The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

11 West 53rd Street, New York City


The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is an art museum located in Midtown Manhattan, on 53rd Street. MoMA has been important in developing and collecting modernist art, and is often identified as one of the largest and most influential museums of modern art in the world. MoMA's collection offers an overview of modern and contemporary art, including works of architecture and design, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, prints, illustrated books and artist's books, film, and electronic media. The museum was developed in 1929 primarily by Abby Aldrich Rockefeller. In 1983 the Museum more than doubled its gallery and increased curatorial department by 30 percent, and added an auditorium, two restaurants and a bookstore in conjunction with the construction of the 56-story Museum Tower adjoining the museum. It also holds works by a wide range of influential European and American artists including Georges Braque, Marcel Duchamp, Arshile Gorky and others. MoMA developed a world-renowned art photography collection. Started from 1932 the museum started to exhibit also films.

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Open Hours:

  • Fri

    10:30 - 20:00

  • Mon

    10:30 - 17:30

  • Tue

    10:30 - 17:30

  • Wed

    10:30 - 17:30

  • Thu

    10:30 - 17:30

  • Sat

    10:30 - 17:30

  • Sun

    10:30 - 17:30

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  • Ohin Haque

    - 01 June 2018 -

    This is one of the places in America that would be very interesting, especially for the young and young at heart people, and all who have more imaginative and original thinking. It is located on West 53rd Street in a building covered with glass. The sign that you will found is “MoMA” (Museum of Modern Art). There are exhibitions of various themes. It is important to inquire in advance the schedule of exhibitions and choose what will be most interesting for you.

  • Ann Mary Thomas

    - 29 May 2018 -

    The Met museum is every art lover's paradise and has such a vast collection, including touring collections that may take more than a day to finish. The museum houses art and antiquities from countries and civilizations around the world. There are plenty of classic, much celebrated art pieces that will definitely be a once in a lifetime experience. Purchasing a pass and retaining the sticker will allow you to access the museum for 3 consecutive days. The museum guards can be a little brusque and at times quite rude, especially to out of towners or foreigners.

  • Katrine Lategan

    - 13 May 2018 -

    On of my favourite places in New York. Beautifully designed building and amazing works of art. One bit of advice, the free day on Friday sounds like a good idea but it gets so full it feels like a safety hazard! Definitely don't go at this time if you don't like crowds!

  • Anne de Haas

    - 08 May 2018 -

    Absolutely loved our visit here, so many treasures, expected and unexpected. The staff were very helpful and informative. We couldn't see it all in one day and do it justice so we're planning to come back and do it all again. It was lovely sitting in the courtyard by the reflecting pools and people-watching too.

  • Justin Latham

    - 29 April 2018 -

    The moma is an amazing museum. The temporary exhibits are usually great and it's fun to peruse the permanent collection when people come to visit you. The membership is great if you visit more than once a year and will get you right into those exhibits that require a wait. Not too happy about all the current construction (nor that they tore down the folk art museum, one of my favorite buildings). The modern restaurant is very good and the movie theater attached next door shows some real gems from time to time.

  • James Zygmont

    - 30 January 2018 -

    Great attraction for anyone who's interested in art. There's so many famous paintings here that I wasn't expecting and every exhibition (including the main collections) was a delight to look at. You can definitely get through the entire museum in about three hours if you're just speeding by, but you will miss so much history and critical information. I highly recommend splitting your visit into multiple days to focus on different sections of the museum. The amount of hidden artist knowledge is incredible!

  • Jackson Hardaker

    - 22 January 2018 -

    Always a great museum to stop into! We tend to go on the free Friday afternoons, aiming to arrive an hour or so after it begins (the line usually stretches around the block at the beginning, but within an hour it dies right down). Whenever we go, we choose a section and really spend some time there, rather than trying to see it all! We stopped into the store recently, which is filled with all sorts of cool and funky things!

  • Jacque Link

    - 22 January 2018 -

    My boyfriend and I took a trip to NYC and this was our first stop. We are both designers and love art, and the MoMA did not disappoint. The building is beautiful in its minimalist design, with no detail left unturned. The outdoor water feature is stunning. We saw just about every famous art piece you can think of, and a really cool history of fashion exhibit.

  • Sue Kwong

    - 06 January 2018 -

    Always a pleasant visit because of their permanent collection. There are usually solid special exhibits. I was pleasantly surprised by a photography collection by an artist I hadn't heard of. Great in the summer, and to avoid bad weather in winter although that is the busiest time of year. The gift shop us always fun. If you want to splurge a bit, the cafe is good, too.

  • Jason Dwyer

    - 18 December 2017 -

    There are a few good pieces here from a variety of good artists, but I've seen better collections. VanGough's Starry Night is the main attraction in my opinion. There are a couple from Picasso, Monet, Cezanne and one from Pollock and Warhol. Ticket prices are reasonable at $25. It got pretty crowded by noon on a weekday. We started at 10:30, when it opens, and went to the top floor and worked our way down. I recommend doing the same. Give yourself at least 3-4 hours.

  • Julio Escoboza

    - 31 May 2018 -

    A must museum you need to visit. I am not a museum guy but it was worth the visit.

  • KalininaKote

    - 16 May 2018 -

    The most interesting is 5 floor.

  • ZenFoodster

    - 15 May 2018 -

    An awesome shop 4 unique & stylish gifts...4 someone else or ME! :)Housewares, lamps, jewelry, scarves, purses, tech gadgets & everyday items w/ creativity & flair! BEWARE: usually packed w/ tourists!

  • Niklas Hjelm Smith

    - 10 May 2018 -

    Short summary: Old men’s paintings of naked ladies.

  • Vicente Prieto

    - 23 April 2018 -

    Every inch is fantastic.

  • Olina Terzi

    - 21 April 2018 -

    A must in NY! Such an impressive collection of well known artists. Only thing I didn’t like was the sixth floor.. Allow yourself a good half day at least if u want to delve deep in the collection

  • Iga Razbibriga

    - 20 April 2018 -

    Probably the best modern art museum in the world

  • Antonis Kolitsopoulos

    - 07 April 2018 -

    Great exhibition, Great Place. Worth the visit

  • Jennifer Machnee

    - 20 March 2018 -

    Must-see museum in NYC. Spend the afternoon here then follow it with dinner at The Modern.

  • Georgi Georgiev

    - 16 March 2018 -

    An institution set to promote and protect Modernism. Truly the art landscape wouldn't be the same today without it...

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