Ripley's Believe It or Not! Times Square

234 West 42nd Street, New York City


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  • Abigail Barhorst

    - 21 May 2018 -

    As if it's not always exciting enough just to be in Time Square, Ripley's is a fantastic addition to your visit (I found a deal on Groupon and being that my family had just seen and loved 'The Greatest Showman', I knew Ripley's would be a perfect stop). Being that pretty much everything is 'hands on', children have a blast. And there's so much to see and explore, you could easily spend about two or three hours, wandering the rooms and halls. It really is a fascinating place. You're guaranteed to leave there with a giant smile on your face and plenty to discuss.

  • S C

    - 30 April 2018 -

    I was expecting a crowd on a Sunday, but that was not the case. Lots of interesting things to see and do. The exhibits varied quite a bit from funny to scary. There was a laser room, but it appeared to not be working that day. The was also a game to test your speed in turning lights off, really fun. Lots of photo opportunities. The tunnel at the end is amazing in trucking your mind into thinking you are spinning.

  • Qazi Tariq

    - 24 April 2018 -

    Well I'm a fan of this place this is one of the best place I was dreaming about to visit. this is really amazing place. you will find amazing things here which you never ever thought about. the only better option I would suggest to visit this place. Take some package. Plan it ahead of time and spend quality time here. Important note: please do read about it first so that you can enjoy more otherwise you will come out quickly. Bueno, soy un fanático de este lugar, este es uno de los mejores lugares que soñaba visitar. este es un lugar realmente increíble. aquí encontrarás cosas increíbles en las que nunca pensaste. la única mejor opción que sugeriría visitar este lugar. Toma un paquete Planee con anticipación y pase tiempo de calidad aquí. Nota importante: lea primero sobre esto para que pueda disfrutar más, de lo contrario saldrá rápidamente. میں اس جگہ کا ایک پرستار ہوں، یہ سب سے بہتر جگہ میں سے ایک ہے جسے میں جانے کا خواب دیکھ رہا تھا. یہ واقعی حیرت انگیز جگہ ہے. آپ یہاں حیرت انگیز چیزیں تلاش کریں گے جنہیں تم نے کبھی کبھی نہیں سوچا تھا. اس جگہ کا دورہ کرنے کا واحد واحد واحد اختیار ہے. کچھ پیکج لے لو اس سے پہلے منصوبہ بندی کریں اور یہاں معیار کے وقت خرچ کریں. اہم نوٹ: برائے مہربانی اس کے بارے میں سب سے پہلے پڑھ لیں تاکہ آپ مزید لطف اندوز کر سکتے ہیں ورنہ آپ جلد ہی آئیں گے. मैं इस जगह का प्रशंसक हूं, यह सबसे अच्छी जगह है जहां मैं यात्रा करने के बारे में सपना देख रहा था। यह वास्तव में अद्भुत जगह है। आपको यहां अद्भुत चीजें मिलेंगी जिनके बारे में आपने कभी सोचा नहीं था। एकमात्र बेहतर विकल्प मैं इस जगह पर जाने का सुझाव दूंगा। कुछ पैकेज लो इसे समय से पहले योजना बनाएं और यहां गुणवत्ता का समय बिताएं। महत्वपूर्ण नोट: कृपया इसके बारे में पहले पढ़ लें ताकि आप और अधिक आनंद उठा सकें, आप जल्दी से बाहर आ जाएंगे।

  • Aliyah Williams

    - 23 April 2018 -

    It’s interesting, if you just walk around without reading you will get out faster. but if you actually read you could spend about 1/30 mins in there. I liked the set up, it was nice. the tunnel is the best part! I enjoyed it but i prob wouldn’t go back

  • Vann Martino

    - 09 April 2018 -

    Fun filled family recommend spot for anyone who likes to explore and visit famous landmarks in New York City, specially around Manhattan! I had a great time in this place believe or not and I never thought that there were things in life that are freakishly amazing and actually real. So many exhibits and fun stuff you can do while you visit the place. Worth paying your time and entrance fee.

  • Wendy Donaghy

    - 19 January 2018 -

    First time at Ripley's Time Square thanks to Kidpass. Had a great time with my 6yr old. Kids tend to scan through so quick we were done in an hour. But went back to review his favorites.

  • Andrew Taylor

    - 08 January 2018 -

    It's a super cool attraction place with lots of artifacts to see... including the new years eve ball ... and the escape laser simulator area. However, the black hole was not working when I went, and I felt the additional picture booths and candy machine were distasteful after spending $70 for two entry tickets.... Also, I really hope all the animals they received are from humane means , some of the attractions are nuts!.

  • Guitar info

    - 28 December 2017 -

    Loved it! It's better to buy your tickets online it's cheaper and saves your time. You will have the time of your life. Once you enter they will ask you if you want your picture taken, it's not free. It's around $18 per photo. Everyone is friendly and they will help you with anything you need or have questions about. You can spend all the time you want. I came here with my fiance few weeks back and she also loved it. We really did have a blast. If you are really up for seeing things out of this world than be prepared to explore other parts of this world you haven't explored yet. Best part of it all is that the tickets are good for a whole year starting from the day of purchase.

  • Ruthy C

    - 30 November 2017 -

    Great place to spend a few hours indoors. I come here about once a year when my family comes to town for the holidays. It is a staple in Times Sq at this point and like most "museum-attractions", so a lot of what you see is permanently on display, but this location does change and add things to it to stay up to date. I came here with my younger sis and my best friend to celebrate our birthdays together. The funny guy at the door, Vincent, made me smile and laugh and got us a great deal for my birthday. Had a fun time. My sister hadn't been there before so she lingered and took everything in. The staff on our way out was super friendly. Will definitely return.

  • Pete Smith

    - 06 November 2017 -

    This is a good way to spend a couple of hours indoors. It was our last day in NYC and waiting around for the train to the airport we decided to give this place a try. I think we spent an hour and a half and found it really interesting. The tunnel at the end was probably the highlight and can't believe how much the tube rotating really messes with your mind. Four stars because it is a bit pricey.

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Ripley's Believe It or Not! Times Square tours

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Times Square

Enter the world of the uncanny and the bizarre at Ripley's Believe It or Not in Times Square. With hundreds of weird and unusual artifacts displayed in over 20 themed galleries, come explore these amazing sights in New York City.

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Times Square

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Times Square is New York's newest attraction in the heart of Times Square. The largest Ripley's in North America, we boast over 500 astonishing real artifacts on display, 20 themed galleries, and dozens of interactive elements.

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