Ellis Island

New York Harbor, New York City


Ellis Island is located in Upper New York Bay, east of Liberty State Park. It was the gateway for over 12 million immigrants to the United States as the nation's busiest immigrant inspection station for over sixty years from 1892 until 1954. The island was greatly expanded with land reclamation. Before that, the much smaller original island was the site of Fort Gibson and later a naval magazine. The island was made part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument in 1965, and has hosted a museum of immigration since 1990. Long considered part of New York state, a 1998 United States Supreme Court decision found that most of the island is in New Jersey. The south side of the island, home to the Ellis Island Immigrant.Hospital, is closed to the general public and the object of restoration efforts spearheaded by Save Ellis Island. The station's new Main Building, which now houses the Immigration Museum, was opened in 1900. The south side of the island, home to the Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital, is closed to the general public and the object of restoration efforts spearheaded by Save Ellis Island.

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  • Tanvir Ahmed

    - 10 August 2018 -

    Perfect place for history lovers. The museum does a fantastic job of celebrating the nation's long history of immigration. I particularly loved the stories told by people from all different walks of life. There are even some interactive great for children.

  • Mia The Expert

    - 06 August 2018 -

    I was really excited, but it was also really stupid, The Statue Of Liberty. Ellis Island was really fun, though. Still needs more tables, chairs, refreshments, etc... The Statue Of Liberty was... Really.... How do I put this? Boring.. You can't even go there! Anyways, I will put it like this.. It is horrible. Sadly..

  • Wes Barnett

    - 03 August 2018 -

    The island and museum itself were great, but I think it's ridiculous when there is a bridge to the island that we're forced to take a private ferry across. "It's free to enter the park" except the only way to do so is by the ferry service. There's too much to see in the museum, but we saw the things we came for. At times there was no clear direction on how to proceed. We almost missed the "stairs of separation" but thankfully a park ranger helped us out.

  • Tommy Ryan

    - 02 July 2018 -

    My wife and I have a 7 year old boy who loved it. It was his idea to visit Lady Liberty. Made it much better for her and I. Very informative. A piece of my actual ancestry right there...& some of my family passed through there in the early/mid 20's.

  • David Orantes

    - 20 June 2018 -

    My great grandfather once told my grandfather that “one day we will go to america, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday.” My grandfather told me that later the same day, they were headed to america.

  • J Ye

    - 19 June 2018 -

    This tourist attractions is nice. It can be reached only from New Jersey, or New York by boats. The island is the home to the liberty stadium. We do not know the real intention of the French king, Louis xxxx,but the idea of freedom is good, and had since been part of the foundation of the United States of America. Weather is good in June,at least it's true this year. Awesome place. A place in the must see list.

  • Tempus Reborn

    - 11 June 2018 -

    This was a surprise just how good a museum this is. The audio tour is engaging and the exhibits don't whitewash away any past transgressions. The boat ticket that got us here also includes a trip to the Statue of Liberty, but make sure you come early because you'll not do both if you get here after 3pm. For American families, you can even freely look up the records from Ellis island immigrants to find out about your ancestors. Boat trips to this island can be made from either NY or NJ, and you can return to either after. I highly recommend giving at least 4 hours to this outing.

  • J. Fitz

    - 03 June 2018 -

    Amazing visit. I would recommend not going with little kids. I took mine 4 and 7 they were bored they didn’t appreciate it as much as I did. I really want to do the hard hat tour it looks amazing.

  • Brandon Higgins

    - 31 May 2018 -

    Ellis islands. What can I say? I'll start with that this is actually in New Jersey, New York just likes to take everything from us. But on a more serious note, this is an amazing testament to the admirable qualities of the American people. Whenever I look at the statue of liberty, I pause for a moment and admire the idea that these immigrants had such a strength in their hearts and a desire for a life in America. I am a proud American, and I love this island

  • Valerie Walter

    - 15 May 2018 -

    The Hard Hat Tour is definitely worth it if you love history and semi-abandoned places. It's more cleaned up than I anticipated it would be, but it makes sense in a safety point of view. It was fascinating to learn more about Ellis Island and to see the hospital. When you buy tickets online for the hard hat tour it is a bit deceiving how early you need to be, just check the ferry times and you should be fine. The ticket told us to be an hour and a half early... So we wound up going on an earlier tour because there was space and we were so early. The cafe on Ellis Island is okay, food isn't spectacular and they don't have the best organization for how to get your food but they have a variety so that's good.

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