Ellen's Stardust Diner

1650 Broadway, New York City

THE home of the world famous singing waitstaff & some of the best diner food in NYC!
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  • Bryce DeShazo

    - 09 April 2018 -

    Although fun, it's expensive and they add a gratuity on automatically regardless of the party size. Food was decent, but you're paying for the entertainment. That being said the food is still good. The wait to get in was about an hour at 8pm. So we didn't get seated until 9. Was fun and I would do again!

  • morgan lalanne

    - 26 March 2018 -

    This place was absolutely amazing! The servers are incredibly talented, the food was okay but, honestly, you're so distracted by the talent that you don't even realize you are eating half the time. It's like when you're watching a movie with popcorn. But the staff has so much energy and talent and they are all so kind, even after performing for no less than nine hours. There is always a long wait, but that's why reservations are key! However, the wait is well worth it. They always thank the people who waited outside in lines, so it's pretty great! Also these servers are seriously so incredibly talented that they should have their names in lights on Broadway. It's I'm truly incredible.

  • Erica Cresta

    - 26 March 2018 -

    We waited a little over two hours to eat here but that is not the norm and even still it was definitely worth the wait! The staff was awesome even while we were waiting. They informed us multiple times about why we were waiting so long (because 3/4 of their restaurant was reserved for large groups (my guess is there were a lot of groups in NYC for the march that was going on)) The couple behind us were there the night before and only waited 20 minutes. They loved it so much they wanted to go again before they left. We had great service inside as well! Our waitress was amazing! Not overbearing but there it you needed her plus she can sing! They all can sing! I almost cried at one point because one of them was so good! Our food came out quickly and warm. The burger was great and huge! I might share with somebody next time. The frozen scorpion bowl was awesome too! It is a bit expensive but you get dinner and a show so I don’t mind paying a bit extra at all. We stayed for 2 plus hours! I can’t wait to go back! I really can’t. I tried to go back today but our plans didn’t allow it. Go! Eat food! Sing along! Dance! Have fun! It’s awesome!

  • Philip Engs

    - 17 March 2018 -

    It's worth a visit to here to see the servers sing and perform - some are very good. There is a line up outside in the cold, but when we get in about 30% of the tables are empty. I am guessing this is done on purpose so there will always be a line up to attract more customers....if true, then not cool. The service is on the slow side. The food is okay.....nothing outstanding that we had (Ruben, Burger, Meatloaf). The prices are on the high side for diner food of this quality (18 bucks for a burger). They automatically add a 20% tip (which probably why the servers are not in a big hurry). I prefer to tip based on service. A lunch for two adults and our daughter with a beer and 2 glasses of wine came to $126 all in. There are much better deals out there for this kind of food. With the crowds they draw in here, the decor is a bit tacky and run down and seriously could use a quality renovation. Glad we tried it but seriously, this is not a place to go to eat. It's more of a tourist attraction just north of Times Square.

  • MissMelodyMusic

    - 16 March 2018 -

    Gosh where do I even start???? The food is fantastic, the singers are all so talented and friendly, everyone is happy and excited to be there, it's such a great experience. The wait is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! The moment you step in and sit down, everything is so much better. I went there every day during the 3 days I stayed in New York, and each time my server was super personable and just so ready to become an instant friend. My second day I had Chris, and not to pick favourites but that man... He's so talented and friendly and didn't mind at all when I started gushing about musicals, and returned my enthusiasm every step of the way. He remembered me and my friend the next day and gave us autographed business cards! Like, how cool is that?? There was also Mollie, who sang BEAUTIFULLY and was the cutest thing! If you make a request, they will try their absolute hardest to make it happen for you. I asked if anyone knew Natasha, Pierre and Great Comet of 1812, and the girl who did, Poppins, took the effort to look up the lyrics and did an AMAZING JOB!!!!! It's just such a great experience. Please please go and donate as much as you can to Phillip!! These amazing people deserve to go on broadway, so definitely make it a stop during your trip!!!

  • Kaitlin Gray

    - 27 February 2018 -

    Great atmosphere. The restaurant was having a slow night when we went in, so we were able to stay a while and listen to the talented staff and Ellen's Stardust Diner. Food is a little more expensive than I was expecting, but the portions were huge. The chicken fingers is 2 chicken breasts worth of meat, plus you get your fries and onion rings. The singing was really good, and the food was tasty! The only reason I am not giving them 5 stars is they let "Walk Like An Egyptian" play 3 times in a row between singers and then used it twice more between singers.

  • 5
    - 25 October 2016 -

    We love the atmosphere of this place! The food is usually pretty good and we've always had great service. Celebrated my daughter's 16th birthday here and she and her friends had a great time.

  • 5
    - 11 October 2016 -

    Was almost put off by the review saying there are no longer singers there?! But a tour guide we met also recommended it; not for the food, for the atmosphere; I'm so glad he did - what an experience!!! AMAZING singers, constantly singing as they go about their waiter business. Imagine eating your breakfast in an episode of Glee and you get the picture :)

  • 1
    - 16 September 2016 -

    If you had asked me about Ellen's a year ago I'd have said don't miss it, that no trip to NYC is complete without stopping by to enjoy a burger and fries along with a song and dance routine performed by your waiter (or rather, you enjoyed food that was brought to you by your performer). That is no longer the case. The staff were performers who have been in shows on and off Broadway, who pick up shifts at Ellen's when they're not in a show. However the restaurant is under new management, and many of the best performers have been fired for pursuing their performing arts careers the way that they were able to previously. So when you read all the five star reviews, understand that what you're reading is about a different restaurant with different management, that just happens to have the same address as this place. The new management has fired the performers who earned those five-star reviews. I will happily pull this review and rate Ellen's establishment based on how awesome it was a year ago the second they re-hire the performers they fired and start running the restaurant the way it was run a year ago. Without the performers it's just another place where you can get a burger and fires, and last I checked there were more than a few of those in New York.

  • 4
    - 13 September 2016 -

    Live entertainment - waitresses can all sing! Good is okay, bit pricey but good fun.

  • Kelsey Huse

    - 06 May 2018 -

    Cheesy but fun. Make it extra cheesy by getting the Mac n cheese

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