Wat Chiang Man

Ratchaphakhinai Road, Chiang Mai


Wat Chiang Man is a Buddhist temple in the historic center of Chiang Mai. The temple is the oldest in the city dating back to the founding of the city in 1296.

King Mengrai ordered the construction of the temple to be the firs in the new capital of the Lanna Kingdom. Being very old the temple houses several ancient and significant images of Buddha.

The oldest structure of the temple is the chedi. It is called Chang Lom Chedi or Elephant Chedi, after the statues that sits on a square base surrounded by 15 other elephant statues.

The upper part of chedi is gilded and contains a relic chamber. The chedi features Lanna and Singhalese architectural styles.

There is also an impressive and large viharn (Buddhist assembly hall) which is home to the oldest Buddha image in Chiang Mai.

Wat Chiang Man additionally has a library named Ho Trai. It keeps temple's Buddhist scriptures inside its wooden wall, on top of a white stone base to avoid flooding damages.

Wat Chiang Man temple is located around the walls of old city, between Phra Pok Klao 13 road and Ratchaphakhinai 1 road.

The temple grounds are open daily from 6 am to 5 pm. Admission is of course free.

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  • Yoga Art Home

    - 02 July 2018 -

    It is the very first temple built in 1296, before Chiang Mai was built. The king lived in this place while the capital was being built. In addition to its historical value, the monastery is famous for its tower, resting on elephants and a large chedi, in which there are many old Buddha statues.

  • Minh Khai Dang

    - 29 June 2018 -

    Very good maintained temple. I love the amazing flooring of the main building. They are handmade ceramic tiles. Each tile is different from other ones .So that they look very natural and especially make your barefeet cool. That why come in inside without shoes.

  • Erlend Neergaard

    - 25 June 2018 -

    Oldest temple in Chiang Mai. Nice architecture and many motives from the Suttas on the walls in the little hall. Especially liked the chedi with the elephants. Also had nice benches in that area where I relaxed in the shade. Worth the visit. The only thing I didn’t like was the ladies selling birds to be freed for good luck. If no one had caught them they wouldn’t have to be freed.

  • Andy Wright

    - 13 June 2018 -

    A great place to walk around and photograph if you like architecture of Thailand temples this one is ideal from the 13th century

  • Kathy Ho

    - 04 March 2018 -

    Extravagant and humble, all the elephants beautifully carved out. The tower is breath-taking! There are two temples here with ancient golden buddhist statues inside. It's peaceful and hardly any tourists because this is a bit far to walk to. Beware of the people selling birds for release! It's illegal and isn't religious at all!!

  • Charles de Segundo

    - 20 January 2018 -

    Temple holds two old and very holy Buddha images. One is around 2,500 years old (on the right) and the other is 1,800 years old and on the left. The one on the right is made of marble and the one on the left made of crystal. Tranquil, old temple. The viharn around the two old Buddhas has scenes from Buddha's life painted on the walls.

  • La Botte

    - 19 January 2018 -

    I rarely post about sacred places of natures beautiful because I don't can't be critical of what I simply may not understand or appreciate. This place, I can spend hours at simply enjoying the energy and being in my thoughts.

  • Ali Chua

    - 08 January 2018 -

    I really like this temple, out of all the other temples I've visited in the old city. It's clean and refined, and has a certain calm to it. The elephant engravings on the tomb at the back of the temple, as well as the smaller temple on the right side, are both equally worth spending some time in. After this, you can always do a small walking tour around, visiting the other sights and sounds along the way.

  • Flo Yeow

    - 07 January 2018 -

    This is probably my favourite of all the temples that I've visited in the old city of Chiang Mai. The outfit is well kempt and very peaceful looking. At the back, the tomb is engraved with elephants surrounding it, and they look spectacular. The many statues of Buddha here, especially the large golden ones, look grand and gorgeous.

  • Alper Altun

    - 03 January 2018 -

    It's a classic temple. It's not big but is peaceful. Unlike the other temples in Bangkok entrance is free. Don't forget the visit back side of temple. The architecture of elephants impressive.

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