Rubin Museum of Art

150 West 17th Street, New York City

The Rubin Museum of Art is a museum dedicated to the collection, display, and preservation of the art and cultures of the Himalayas, India and neighboring regions, with a permanent collection focused particularly on Tibetan art. It is located at 150 West 17th Street between the Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Avenue) and Seventh Avenue in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City.
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Open Hours:

  • Sun

    11:00 - 18:00

  • Mon

    11:00 - 17:00

  • Tue

    09:00 - 18:00, 19:00 - 21:00

  • Wed

    11:00 - 21:00

  • Thu

    11:00 - 17:00

  • Fri

    11:00 - 22:00

  • Sat

    11:00 - 18:00

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  • Alex Moulton

    - 17 August 2018 -

    The Rubin has a very special, highly curated collection of Buddhist art that is very inspiring. The curators and staff create a wonderful experience that stretches across several floors and a theater, with seasonally rotating exhibits that extend themes across the year. Surprisingly, the museum flies under the radar of most New Yorkers and tourists but is absolutely worth visiting, even if the subject matter seems foreign to you. The building itself is also quite special, with a large ascending circular staircase that is very impressive. Additionally, they have a great café.

  • Cherishe Cumma

    - 29 July 2018 -

    I visited this museum today using a culture pass. This pass is a perk given to Library card holders who go online and reserve and retrieve tickets via the culture pass website. In my personal opinion this museum is a mix of sophistication and simplicity at its best . You have to visit this museum at least once to understand what I mean. Upon entering you will stumble upon the hostess desk. The women at this desk are accommodating but not friendly. My date and I were taking care of swiftly and then left to figure out how to navigate the museum on our own. Today we were able to access almost every floor except the second because it was under construction. Nevertheless my date and I had fun navigating through each floor . One thing we did notice was that security guards were in plain sight at all times. At first we honestly felt like we were being followed. All in all I had a great time at this museum . It took my date and I an hour to get through 5 floors of art , and when we finished we felt full of art and ready to go home and rest our feet.

  • Holly Eng

    - 23 July 2018 -

    The architecture of this building is reminiscent of the "donut" nature of the Guggenheim. This means that the exhibits are displayed in the outer circle and makes it easy to navigate and ensures you will pretty much get to see everything. With that being said, it's not a big museum but does showcase an impressive collection of Asian art, specifically focusing on the Himalayan region. I am not particularly into older pieces of art so your experience will depend on your interests but it's a museum that is in a great location and is worth checking out if you are interested in this particular type of art.

  • Dame Childe

    - 22 July 2018 -

    A wonderful place for lovers of Tibetan culture and arts. I particularly love the themes of the Rubin's exhibitions and the intelligent selection of beautiful art pieces from Nepal, Tibet and North India displayed in accordance. Meditation sessions happen every Wednesday. A very unique and transforming journey in the middle of NYC.

  • Adam Parsons

    - 04 July 2018 -

    Some beautiful pieces of sculpture and other artworks, mostly focussed on Tibetan Buddhist art. The recreation of a Buddhist shrine was particularly interesting. We went on a Friday evening for the late opening, and had a lovely time. The music and food really added to the atmosphere and theme of the place. More aimed at adults than families. If you want a family experience with similar content, parts of the Natural History Museum would be more appropriate.

  • Stephanie Powers-delPino

    - 27 June 2018 -

    I really love this museum enough that I decided to purchase a membership after my family's fourth visit. We discovered the museum during a field trip with my son. He asked to return and have been enjoying the space, programs and experience with the staff ever since. Patrons can leave a note for a future patron. Recieving your red sealed letter is a great treat and way to connect visitors to each other. The talks are excellent and organized by theme. The Sunday family events are well worth attending and the Friday night jazz and cocktail hour is the perfect way to end the week. I would highly recommend checking the Ruben out.

  • Abu Nasim

    - 19 June 2018 -

    Love the museum. They are always changing the exhibits and constantly learn new things with each visit. I like how they mix technology to further explain the artwork.

  • Kathy Reyes

    - 30 May 2018 -

    This museum is a really beautiful Museum very nice artwork and history to teach your students about and the fact that it is free even an added bonus. The staff was very helpful as well as the security and it wasn't crowded at all I would take my students back here again.

  • Aryaana Khan

    - 25 April 2018 -

    The Rubin Museum of Art is one of the few places in NYC that display South Asian art. In particular, the museum has permanent exhibits on Buddhist art from places such as Tibet, China, India, and etc. Right now, there is also an ongoing virtual reality exhibit on the fourth floor, which I highly recommend checking out. Overall, the Rubin is one of my favorite museums in NYC and anyone that visits there once will understand why!

  • Tim Hand

    - 24 March 2018 -

    Always a great museum to visit, with both an extensive permanent and rotating collections. Love the concept of the current staircase artwork - A Monument for the Anxious and Hopeful. Fridays the cafe turns into a great happy hour spot, with great looking food and 2-for-1 on selected drinks. In addition, Fridays are also open to the public for free! Perfect for a bit of culture with the family 😊

  • Chris Gampat

    - 27 August 2017 -

    Go on Friday night! There's a happy hour

  • Nikki

    - 12 August 2017 -

    beautiful and introspective collection recently integrating new media and offering free Friday evenings

  • Silene Lim

    - 12 July 2017 -

    I did the mindful meditation on Wednesday which was just worth coming to. The museum this summer is really small and targeted towards Tibetan Buddhism.

  • Nick Raghavan

    - 21 April 2017 -

    Here to view the photography work of Henri Cartier-Bresson- amazing work from the 1940s and later

  • Laurea de Ocampo

    - 02 April 2017 -

    Such a peaceful & gorgeous museum, also one of my favorite relaxing museum cafes in Manhattan. Spend time in the prayer room & meditate

  • Ina Li

    - 29 March 2017 -

    Beautiful Tibetan art collections. Interesting venue as a former department store building.

  • Janelle Greene

    - 23 March 2017 -

    Great date museum :)

  • Alexander Dubovoy

    - 08 December 2016 -

    Music series is very nice :)

  • Kamaria Mion

    - 07 December 2016 -

    A good option if you want to see something different from the met or moma. Very friendly and informative staff

  • Melissa Ford

    - 01 September 2016 -

    Worth going for free on Friday nights!

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