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New Orleans Trip Planner


New Orleans Trip Planner is a series of itineraries designed to make your trip to the most historic city in the southern United States as memorable as possible. New Orleans is a major city in Louisiana famous for its iconic historic landmarks. New Orleans is the motherland of Jazz. This is a city with rich history, magnificent architecture and wonderful tourist destinations.
Among the most famous ones are:
• The French Quarter
• The Royal Street
• The Bourbon Street
• The New Orleans City Park
• The Preservation Hall
Make sure to add this to your list of places to visit when you are planning your trip to this splendid city. The list could go on forever. It’s no wonder one of the most watched US TV shows The Originals has episodes shot in the city. The entire show is a great overview of the most notable locations in the city. New Orleans is a travel destination no matter you are there for a weekend tour or a long-term holiday. Your vacation will be one of the kind.
Here is a brief outline of what to look forward to. To begin with, there are a number of things to do. Start at the French quarter to admire the architecture. The district is the oldest historic landmark I the entire city. You will be staring at the beautiful flowerpots on the iron balconies – that’s for sure. Besides, you can take a stroll down the road to reach the Bourbon Street. Well, if your plain lands in New Orleans ad you delay seeing the Bourbon Street that will be the biggest mistake of your life. This is a great place with a number of vintage bars and restaurants. Oh, the next comes the Royal Street, another amazing thoroughfare with local shops, boutiques, cafes and other businesses to get that true New Orleans Experience from. If you forgot about the Preservation Hall, here is a reminder. That’s where Louise Armstrong says the greatest ones are. Enjoy the live jazz performances taking place there every night. That will be one of a kind experience. The New Orleans Trip Planner is your guide to taking the best of this iconic Historic location. New Orleans Trip Planner is your best tool to have it all organized in advance.

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Top New Orleans things to do

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The National WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum is a military history museum dedicated to the memory of the fallen soldiers of the Second World War. Located in the central business district in New Orleans the museum is the top visited the location in New Orleans. Read more for further details.

French Quarter

The French Quarter is the oldest and most historic landmark in New Orleans. Known as the Vieux Caree it was founded in 1718 by Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville. The Quarter is iconic for its historical buildings dating back to 18th century. For further details keep on reading.

Jackson Square

Jackson Square is a historic park in New Orleans. The park is within the French Quarter area. It is recognized as a National Historic Landmark since 1960. That is no wonder, since the place plays a major role in the city’s history. It was constructed after the 17th century Place Des Vosges in Paris. Read more.

RTA - Streetcars

RTA – Streetcars are a major part of the New Orleans public transportation network. The system is the oldest operating railway line in the world. Therefore, not only is it a convenient form of transportation but also a major tourist attraction. Read more.

Top New Orleans hotels

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Astor Crowne Plaza New Orleans French Quarter

Situated on the corner of Bourbon and Canal Street, this New Orleans hotel boasts on-site dining and an outdoor pool. The French Quarter is 1 km away. Cable TV is featured in all rooms at Astor Crowne Plaza New Orleans. Comfortably furnished, each room is equipped with a work desk and tea and...

Best Western Plus St. Christopher Hotel

Located adjacent to the the New Orleans French Quarter, this historic hotel offers guests free WiFi and a complimentary breakfast with eggs, sausage, pancakes, pastries, fruit and beverages. Featuring rooms with exposed brick walls, the accommodations at the Best Western Plus St. Christopher Hotel...

Wyndham New Orleans French Quarter

Set less than a 5 minutes' walk from French Quarter's famed Bourbon Street, this hotel offers free WiFi and an on-site restaurant. Harrah's Casino, Jackson Square and Cafe Du Monde are each located less than 1 km from the hotel. Guest rooms at Wyndham New Orleans French Quarter are furnished with a...

Wyndham Garden Baronne Plaza

Located in the Historic Lower Central Business District, Wyndham Garden Baronne Plaza was constructed in 1931 and features the original Art Deco stone and granite facade. The elegant lobby boasts the original marble floors, columns, and stained glass skylights. Rooms at this hotel are equipped with a...

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