the tram there and it stops directly outside the museum. We hired the audio and that gave us additional information in addition to the displays. You should allocate 2 hours easily.

  • Peter Bodefjord

    - 31 July 2018 -

    A very interesting experience that provided tons of information. The current guitar exhibition was also really good. It made me rediscover some of the music that ABBA created and gave you an insight not only in how it came to be but also in the where's and when's of it all. Gives you background information on the persons behind the name and a whole lot more. Several interactive attractions and in all a very good museum although tickets are a bit expensive.

  • Abid Siddiqi

    - 27 July 2018 -

    Great place to visit with family. Lots of information and fun activities. Small museum however quite a bit packed into it. Visited with my family including two teenage daughters who thoroughly enjoyed the experience, we did not realize that we spent close to three hours at the museum. Super if you are an ABBA fan.

  • Vivian Pohjanen

    - 25 July 2018 -

    This was maybe the highlight of our trip to Sweden. Best breakfast I've ever had, museum and its intrerior was beautifully made, the room with all the old guitars was breathtaking and the actual Abba museum paid tribute very well. The information what they had gathered, costumes and little games were good adding to the mix. Also good costumer service. We will definitely come back at someday. 😄

  • Imelda Sandoval

    - 19 July 2018 -

    The Abba museum was awesome! There were lots of cool exhibits and you could sing and dance up onstage! The gift shop was a bit expensive, But the rest was fine. Also the staff is really friendly!😀 I loved my visit and recommend that you go there too! I❤Abba the museum!

  • Mike Shwartz

    - 10 July 2018 -

    Brilliant experience. Audio guide by ABBA themselves. Go round at your own pace. Something for every ABBA fan. Guitar exhibition a bonus. Gift shop stuff all overpriced.

  • Божидар Иванов

    - 12 June 2018 -

    Overall great! My parents loved it! People who have gowned up up with their music will love it. I, personally, liked it but did not felt so enthusiastic as the older generation. It was fun to get to know the stars behind the big name ABBA, however I must point out that the creators wanted to show too much stuff in a very tight place. You feel cramped inside, I was lucky there weren't many other tourists.

  • Ruwi W

    - 03 June 2018 -

    I’m not a huge fan of ABBA like my parents are but I really enjoyed his museum. The guitar collection at the beginning was fantastic for those of us who are more rock fans with guitars owned and signed by some of the masters of all time. The ABBA museum itself was full of really interesting exhibits with fun interactive tasks where you can mix, sing, dance and take photos. Great with a small group of friends.

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