American Museum of Natural History

79th Street and Central Park West, New York City

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American Museum of Natural History, located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, is one of the largest museums in the world. Located in park-like grounds across the street from Central Park, the museum complex comprises 28 interconnected buildings housing 45 permanent exhibition halls, in addition to a planetarium and a library. The museum collections contain over 33 million specimens of plants, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites, human remains, and human cultural artifacts, of which only a small fraction can be displayed at any given time, and occupies more than 2,000,000 190,000 m2. The one mission statement of the American Museum of Natural History is to discover, interpret, and disseminate—through scientific research and education—knowledge about human cultures, the natural world, and the universe. About five million people annually visit the museum. The halls and exhibitions of the museum include Mammal halls, Hall of Birds of the World, Hall of North American Forests, Human origins and cultural halls, Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites, Fossil halls Etc.

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  • Melissa Shaffer

    - 01 February 2018 -

    Clean, well-organized, grand, and just plain awesome. The entrance fee is donation-based. My family and I only had roughly 2 hours to look around so we had to walk fast. Set a plenty of time aside for more relaxed experience. All the age group will enjoy their displays.

  • Nai-Hua Chen

    - 25 January 2018 -

    I would say it's my favorite museum in NY. There are detailed diagrams and models for people especially the kids to understand our nature history. Including biology, cosmology, geology, etc. Definitely fun and very interactive. You can learn a lot with just a day trip there. The only thing I will suggest is that most of them are permanent exhibitions, but I hope for more variety and some more new knowledge and understanding to be displayed.

  • Rahav 'Iggy' Segev

    - 14 January 2018 -

    Such a special & wonderful place we are blessed to have in New York. Have been coming here since I was a child and there are rooms that literally bring me back to my childhood. Particularly the halls with the dioramas of people and animals and the giant versions of a forest floor and sliced section of a Redwood tree. Especially though is the view of the Blue Whale hanging from the ceiling when you walk into the great hall. The thrill I get when I see that never wears off no matter how many times I’ve been there now with my own kids.

  • Tosha B.

    - 14 January 2018 -

    A great museum. There are lots of regular and special exhibitions all year long and it would be interesting for both kids and grownups. It's very clean and they have added a lot of new and interactive exhibits. It's huge, has many shops, labs, planetarium and a very nice kids discovery room (good for ages 1 - about 10). If you're in NYC and never been , it's a must place to visit, since it's that big I would plan what you're going to see in advanced or check with the nice information desks guys over there before you start. The suggested fee is 12$ but it's donation based so you can leave any amount (especially important for larger groups ).

  • Alexandra Cooper

    - 26 December 2017 -

    Overall, this is a great museum! I enjoyed my visit here. It has plenty of exhibit halls and special exhibits to walk through or watch. I ended up spending most of my time in the spaxe/planets area and it was fascinating! It's a "pay what you think" admission if you wait in line for the ticket booth. My family went to the ticket kiosk but they weren't "pay what you think" and we ended up paying the suggested admission price, so be aware of this! The food court was okay, but the prices were pretty high (almost $7 for a slice of pizza!!) and it was very crowded and overwhelming.

  • Ahmed Allam

    - 24 September 2017 -

    First of all this place require a visit from the opening time and you still cannot finish it. Marvelous place, history and science. Many shows for kids. You will leave with a very great experience. If you live in NYC, you can buy a membership to attend many events for kids. The Dinosaur with collected bones can make you feel the reality of that old time

  • Sergey Blashkov

    - 17 September 2017 -

    This famous place is definitely worth visiting. You will find places for all ages: from human origins to modern society, from under the sea to space Hayden Sphere. There is also discovery room: the place where kids can touch everything and play and learn for half an hour sessions. There are few places to eat and the best one is food court on the lowest level.

  • Greg M

    - 04 September 2017 -

    Five floors of amazing exhibits with some must see displays. So much to see you can easily spend 4-5 hours taking everything in. Went on a rainy Sunday during a long weekend - so it was quite crowded, but they move people in quickly even though there was a long line. Buy your tickets online and show the QR code on your phone to avoid waiting in ticket lines. Great choice of museum for your visit to NYC!

  • bryan mitsuoka

    - 28 August 2017 -

    Best to go during the week and not weekend. Tickets are what you want to donate if you stand in line or just pay full price and order online ahead of time. Bathrooms need some work. Maps are confusing in the brochure so plan on getting lost. The website is not accurate about the timeline it takes to go through the museum. It's a whole day affair and the extra $ exhibits may require a second visit. Bring a jacket if you get cold easily. A lot of great places to eat nearby within a block or two of the museum also.

  • Brendan Caldwell

    - 10 August 2017 -

    Really enjoyed it. Takes a good 5 hours to see it all, moving at a reasonable pace. The movies in the IMAX theatre and planetarium are fun. For the best view, I suggest sitting in the seats toward ( but not at) the back of the planetarium directly opposite the way you come in. The special exhibits, Cuba and Mummies, were very well done. The aging dioramas of the different cultures, and especially the animals, I find really helpful in providing context. The walk through the history of vertebrate evolution is very well curated and informative. The whole museum could flow better and have better signage at eye level.

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