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Top New York City Events

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Architecture, History & Music: Vigadó Concert Hall, Chain Bridge & Castle Garden

Discover downtown Budapest, and visit the Pesti Vigadó Concert Hall.

Schönbrunn Palace Tour, Dinner and Concert

Enjoy a unique evening of dining and cultural entertainment at the Schönbrunn Palace.

Residence Concerts Salzburg

Immerge yourself into the musical history of the prince archbishop's Residence. Famous piano works of the Baroque and beloved compositions by Mozart are on the program of this event.

Schönbrunn Palace Tour & Concert

Take a tour of the Schoenbrunn Palace and complete the evening with a wonderful concert in Vienna.

Salzburg Classics: Music in Mirabell

Outstanding musicians perform classical music in a lovely setting in Salzburg.

Salzburg Cruise, VIP Dinner, Concert & Funicular

Enjoy the many treasures that Salzburg has to offer, including a concert of Mozart's music above the city's rooftops.

Mozart Violin Sonatas

Experience concerts dedicated to Mozart's violin sonatas in the uniquely beautiful atmosphere of the Alte Residenz in Salzburg.

Pachelbel, Mozart & Vivaldi at the Municipal House

The chamber orchestra of the Dvorak Symphony Orchestra performs at the magnificent Municipal House of Prague.

Vivaldi's The Four Seasons in Prague

The chamber ensemble of the Dvorak Symphony Orchestra performs at the beautiful Mirror Hall in the heart of Prague.

Mozart V.I.P. Ticket in Vienna

Indulge all of your senses and get to know Vienna at its best with a Mozart V.I.P. Ticket!

Strauss & Mozart: Concert & Dinner

Combine an elegant dinner with a concert of Strauss waltzes and Mozart's most charming compositions.

Mozart Concert & Dinner: Delightful Vienna

Hear the Vienna Mozart Orchestra perform in Vienna's largest and most famous concert halls...

Discover list of the best events in New York City: Whether it is a music fest or a cultural gathering you will get the chance to gain new experiences fitting your interests. See event details, book at the best price and include events in your New York City itinerary.

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