Skansen Open-Air Museum

Djurgarden 49-51, Stockholm


Skansen is the world’s oldest open-air museum. It is situated in island Djurgården , Stockholm. Opened in 1891, Skansen became the first museum and zoo under the sky. It shows different lifestyles and cultural details of the country during the old times. Skansen has an area of 300,000 square metres and reminds a village or town from 19th century.
The zoo contains many typical Scandinavian animals including the bison, red fox, reindeer and wolf. There are also people with traditional Swedish dresses and professions. All this together is a great presentation of the country’s past.

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  • Franco Cassar Manghi

    - 07 September 2018 -

    Interesting place. Didn't have the time to visit all the park as arrived late, however I really loved the farms area and open zoo area. I was especially impressed how some animals are allowed to roam about freely even between zones (only the safe ones). Due to this you get to see a certain level of animal communities and how some roam around and interact with other animals. Really suggest giving this place a visit, especially this area.

  • george saguna

    - 04 September 2018 -

    A full day for all ages. This place is a must see, you get the feeling of being in a rural part of the country, not in the middle of Sweden’s capital. There are various attractions for the kids, which will help to break the day between one section and another. It was also great for the kids to meet with the characters from the different epochs who give information about their typical life at the time. There are also the animals to visit, including Nordic ones like the moose and brown bear, and various play areas to keep children of all ages happy. The food is also good and there are options for vegetarians and vegans too.

  • Jake Bennett

    - 25 August 2018 -

    Wonderful open air museum. Lots of old buildings have been relocated here from across Sweden. Employees are "living history" participants and are happy to talk to you about their area. Every sign is in English as well as Swedish, and the employees all (that we encountered at least) speak English. There is also a zoo and aquarium, though we did not explore them. You can easily spend all day here.

  • Umashankar Satapathy

    - 20 August 2018 -

    Nice place to visit over weekend. Make sure you keep a day to yourself to enjoy this place. It will take a lot of time house hopping and enjoying what Skansen has to offer. The entry fees is 195 Kr. You can walk around using the map they give at entrance. Do visit the Skansen animals section.

  • Esther Bosch Martinez

    - 15 August 2018 -

    We loved this place, and we almost missed it! We only entered because it was included on the Stockholm pass, but it wasn't in our plans. The park is a nice place to spend an afternoon (or a whole day!) walking around enjoying the nature, the old houses and the small shops and food stands. I was a bit worried about it having a zoo inside , but i was happy to see that the animals seemed well taken care of, with big spaces and that most of them were local. We enjoyed the afternoon there and wouldn't mind going again next time !

  • A Google User

    - 10 August 2018 -

    It was my second time here. First time was in 2013. Not so many different kinds of animal and quite small :( compare to another place. I still haven't seen some of animals (hide so well). But it is a good place for children since there are many buildings and activities meant to be for them such as pony ride, small tract for children to craw in and look for fish under water. I like a place where children can give away their pacifier. There is a place show you how to make butter. A place that make glass animal. Soft ice cream is also very good. Small animal area and aquarium must pay extra fee. And entrance ticket is more expensive during summer time and will decrease price in September. Easy to access there with tram or with bus or by boat.

  • Damian Poplawski

    - 02 August 2018 -

    I wanted to check out the Skansen simply because I have always been interested in Scandinavian culture, particularly Viking culture. The Skansen is a good representation of Sweden over the last few hundred years and even has actors who live out the lives of people who had come before. As far as Viking culture, well, I found a rune stone, not much more, but the experience was quite enjoyable nevertheless. This is a great place if you are ever nostalgic for olden times.

  • David Kummel

    - 29 July 2018 -

    Yes, they have animals here, but it's not really a zoo. It's a great cultural heritage museum with lots and lots to explore, both indoors and outdoors. Visit one day, and you'll notice a lot of houses/establishments being closed. Visit the next week, and you'll understand why, because then there's completely different houses open. They only have so much (very competent and informative) personell. Well worth visiting over and over again! And ask about everything, and you'll find a lot of really committed people with great knowledge!

  • Herbert Weidinger

    - 13 July 2018 -

    The website says Skansen is open until 8 pm. What they don’t tell you: ALMOST ALL of the buildings close as early as 5 pm. Not a single word on that, they do not even offer discounted tickets. The staff at the entrance tells you that the guides have already left, but not that you can’t get into most of the houses (even many curtains are shut). It’s really a nice place, I would have easily given it a 5 star rating, because it’s a really beautiful park (despite the very commercial focus). Unfortunately, if you get there too late, it’s nothing but a scam.

  • Tina L

    - 29 June 2018 -

    Brought my American wife and we had such a great time. I don't think there is anything like it elsewhere in the world. History, kid-friendly and beautiful. Highly recommend. Plan for a full day! Also - we were lucky enough to see the three wolf puppies. Amazing.

  • Neno Mohd

    - 21 March 2018 -

    It was really great idea of an open museum but unfortunately there wasn’t much nordic animals to see

  • İlkay Erkılınçoğlu

    - 09 February 2018 -

    Real Nature it is

  • Tomáš Minarik

    - 23 October 2017 -

    Worth visiting in any weather

  • Dung Nguyen

    - 05 September 2017 -

    Go from mid June till mid August to see all the animals.. Otherwise a lot of animals are not present

  • Koen Van Daele

    - 23 July 2017 -

    The oldest open-air museum in the world. Visit the historic buildings and don't forget to talk to the guides in them. They are very knowledgeable and they speak perfect English.

  • Irene Hjorth

    - 21 July 2017 -

    Beautiful Nordic animals and history. Amazing view!

  • Lillie Jones

    - 20 July 2017 -

    Not so fun

  • Bo Kullmar

    - 14 July 2017 -

    Trevligt museum.

  • Oleksii Pasichnyi

    - 30 June 2017 -

    If you would like to come here several times, you can buy a season card, which will cost as ~ 3 visits.

  • Denis Shabanov

    - 03 June 2017 -

    Picturesque ethnographic park. Worth spending half a day on it. Fits family occasions, dating and picnics

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