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Mugla Trip Planner


Mugla Trip Planner is a collection of itineraries meant to make your visit to this beautiful location memorable. Not a really big city in Turkey, Mugla is a great tourist destination. The variety of places you could see and the perfect memories you could capture make Mugla the best place to spend your summer holiday. if you are there for a weekend getaway, however, you might want to tour around the coast. Even though the main attractions are the highly facilitated resorts, Mugla has a number of other attractions have to see before booking your return flight.

Among others the most notable attractions in Mugla, Turkey are

  • Kursunlu Cami – a huge mosque built in the fifteenth century
  • Ulu Cami -  Great Mosque of Mugla built in mid-fourteenth century
  • Arasta – an ottoman empire era bazaar
  • Mugla City Museum

The last one has a number of ancient collections of artifacts and 9 million years old fossils. The previously classified places are remarkable as well. There are a number of things to do there as well. The culture and the history of Turkish people are vividly shining through those establishments. Your itinerary has to encompass those. The mosques and the museums talk about the people and the culture more vocally than the books. It’s true – you have to see rather than read. A perfect vacation incentive, right!

The town with about 60,000 population is a cozy place for travelers to get that small-town vibe. The small cafes and shops take you away from the disarray; off the shore letting you experience the city from a new perspective. You get to interact with the locals and learn a lot about the town from the original resident. A small chat can provide you with more than a number of tours with memorized lines. The old town Mugla, for instance, is a great place to get such vibe. Your eye will catch a number of Ottoman style houses dating back all the way to the eighteenth century. Your holiday to Mugla could be more than close resort weekend at the pool. Gain the experience the old town organize it all in minutes you have Mugla Trip Planner, the best digital agenda to use.

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Top Mugla tours

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