Top of the Rock

30 Rockefeller Center, New York City


Top of the Rock Observation Deck 70th floor open-air roof deck atop the skyscraper. The deck offers the best panoramic bird's eye view of the city. Competing with the 86th floor observatory of the Empire State Building, it is 61 m higher. The building is a part of the Rockefeller Center complex. The building underwent a US$170 million floor-by-floor interior renovation in 2014. The renovation included new Comcast signage atop the building; new ground-level signage that reads Comcast Building; and, for the first time, the display of the iconic NBC Peacock logo on the building's exterior. It is often considered to be the best city view, if only because it offers a view of the aforementioned Empire State Building, which cannot be seen from its own observation deck. The building was completed in 1933 as part of the Rockefeller Center complex. The noted Art Deco architect Raymond Hood led a team of Rockefeller architects.

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  • Gnans S

    - 01 June 2018 -

    READ THIS IF YOU HAVE A CITY/NYC PASS. CHECK INDIVIDUAL ATTRACTION AGE RANGE BEFORE BUYING TICKETS FOR KIDS/CHILDREN. Okay, you did you ground work and bought a group attraction pass at a discounted rate. Good stuff on that BUT be advised that you need to QUEUE UP here to convert the pass into timed ticket. The timed ticket are not always available. Mine was only available two hours after I queued up and will make me miss the last train. The only best part is they offer the ticket timed for any future date and that will work if you plan to be in the city on another day. For the pass holders they will server from ONLY ONE counter which means your queue will move slower than those paying on the spot. We did not climb upstairs for the view so can't review anything around that.

  • Robert Young

    - 31 May 2018 -

    When I first went to the observation deck you just walked in and took the elevator, no cost, no line (queue), but three decades later, huge cost, book a time, queue to go up one floor to security, but they won't let you go up until there are enough people lining up to fill the NEXT elevator! Then you have to stand and listen to three movies, glorified adverts for two, then the third just about to get interesting telling us how the building was constructed when we were shown into the elevator and missed it. By now we were 25 minutes past our booked entry time. Once you're up the views are as amazing as ever, maybe still the best place to view from, and the best view of the Empire State Building

  • Ben Waters

    - 28 May 2018 -

    Go right on dusk. Don't go to the Empire State. This is the one to go on. What a view of the city that never sleeps! The view of the Empire State Building is amazing. Go on dusk do you can see the best of day and night. In busy times they give you a time to come back so your not waiting in line for ages. Definitely a must do on your first New York Trip

  • Steve S

    - 23 May 2018 -

    The elevators get you up very quickly. Ample room to view from all directions. We were part of a group of over 100 people and a second group about half the size joined several minutes after we got up and we still had more than enough room. Very large viewing area with coin operated binoculars for viewing distant objects.

  • Katerina K

    - 19 May 2018 -

    Amazing experience to be up so high, we chose to come here instead of going to the Empire State after several recommendations from locals. Can't say we regret it as we purchased our tickets online and we got in literally within seconds. The view is great and you can see the Empire state too. Tip: don't flop cameras and phones over or between the glass panels, if it's windy enough you're gonna have to say goodbye

  • Lukas Blaskevicius

    - 29 April 2018 -

    The price is quite high ($37). however it is totally worth it as the views from above are incredible. A superb experience worth the money. Got to see an amazing 360 view from above of the whole Manhattan and New York. You can see everything from above and this place is amazing for pictures from above no matter the weather or what time of the day you go. This was one of my favourite places that I went to on my trip to New York. 10/10

  • Minh Lê

    - 25 April 2018 -

    Rockefeller tower, is worth a visit. Get up there just before sunset to see amazing views and lights. Everyone thinks that they should go up the top of the Empire State Building, then they will get the perfect shot of NYC. But, do you know what they miss, the Empire State building. All up it was much more fun than other sky/towers we have visited around the world. Note: Worth it!

  • Evan Hakamaki

    - 23 April 2018 -

    Super cool experience. Super amazing views. It was very easy to get in and get up top, and then equally fast to get back down and out. Lots of observation space up top to see the entirety if New York City. The elevator was also really cool in my opinion. They had glass roofs so you could see as you moved up and down the building and projectors that projected images on the glass. Overall amazing experience.

  • Tim CM

    - 22 April 2018 -

    Easily the best view of Manhattan. Plenty of room up the top and great 360 degree views. Going up around sunset is probably the best time. You can stay up for as long as you want, so you can see the full sunset and the city lit up at night. I went with the double pass that gives you two visits within 24hrs, so I could go during the day & also at night. There’s also some great information on your way up & some cool videos on the history of the Rockefeller Centre

  • Whitney Wiles

    - 15 January 2018 -

    If you are visiting New York City this is a must! Top of the Rock is an amazing place to go and see the beautiful city at any time of the day. I went at night and It was absolutely amazing. I went during the first week of November and it was grey and misty during the day so I decided to go at night and I was happy I did! It was clear and the line wasn’t too long to get to the top. There is about 3 different levels in seeing the view at Top of the Rock. At first you can see the city inside or go outside with glass panels in front of you. Then you can go to the next level where you can see the city with out the glass panels and you can see the city clearly (perfect for taking photos) then you can go even higher to the very top of the Rockefeller center and see the amazing views 360 degrees. Honestly it was amazing! There was even a room that lit up different colors when movement or sound was in the room. Really cool. Definitely must see when in new york city!

  • Olivier Dellacherie

    - 16 May 2018 -

    Whouah ! So fun. What amazing views !

  • Saleh B

    - 15 May 2018 -

    View in open sky

  • Noel T.

    - 03 May 2018 -

    I would spend a whole day here. It's beautyful! Don't miss the sunset!

  • Lewis S.

    - 28 April 2018 -

    Pre book your ticket online and go straight to the elevator

  • Tommy MiIler

    - 11 April 2018 -

    It's the most beautiful nightscape I have ever seen.

  • Ada Dubrawska

    - 29 March 2018 -

    You can go all around the deck to get a 360* view.

  • John Agapitos

    - 27 March 2018 -

    Amazing view, especially from the south side! Although there are usually long lines to get up and down from the observatory, with VIP tickets (only a bit more expensive), one cuts through all lines.

  • Can Erdem

    - 10 March 2018 -

    Best view of Manhattan

  • Ece Bolat

    - 07 March 2018 -

    Love it! The best view of the city and central park

  • Theresa

    - 27 February 2018 -

    Everything perfect - did not have to wait longer than 10 minutes (with NY Pass). Breathtaking!

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