The Buffet at Bellagio

3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA


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  • Kimberly Nesper

    - 13 September 2018 -

    This is such a great bang for your buck! Get there early, the line gets long! There is a huge variety to choose from: carving station, crab legs, Italian, Asian, Mexican... For dessert they have macaroons, creme brulee, cheesecakes. I wanted to try the elegant buffet, but didn't get around to it. Hope to hear from someone who did get to try it. They also offer a list for "all you can drink" for $15.

  • momo

    - 12 September 2018 -

    Do yourself a favor and head to Cesar's Palace and purchase the Buffet of Buffet deal for $45.99. Add the Bacchanal upgrade for $35 extra. For 24 hours you can eat at six listed restaurant buffets where the food is fresher. I paid $43 for brunch on Saturday and the food was horrendous. The prime rib was either extremely dry or bleeding excessively. The vegetables were old and the options were limited. Service was on point when it came to refills and clearing plates. Don't expect much here. Sad to say.

  • Tabitha Damm

    - 17 August 2018 -

    We visited while staying at the Bellagio in July at lunch time. We were very disappointed. For starters, they mandatory tip at 18 percent, then when we are in there never once had a person check in with us or take plates. When we waved down a server and asked her if we could get some vinegar for the salad, she pointed and said "There should be some up there" then walked away. The food tasted cheap and there were at least 5 different types of basically fill spaces and make it look like there was more food. The deserts looked beautiful! And we thought that would make us happier with the visit, but they tasted like plastic. Some of the dishes were cold that were meant to be hot. The atmosphere was relaxing and pretty, but not at all worth the price.

  • Rawkkah G

    - 15 August 2018 -

    Foodie here... Quite honestly, a LOT more average than I'd anticipated. Caesar's blows this out of the water by far! If there was an option for a half star, then I'd have given it a 3.5, but had to lower it to a 3 as I couldn't really give it a 4. If you're not picky and/or think that a special night out is going to an Outback Steakhouse, then you'll probably really enjoy it here. There were a couple of gems, but overall, not impressive, and not worth coming here just for those few things.

  • C.A. Walker

    - 13 August 2018 -

    $47 for what was billed as a “gourmet” buffet. When I hear the word gourmet I am expecting something out of the ordinary- especially in Vegas. It was beautifully displayed but basically prime rib, fish and chicken. That’s the norm at any good buffet in any city. The selection of sushi was 3 items and one was a California roll. That is not gourmet. The service was great and the all-you-can drink is worth it. The dessert bars were probably the most exotic and possibly gourmet- but $47 is too much for fancy desserts. A friend told me years ago Bellagio had foods representing different cultures, regions and ethnicities- that sounded a lot more interesting than this corporate meal.

  • Wholly Fit!

    - 18 July 2018 -

    This buffet is good for a buffet style. On the expensive side but hey! you are at the Bellagio. There's a large selection of food from American, to Japanese to Italian etc.. Lots of deserts. Place is clean and inviting. Staff is nice.

  • Marc Pershin

    - 14 July 2018 -

    Expansive array of food. Very good deserts/pastries. Eggs did taste powdered. Selection from beef to sushi and seafood. All breakfast items as well. You self serve your own coffee and water. No need to leave a tip as the wait staff does nothing but clear dishes and wipe tables with a horribly smelly rag. Should not use the same rag, all day for all the tables, which it seems they do. The only downside beside the off tasting eggs.

  • Kerri Beth

    - 22 June 2018 -

    When I went here it was absolutely amazing and shocking. The displays were breath taking and the buffet was neat clean and we'll stocked, very divine excellent food. The crab and everything else was super fresh. The desserts I wish I could have eaten one of everything but impossible because too many options. Attentive staff and anything you could possibly want to nosh on. Upscale and very reasonable prices ❤️ will return!

  • Michael Chan

    - 25 May 2018 -

    I’d rank it excellent for the price. The staff were nice, but at first, they felt snobby with the dress-up, VIP lines... (although I guess that’s just Vegas). I was there for brunch. You don’t have to look that presentable. Quality could have been better, but it was decent (their homemade meatballs were extremely underwhelming). Cultural variety could have been a lot better. I really liked the deserts though (I’m a sucker for soft-serve ice cream). You probably won’t regret it.

  • Daniel Kerwood

    - 22 April 2018 -

    Delicious! Great assortment. The pork sausage was excellent. Eggs Benedict, delicious. Pizza outstanding. Spicy tuna, wonderful! But the raspberry cheesecake was among the best I've ever had. It's nitpicking but no 5 star due to the price. 79 dollars for Sunday brunch for 2.

  • Christina Christodoulou

    - 21 March 2018 -

    The sushi and cold seafood was tasty and the best of the pickings. A bit expensive but cheaper than some other buffets in neighbouring hotels.

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