Majestic Theatre

247 West 44th Street, New York City

The Majestic Theatre is a Broadway theatre located at 245 West 44th Street in midtown Manhattan. It is one of the largest Broadway theatres with 1,645 seats, and traditionally has been used as a venue for major musical theatre productions. Among the notable shows that have premiered at the Majestic are Carousel (1945), South Pacific (1949), The Music Man (1957), Camelot (1960), A Little Night Music (1973), and The Wiz (1975). It was also the second home of 42nd Street and the third home of 1776. The theatre has housed The Phantom of the Opera since it opened on January 26, 1988. With a record-breaking 12,139 performances to date, it is currently the longest-running production in Broadway history.
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Open Hours:

  • Sun

    12:00 - 18:00

  • Mon

    10:00 - 20:00

  • Tue

    10:00 - 20:00

  • Wed

    10:00 - 20:00

  • Thu

    10:00 - 20:00

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    10:00 - 20:00

  • Sat

    10:00 - 20:00

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  • B. Gold

    - 14 August 2018 -

    Wonderful theatre on Broadway in big 🍎. The interior is beautifully decorated. Very comfortable seating, excellent sound. Very nice atmosphere and ambiance. People all over the world enjoying many decades superb performance, fantastic artists gracing the stage at this great theatre. Majestic performance of Phantom of the Opera at Majestic theatre is whimsical. Spectacular show creates beautiful, lasting memories from big 🍎.

  • Jake Niergarth

    - 12 August 2018 -

    Phantom of the Opera blew me away. I am not big into theater, but this was fantastic. The stage design, effects, acting, and singing were all out of this world. I highly recommend anyone who wants to go to a Broadway show to see this one.

  • Corwin Zelazny

    - 09 August 2018 -

    Nice show (Phantom of the Opera) but seats are not very comfortable. For the price we paid (200 USD per head) we expected better comfort. We also expected a better welcome by the staff at the theatre entrance - we were more or less shouted at by several staff and not gently directed to our seats. Again for that price you expect that staff will treat guests with a bit more consideration... And not like a cattle πŸ˜• It is a pity to give such an impression of "mass treatment", as it somehow spoils the outstanding performance of the actors and the high quality of the show.

  • Parag Manudhane

    - 26 July 2018 -

    Amazing grandeur to the theater, very nice decor of the set, despite being quite old. The seating arrangement could have had a bit more leg space (at least in the Mezzanine area where we'd sat down). Accoustics were also of great quality for a theater that's several decades old. Must visit, just to feel like you're part of history. :)

  • Maggie King

    - 16 July 2018 -

    We arrived early per or booking details and were met with less than friendly faces. We were held in the lobby with too many people and told our seats were not open yet, despite it being we'll pass the indicated arrival time. Security guards were not even allowing g people to approach them for questions. As the Theatre goes, three stars. The performance of Phantom was superb! Wish the staff had been a little more welcoming and kept in mind that this was the first experience with Broadway for so many in the crowd.

  • J.D. Julander

    - 21 June 2018 -

    The Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic Theater was spectacular! The theater itself is older but we'll kept. The staff was well organized and frindly. As a guy the bathrooms weren't an issue but there were only 3 stalls in one of the ladies rooms so be prepared for that. People started lining up 40-45 minutes early so prepare for that as well. The lines, however, did go quick and so it wasn't a long wait once people started filing through the doors. Overall Phantom is an amazing experience with such talented people. I would say visiting this theater is a must-do in New York. We will most likely do it again.

  • Jennifer Ulaszek

    - 14 June 2018 -

    Got to see The Phantom of the Opera! It was amazing! The facility was pretty and well run. The performance was outstanding! All of the singing blew me away! It was something my family will never forget!!!


    - 27 May 2018 -

    Going to see "The Phantom of the Opera" on Broadway has been a dream my daughter made possible for me. But when we arrived, not on time, the staff was so helpful, friendly and reassuring all the way to our seats. The Majestic Theater itself was a beautiful and spectacular place for me to have experienced my first Broadway show. This theater seating arrangement allows all every seat to be a good seat to me. The beauty of the theater made everyone go "selfie" crazy. A wonderful and beautiful Broadway Theater, to me.

  • Rajat Thomas

    - 25 May 2018 -

    Awesome, we saw the good old POTO there. We had some extra crowd because of a school trip but everything was arranged and handled promptly and professionally. Comfortable seating and great atmosphere! The performance itself was breathtaking. Recommended as one of your first Broadway experiences

  • Monica Pelletier

    - 14 May 2018 -

    Wonderful, captivating, AMAZING show! The theatre staff were very helpful, the theatre itself was beautiful - the only tiny criticism I might have is that the seats are fairly small and very little legroom, however this is just nitpicking - I would expect any similar venue would be the same in order to allow for the maximum amount of guests. I would absolutely go back!

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