Wat Umong

135 Moo 10, Chiang Mai


Wat Umong is a Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai dating back to 13th century. It is also famous as "Tunnel temple" for its location in the forest and its system of tunnels. It is located near the Doi Suthep mountain.

The many tunnels of the temple contain shrines with Buddha images. Here the worshipers pay their tribute to the Buddha.

The highlight of the temple is the copy of an Ashoka pillar dating from 13th century. Four lions and Dhamma wheel stand on the top of the pillar.

Located in a forest with a natural lake the Wat Umong temple an ideal place for meditation. It hosts meditation classes.

You can visit the temple via private taxi, tuk tuk, songthaew or samlor. Since the temple is a lookated out of the road in the forest it might be difficult to find a transportation back to the city so it is better to take taxi nd ask the driver to wait for you.

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  • Nick Morris

    - 19 August 2018 -

    Interesting temple with the tunnels and nice large grounds that include a lake and island.

  • Aggy F

    - 25 July 2018 -

    This wat is surrounded by a forest. Really peaceful and green. It was raining when I was here but I can really imagine the place to be perfect for walking around in the cool weather.

  • Alexander Van Maele

    - 02 July 2018 -

    A wonderful place to relax. Take your time and walk through slowly, breathing in the natural air. Observe the miscellaneous Buddhist teachings, written both in Thai as English, order a cheap drink, feed the pigeons and fishes, and enjoy the passing monks. This is not for tourists looking for big and impressive art piece that can be viewed in under half an hour, but for peaceful travellers seeking rich culture and a spiritual experience.

  • Benjamin Currat

    - 15 June 2018 -

    Nice temple in the west of Chiang Mai with specific tunnel to cross with different buddha statues. The temple is around 10 to 15 min ride from city center.

  • George Lienemann

    - 11 April 2018 -

    Wat Umong dates back to 1297 and is a very well known and respected forest temple. A very unique feature of this temple is the large system of tunnels under the chedi, which are thought of as being caves. Some of the paintings on the walls and I assume some of the shrines are very old. The temple was at one time of course deep in the forest, but at this point in time it is located at the edge of the forest, but surrounded by streets ands buildings on the other three sides. Inside the temple grounds there are also a number of administrative buildings and a meditation centre. I really like this temple and will no doubt visit again, maybe even this week, since I am in Chiang Mai right now.

  • Özgür Kaya Mutlu

    - 28 January 2018 -

    One of the best temples in Chiang Mai. A little far from city center but still 1 hour by walking or 15-20 minutes by cycling. It is in a big garden. You cannot see the temple from outside. There is a small lake inside the garden, many fishes in lake and hundreds pigeons. You can stay in this temple for meditation.

  • Art Flea

    - 16 January 2018 -

    Rather disappointed as I have heard of the beauty of this heritage site before. It could be a very attractive heritage site with rustic and nature beauty. But, the Place not properly maintained. Rubbish found inside the tunnels. Weeds and plants found growing in pagoda and heritage structures, that would affect the structures. Wax stains were not removed. I also don’t like the selling of lottery tickets in temples. It don’t match the teaching of Buddhism.

  • Chartviboon C.watananun

    - 13 January 2018 -

    The only Buddhist temple in Chiangmai having Umong (tunnel) with beautiful pagoda. But since there are many buildings were built in the area the temple has lost its peaceful and quiet character because of there were many activities.

  • James Schipper

    - 29 December 2017 -

    One of my favorite temples in CM. Older style with cave/tunnels that are really neat. Not as many tourists come out to this one, but popular with the locals. Feeding the ducks, birds and turtles at the pond is relaxing too. Very old and quiet feeling place tucked into the base of the forested mountains.

  • Tim Laven

    - 22 November 2017 -

    A stunning example of a 700 year old Buddhist Wat - it is truly spectacular. It is within an enormous wooded area in which there is a meditation centre. Certainly worth visiting if you want to escape from the world for a period - visit the caves and so many statues - but many broken

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