1000 3rd Ave, New York City


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  • Jeannette Aycock

    - 05 June 2018 -

    Glad this quintessential NYC store still exists, although it seems it represents a time that has gone with the wind.... On the other hand, 40 Carrots Restaurant has good healthy food at reasonable prices. The women's shoe dept offers fantasy and practicality with a large selection and price range.

  • Jon Alain Guzik

    - 22 May 2018 -

    This is the nothership!!! I’m a huge fan of good merchandising and great service - those go a long way in my book when I’m shopping. This ultra Bloomingdale's has these qualities, which make for a really fantastic shopping experience. The merchandise is a little more elevated and way deeper than any of the other Bloomies out on the west coast, so if hard to find designer good is your sartorial thing, you're in luck. This is great place to get gifts and sometimes you'll get a little something for yourself too!

  • Alex Koptsev

    - 03 May 2018 -

    This was my first time visiting this Bloomingdale's (though I'm a native New Yorker); I went on a Wednesday afternoon, and the store - I visited the first floor only - was a lot busier/packed than I'd expected (in comparison with similar department stores like Lord and Taylor). The amount of people combined with the rather cavernous, overly dark, and odd/inconvenient layout of the first floor made getting around quite annoying (and I'm very petite & had no bulky bags, so other customers were likely even more exasperated). Cons: As mentioned, the store felt like a dark, claustrophobic cave & it was hard to simply walk around to browse - poor lighting might be fine on another floor, but utterly silly on a floor solely dedicated to makeup/beauty products). I was pressured/accosted by sales staff from every single brand (one literally grabbed my arm to pull me into a chair in their section); some staff did not take my polite refusal (I employed a more terse verbal response & classic NY glare then). A couple sales reps from two brands were downright condescending when I asked questions about their products & best way of applying them. Pros: the selection of makeup/beauty brands & products was extensive, more so than most peer stores. I had lengthy interactions with two brand reps (from YSL & Bobbi Brown) who were incredibly instructive, informative, and took their time with me (vs trying to rush through & seek out another potential customer). I ended up purchasing products from each of those brands. Overall, this Bloomingdale's has a wide selection of brands and products, making it possible to get whatever you may need in one place & a single trip. I strongly advise having a list or general idea of what you need/are looking for - saves a lot of time. If you can avoid or aren't bothered by pushy sales reps, then I recommend braving the crowd and patronizing this store.

  • Annie Oh

    - 30 April 2018 -

    I think this may be my favorite Bloomingdale's location. It's spacious but packed with everything that I look for. Everything is organized so you know which section is what and the employees are pretty helpful. They also have a good variety of merchandise so it's pretty safe to come here if you see something you like online.

  • Ali R.

    - 28 January 2018 -

    Workers here are pretty chill. The few times I've come here it's been a great experience. It is a little pricey but hey, I won't complain. Just walking around here I met a kind worker who introduced me to the House of Sillage cologne and WOW was it amazing. $275 per bottle but for me, totally worth it. Forgot the individual who introduced me to it but regardless, it was well worth it.

  • Doris Dilone

    - 18 January 2018 -

    There is nothing like Bloomigdale's. It's simply the best. You will find here a large selection or brands, and high end clothes. Plus shoes, handbags, and so much more to choose from. It has everything from marvelous restaurants to household items, including furnitures and so much more.Not to mention the amazing perfumes and cosmetics departments as well. Last but not least they have a fantastic customers service.

  • P Fladuke

    - 10 January 2018 -

    An excellent department store. Located slighted away from the shopping areas of 5th Avenue and Madison. This is a really great store. It has even got its own subway access on the lower level of the men’s department. That department is a great to place to shop for both casual and formal wear. The casual area is great. Collections from designers from all over. Well worth a visit for any man with a few hours to pass and browse.

  • Roman Bystritskiy

    - 29 December 2017 -

    This Bloomingdale's location is the throne seat. For shopping in the US of A. Service is usually great (experience mostly it high end luxury items and men's clothing) and the selection is phenomenal. There are probably better places to buy a suit if you can spend the money, but for under 1k the selection and the service (including alterations) is unparalleled.

  • Mia Maria

    - 22 November 2017 -

    Huge shopping ‘mall’ with every known famous designer. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. On the day I went they even gave me a 25% discount because they had marked the boots I eventually bought with the wrong price tag. I was obviously very happy about that. I would go again! Very good shopping experience! It was also very nicely decorated!

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