Natural Bridge Caverns

26495 Natural Bridge Caverns Road, San Antonio


Natural Bridge Caverns is an adventurous and fun attraction in San Antonio Texas. This is where you will see the wonders mother nature created. The unique formations of water, soil and salt hanging in the cave make the place extraordinary. You’ll be given a chance to explore the hidden passages of the cave seeing your shadows following you in deem lighting.

Yes, you got the picture right! You will feel like in an Indiana Jones movie once you are inside this iconic tourist destination. You will have that notion of discovery and adventure especially in that 5000 square foot maze located outside. Besides, there is some historic location called the Mining Company, where you get a perfect experience of searching for gems and artifacts.

What a better way to enjoy your time than spending good few hour exploring the wonders of Natural Bridge Caverns.

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  • D Hua

    - 30 August 2018 -

    Great place to see the caverns. Very unique in the nation especially this one in San Antonio. Our guide was amazing in explaining and guiding us through the tour to see all the structure and experience the caves. It was a nice walk and a good exercise would go back again. It was $31 when you buy online and do both. Which was very well worth it!

  • Dean Steele

    - 18 August 2018 -

    Had a good time. We recently moved to San Antonio and one of our kids was visiting from college, we decided to check out the caverns. We did just the discovery tour and had were pleased with the experience. The tour guide was great. Could have done without some of the inconsiderate noisy visitors, but not the fault of the guide or business. I would recommend checking this pace out at least once.

  • Wei Chen

    - 13 August 2018 -

    We drove from Houston and visited this place in the early August. It is a popular place in San Antonio. We arrived there around 10am in the Sunday morning. There were already quite a lot people in the visitor center. We joined the most popular Discovery tour. The tour is full of geological sightseeing. We can appreciate how diverse the Mother Nature is in the underground world. The temperate inside the cavern is 70f. However the environment is quite humid, which makes you feel over 80f. Don't be surprised the water drops hit your body in the cavern. The tour took about 1hour 15min. After you finish the tour, you may find a few entertainment activities at the surface. My kid liked the maze puzzle very much. It is definitely worthy visiting if you are nearby.

  • Jamie Schwartz

    - 07 August 2018 -

    Very nice place. We would definitely go back to take the other tour. Prices reasonable. The maze was fun but it was so hot that day. The cavern was beautiful! The kids has so much fun with the gemstone "mining" in the water troughs. This is a favorite thing my daughter loves to do.

  • Lisa Shea

    - 03 August 2018 -

    We loved the natural caverns tour. We were in town visiting family and we all went. My 5 year old Grandson loved it. He especially liked the maze. We made a contest out of it with two teams! The cave is nice and cool and a great way to beat the heat in San Antonio. Be aware that you need some solid walking shoes, and the last leg of the tour is all uphill and slightly steep. The younger people seemed to get up it fine, but it can be a challenge for some of us who are not in the best shape of our lives. I thought the cost was a bit high as well. The shops are nice and I bought a pretty canvas hummingbird bag in the gift shop.

  • Der Smi

    - 24 July 2018 -

    I went to this place as a kid over 30 years ago and it still does not disappoint. Out of the 4 caves we have toured in Texas so far, this one has the best formations inside. Very easy to traverse paths throughout the cave make for a family friendly tour. We just recently took both of our sons age 3 and 11 , both of them loved it. The rope course and zip lines were fun as well. Overall the family had an awesome day here.

  • ranger x {rx}

    - 22 July 2018 -

    Family trip with toddlers ages 2 & 4, who did very well. They walked on their own the whole way. The tour does include steep climbs and downhill pieces. If you're not in decent health or physical condition you will have a hard time, would not recommend. Take water, it will come in handy. Overall it was a very fun and interesting tour (even the teenagers enjoyed).

  • Sudipa Jana

    - 17 July 2018 -

    Amazing experience. The caves are huge. It’s as if you are inside some ancient building or something due to the formations. We went with 2 kids (one of them

  • Ryan Buckley

    - 14 July 2018 -

    This is hands-down one of the most beautiful and amazing geological structures I’ve seen on this planet. Going to do the private extended tour and it takes you deeper into the caves than most tourist go. Can’t wait for that trip/tour. I’ve gone to this place three times now in my lifetime. And it gets better and better each time. The staff is amazing and the amount of activities and educational material that they have there is bar none

  • Manisha Pal

    - 07 July 2018 -

    I went with my family on combo tour (discover and Hidden passage tour). Its starts with 1st Hidden passage tour n then discover. There will be break of 20min in between. The tour and guides are young and knowledgeable. They are helpful too. The Hidden passage tour has stairs and need good physical strength . But the structure is delicate and you can see it from close. The tour guide will let you have moment of darkness and tell you details on this millions of year of formation. Discover tour on the other hand has huge natural towers made from limestone and this path is not stairs but paved, so you wont feel hectic or tired. Both the tours are not for Pets and physically challenging people :( .

  • Jimmy Kastner

    - 07 August 2017 -

    Come for the cave tours. Everything else is a tourist trap. Try to keep up with the guide. It's hard to do if you want to take long exposures. Prepare to sweat!

  • Hannah Alkadi

    - 22 May 2017 -

    99% humidity down here. Wear comfortable shoes!

  • Nick Dees

    - 07 April 2017 -

    This place was cool. I need to go back again sometime soon.

  • Omar Marentes

    - 03 March 2017 -

    Hermoso lugar y económico, 100 recomendado

  • Meltem Eren Copur

    - 13 February 2017 -

    Those bats have good taste in the home.

  • Lisa Bailey

    - 06 November 2016 -

    It's cool to see, but the tour groups are way too big for the discovery tour. If you are claustrophobic, skip going on any tour.

  • Michelle Bartee-Brock

    - 18 August 2016 -

    Wear comfortable shoes

  • Rodney Thomas

    - 05 June 2016 -

    Hence the name

  • Tiger T

    - 20 May 2016 -

    It looks like another world down there! Dress as if your heading out to the beach and wear tennis shoes. I've been to a handful of caves and this one really takes the cake.

  • Jose Montenegro

    - 11 April 2016 -

    Cool place but pricy. Climbing maze looks fun

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