St. Paul's Chapel

209 Broadway, New York City

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St. Paul's Chapel, or "The Little Chapel That Stood", is an Episcopal chapel located at 209 Broadway, between Fulton Street. Built in 1766, it is the oldest surviving church building in Manhattan. On the Broadway side of the chapel's exterior is an oak statue of the church's namesake, Saint Paul, carved by an unknown sculptor and installed in 1790. The Chapel is now a popular tourist destination since it still keeps many of the memorial banners around the sanctuary and has an extensive audio video history of the event. There are a number of exhibits in the Chapel. St. Paul's Chapel is a very active part of the Parish of Trinity Church, holding services, weekday concerts, occasional lectures, and providing a shelter for the homeless. The chapel has hosted many famous worshippers.

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  • S.R.F. F-F

    - 27 January 2018 -

    Beautiful quiet church. Has different expositions from time to time. Impressive 9/11 stories and pictures can also be found here.

  • jaskaran sund

    - 21 January 2018 -

    Good church i loved it very lovely i will go there every dai in new york in a cosmopolitan city this is one of the good churches in world you can stay in silence without getting annoyed i dont know what im writing but i know that im writing now gucci gang hsusisgdjsixuhsjieududhdhaiqo is the first of all I would say is a san Francisco the free kick is delivered by 29th to be a bit of an issue with the free 29th of an hour and a san paolo non l altro tu quello con fotocamera devi schiacciare quello vicino and a san paolo l altro tu quello con fotocamera devi schiacciare quello vicino and the first time in the history of the good churches in world football and a bit 2nd to get the free kick is delivered by the free 229th and I

  • Cary Bobbitt

    - 16 January 2018 -

    Located directly across from 9/11 Memorial this church has plenty of history and worth a quick stop. Organ player was practicing and special area dedicated to the churches role in 9/11 were very emotional.

  • Kelly Beamsley

    - 09 October 2017 -

    What a great historical place... I always learn something about the area each time I go there. Highly recommended for America History buffs...

  • Ken and Alicia Lund

    - 11 September 2017 -

    This is one of New York's most historic churches and is a must visit location on any New York City historical tour. George Washington has been here and worshiped here. It was a place of mourning and healing at the doorstep of the horrors of 9-11. Well worth a visit.

  • Kentee Pasek

    - 11 June 2017 -

    This place is amaizing. It has such a strong history in New York City. It has survived 9-11 and a fire which swept the region in the 1800's. The inside has such a peaceful feeling. The architecture is beautiful and the glass near the alter is interesting because some of the panes are pink, some green and some clear glass. Along the walls are nicely done history of the Parish. A back room has been dedicated to 9-11. This is where the workers of the tragedy came to rest, find shelter and food. This was the main organization location for the rescue and recovery efforts. The back room has a lower case displaying the patches of the squadrons involved. During 9-11 the outside fence was where all of those who came to show respect came to place candles, flowers and photos or to cry over loved ones. The iron fence held many items of sorrow and loss for a city which needed to grieve during 9-11. Behind the church is a quaint cemetery with old stones going back to the beginning of the United States being settled. The trees are old and have stood the test of time and tragedy and the entire area has a feel of being put back in time or back in Europe with tall Wall Street buildings dwarfing this Chapel. The Chapels tower must have been the tallest in the area for a very long time and now it is the shortest.

  • Lynn Gariepy

    - 24 April 2017 -

    I like historical tourism. This chapel is where on April 30, 1789, after Washington took the oath of office to become the first President of the United States, he made his way from Federal Hall on Wall Street to St. Paul’s Chapel, where he attended services. Also where 9/11 rescue workers congregated to rest and share meals between shift offers a truly special landmark

  • Jordan Ritsema

    - 01 March 2017 -

    Church was a very emotional experience. It was incredible to see how close it was to the world trade centers and did not get touched. Very cool to see the benches and pictures of how the church was used to serve first responders during 9/11.

  • S.j. sparber

    - 26 January 2017 -

    Not only historic; for George Washington went here, the church was used extensively by rescuers in 9/11/2001! It is very old and beautiful as well! Unknown to many is a program for homeless that has helped many get back on their feet! The clocks give everyone the beautiful time with their historic hands not digitally!

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