Tha Phae Gate

Thapae Rd., Chiang Mai


Tha Phae Gate is part of the wall surrounding the old town and historic center of the city of Chiang Mai. The wall once served as a fortress for the old town. Phae Gate serves as the main entrance the old walled city. The wall and the gate date back to 13th century, city's establishment.

It is one of the most famous historic landmarks in Chiang Mai. Today it has a large number of hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes and shops around that also attract the tourists. Phae Gate still serves as the main center public city activities and festivals in Chiang Mai.

Tha Phae Gate is located on east side of old city, between Rachadmnoen Road and Tha Phae Road. It's best to visit Pae Gate on Saturday evenings when a live band performances in front of the gate take place. You can easily reach it on foot.

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    15:30 - 00:00

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    15:30 - 00:00

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  • Ray Kappel

    - 31 August 2018 -

    I appreciate the history here. Not very scenic though. Pretty much walked past it and went into the old town square. Did not even want to take a picture. See it if it is on your way. I would not go out of my way for it.

  • E.C.M. van Son

    - 19 August 2018 -

    The square in front of Tha Phae Gate is a lively day and night meeting point for local kids, musicians, motorbike riders and tourists. Free hugs available as well ! Enter the Gate and sunday walking street starts right there. For a laid back atmosphere and very nice thai vegan food: turn right and then left. Pass the fresh market, walk another 100 150 meters and you will find it around there.

  • Ashley Cuff

    - 06 August 2018 -

    Nice open space with very old wall and gate, loads of pigeons and a sign that says don’t feed the animals but there was a local we saw selling food to feed them. Just next to loads of food and transport and a nice fountain.

  • Random Man Anywhere

    - 04 August 2018 -

    It's a nice navigation point In the city. Now ,there is everyday at the afternoon concerts and kind of programs organized by the Thai Government and Army for collect money for the people in Laos. You can give them money or things that they bring to the victims of the flood. I brought a few bags of dry food and medicines.

  • Shiella Cheng

    - 25 July 2018 -

    Orange huge and long gate covering some part of chiang mai city. Got some area covered with huge tree to sit around. A lot of bird will visit this area and there are some seller to sell their food. 10thb/plastic bag and u will enjoy the moment where bird fly around you, nice experience to try ;)

  • atishay jain

    - 16 July 2018 -

    This is a city square and busy all the time. More crowded at night as compared to the day time. Close to the Sunday night market and other famous restaurants like Burger King, MacD etc You will also find street singers at night time and you can enjoy the time with kids as there are many toys sellers at night.

  • Priscilla Ray S

    - 03 July 2018 -

    Nice busy area for food stalls, and just chilling around at night. Also has a lot of historical symbolism. Beautiful area to visit, mix with historical, cultural and modern things happening all in one area. Plus pigeons, lots and lots of pigeons, so I guess what out for that.

  • D S

    - 29 June 2018 -

    A typical must visit for the tourist pic by the gate... A nice plaza, sometimes with various activities or market on different days/evenings. But I can't imagine why so many tourists love letting the pigeons crawl all over them for a pic. If you know anything about city pigeons.... yuck!! They are unbelievably filthy birds!

  • Mike Rodriguez

    - 10 June 2018 -

    Not much to see other than a brick wall. Some street performers will be around as well as food stalls. It is a easy landmark to tell your driver though. Lots of great restaurants and nightlife nearby.

  • Filippo Galli

    - 22 May 2018 -

    East gate of the walled city. Nothing extraordinary but it's a very old and nice construction that stands before the old city, right at the beginning of a lively street where the Sunday Night market takes place every week. You can find many food stalls also on any other day of the week. It gets quite empty after midnight.

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